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White Rabbit Information

White Rabbit is a powerful, often referred to as “The White Rabbit”, is a resilient cannabis strain. Its parent strains are the legendary Pre-98 Bubba Kush and Bobbstopper cannabis strains. White Rabbit boasts an Indica-dominant lineage, with an Indica to Sativa ratio of 90% to 10%, and its THC potency ranges from a potent 21% to an impressive 25%.

This cannabis strain stands out with a charismatic profile, showcasing an exceptional shape, an aromatic and flavour profile that would make a confectioner swoon with sweet berries, citrus, and coffee highlights. The buds feature a unique color combination.

A Symphony of Flavour and Aroma

The first draw of White Rabbit provides a burst of sweet berry notes, harmonising perfectly with a punch of citrus. As the berry-citrus duo dances on your palate, an unexpected yet delightful note of coffee emerges, weaving a rich tapestry of flavours. 

The aroma of White Rabbit delivers the same citrusy notes, complemented by the dark, rich undertones of freshly brewed coffee. As these initial notes fade, an earthy, herbal aroma takes over, akin to a stroll through a verdant forest. The combined scent profile of White Rabbit is a fragrant experience that intertwines the freshness of a citrus orchard with the grounded essence of an untouched wilderness.

A Calming and Relaxing High

When it comes to the effects of White Rabbit, it delivers an uplifting sensation followed by a deeply relaxing, tingly and even a  sleepy calmness. Despite its Indica dominance, the 10% Sativa shines through, offering users an initial elevating cerebral buzz. Its potency, ranging from 21-25% THC is fittingl for seasoned cannabis enthusiasts looking for a powerful, enduring experience.

White Rabbit is a strain best reserved for those relaxed evening hours when you can fully appreciate its intricacies. The uplift it provides is profound yet relaxing, a perfect companion for unwinding after a long day or kick-starting a creative endeavour.

Unveiling the Aesthetics

White Rabbit showcases buds that are medium to large in size, with a structure that’s chunky yet delicately layered. They proudly display an array of colours, from vibrant greens to hints of purple, which blend harmoniously under a glossy coating of trichomes.

White Rabbit’s trichomes glisten, contributing to an overall frosty appearance that has become synonymous with high-quality strains. This sparkling attribute, combined with the vivacious colouration, enhances the strain’s alluring aesthetics.

2 reviews for White Rabbit

  1. Shellena

    Intense buzz – not for beginners, but it was an amazing trip.

  2. Rob

    These were a pretty smooth experience. Not quite as intense as other strains I’ve tried. Level and enjoyable.

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