Wedding Crasher

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Wedding Crasher Information

Wedding Crasher is considered a hybrid strain with a 50:50 Sativa to Indica ratio, although some of its phenotypes lean a little bit more toward Indica containing about 60% Indica and 40% Sativa. Generally, the overall effects of this weed bud provide an energetic high, both mentally and physically. The THC levels of this cannabis strain usually average at 21% but some batches might offer much higher THC.

The long-lasting effects of Wedding Crasher are energetic. This high could boost your focus for higher levels of mental productivity while potentially increasing your desire to be social. The happy and uplifting properties of this weed flower may relieve symptoms of stress and anxiety, allowing for your creativity and inspiration to come alive. You may find the mood-boosting and calming properties of this hybrid to be motivating as it may alleviate symptoms of depression, fatigue, and inflammation.

An Energetic And Focused Cerebral High

Wedding Crasher is a strain that was created by crossing Wedding Cake with Purple Punch, resulting in an energetic and socially-inclined cannabis strain. The stimulating high of this marijuana bud may inspire you to dive into the heart of the party, striking up interesting conversations, or sailing through your work tasks smoothly. You will most likely experience a significant uplift in your mood and focus right at the beginning of the high that usually lasts for a long while.

Laser focus. Wedding Crasher may deliver a sharp focus that will enable you to zone into the tasks in front of you, potentially helping with fatigue. Your increased creativity may inspire you to easily sail through problem-solving scenarios to get to the needed results quicker and easier.

A sense of sociability. As the uplifting and stimulating high continues, you may notice a boost in sociability with an energetic effect.

Mood swings. The euphoric and mood-boosting effects of Wedding Crasher could potentially treat depression or anxiety.

Chronic stress. The relaxing and calming effects of this weed bud may alleviate symptoms of stress, both mentally and physically.

Medicinal benefits. Wedding Crasher may help with nausea, appetite loss, and inflammation.

A Sweet Fruity Flavour

Wedding Crasher is known for its sweet and fruity fragrance and taste, with delicious notes of grapes and berries. A light vanilla touch can be detected as you exhale the smooth smoke of this cannabis weed. Hints of diesel can be noticed especially in its aroma.

This strain is great for daytime use, and it is recommended for somewhat experienced users.

2 reviews for Wedding Crasher

  1. Mary Lou

    I’m always looking for something that will give me relief from the doldrums and inspire me. I also want help with staying asleep at night. Wedding Crasher is right there for me on all those points. I like the exotic edge of the high. It stimulates imagination and creativity, and brings great ideas. Good for conversation as well. I will definitely get this one again.

  2. Deryk

    This strain is great for any time use, and I’d recommended it for somewhat ALL users! This strain, Wedding Crasher, is more like Unwedding Bomb! Starts off all lovey-lovey, but at the end you’re kickin’ yourself in the ass for getting almost too fucked up. So you back off for a while…. then, you’re eating this review up, aren’t ya? 😂😂
    It has a faint sweet aroma when smoked. Absolutely-to-die-for-delicious taste
    Just get this product, rather than not knowing what you’ve been missing for far too long already. (Å ) !!!

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