Viridesco DTO Garlic Glue



Viridesco DTO Garlic Glue Information

Viridesco DTO Garlic Glue is a potent cannabis product made as Dragon Tears Oil from the Garlic Glue cannabis plant. This red oil contains about 70% THC and 75.2% cannabinoids. Dragon Tears Oil is a refined full-spectrum vaping oil achieved from a full-plant extract. This oil by Viridesco is nano-filtered and is one of the most potent oils on the cannabis market. 

Viridesco DTO Garlic Glue is excellent for vaping and smoking, but it is ideal for edible and topical uses as well. Garlic Glue used in this concentrate is a hybrid marijuana strain that is known for its garlic-diesel aroma that offers a euphoric and focused cerebral high. 

Pure and Potent

This potent concentrate is purer in comparison to any other fine honey oils because of the nano-filtered technique used in its creation. Viridesco DTO Garlic Glue comes in a variety of different sizes, but each size contains the same potency and accuracy. This red oil is used for a variety of different needs.

Viridesco DTO Garlic Glue can deliver an uplifting high that can give an instant positive boost in your mind and mood. Using this concentrate can clear away brain fogginess and replace it with ease of concentration and a clear focus. The euphoric high of this red oil can ease away the tension and overwhelm caused by stress, depression, or anxiety leaving you feeling happier, uplifted, and more motivated. 

Other Medicinal Benefits

Viridesco DTO Garlic Glue carries impressive pain-relieving properties. Due to its high concentration and purity, the effects are fast-acting and long-lasting. If you are someone who is held back by physical pains and aches, making it hard for you to be as productive as you wish to be or need to be, then using this cannabis product can be the best remedy for you. 

This highly potent concentrate can help you go about your day and tasks with genuine enjoyment reaching higher levels of motivation and positivity. 

Ease of Use

Viridesco DTO Garlic Glue comes in an Eos Dispenser, which doesn’t only ensure accuracy in dosing, but also makes the use of this concentrate very easy.

You can smoke or vape the needed dosage to soothe your needs, but you can also use it topically or orally. Topically, simply apply the needed amount on your skin where you are experiencing pain or aches, and gently massage it into your skin. 

Orally, you can place it right under your tongue or add it as your secret super ingredient to your dessert or preferred non-alcoholic beverage. 


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