Viridesco RSO Pine Tar Oil

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Viridesco RSO Pine Tar Oil Information

*Note: The exact THC percentage varies with each new batch. Please feel free to contact us for the current batch percentage!

Cannabis-based tinctures have taken the market by storm in recent times. They’re proven time and time again that cannabis can be successfully used for proper therapeutic medication. Viridesco, in particular, is a renowned brand of medical cannabis tinctures. Their RSO Pine Tar Oil is part of an exclusive line of products dedicated to healing your body and mind in the shortest time possible. Its effects are quick-acting and very potent!

What does Viridesco RSO Pine Tar Oil look and taste like?


The Viridesco RSO Pine Tar Oil is transparent, fluid-like, with a bit of a viscous texture. These tinctures come in special syringes with exact doses, making it easy to consume just the right quantity. Besides its transparent look and liquid texture, there’s nothing special about Viridesco RSO Pine Tar Oil. After all, it’s not the appearance we’re mostly interested in but rather the effects. And let’s not forget about the flavour and aroma, which should be to your liking.

Moving on, this tincture does have a special taste and flavour. It’s made of cannabis, so it’s only normal that it’ll taste like proper cannabis. Its concentrated form ensures a more intense flavour of earthiness and maybe even some fruitiness. It depends on the actual strains that were used to make this Viridesco RSO Pine Tar Oil. Either way, most consumers report great experiences with this tincture. If you’re not into the flavour, though, you can easily combine Pine Tar Oil with food or put a few drops into a drink.

What are the effects of Viridesco RSO Pine Tar Oil?


In terms of effects, you’ll be glad to know that most Viridesco products aren’t psychoactive and they only focus on therapy. This is also the case with Viridesco RSO Pine Tar Oil. In fact, the entire RSO brand brings extensive medical applications without so much as uplifting your mood in a bout of psychoactive stoning. While you may feel better and happier, it’ll be because your pains should dissipate after the CBD acts out. Once you consume Viridesco RSO Pine Tar Oil sublingually, wait for a couple of minutes before the effects kick in!

This product is all about relaxation and sedation in the beginning. Once the CBD enters your body, it’ll send signals to your brain so as to calm your anxiety down, deal with depression, alleviate pain symptoms, and even relieve symptoms of PTSD. It may also be helpful against headaches, migraines, bipolar disorder, insomnia, lack of appetite, and inflammation!


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