Best Things to do When High

The Best Stuff to Do When High

So far we’ve made more than a few blog posts about the mental, physical, and even spiritual benefits of plant-based psychedelics. 

Hey, it’s a hard subject to not want to talk about. These plant products can be pretty amazing!

But let’s say you’ve read through everything already — let’s say you’re more than convinced about psychoactive plants and all the good stuff they can do. If that is indeed the case, you might just be wondering what comes next. 

Well, the next step is actually a simple one: it’s time to bring theory into practice by integrating your favourite psychedelics into everyday life! Here’s how.  

  • The Most 420-Friendly Activities
    • With Cannabis Indica
    • With Cannabis Sativa
    • With Cannabis Hybrids
  • Psilocybin-Friendly Fun Stuff
    • With Golden Teacher’s
    • With Penis Envy
    • With capsules
  • Keep Calm and CBD On

The Most 420 Friendly Activities

Best Things to do When High

Move over, lazy stoner stereotypes — cannabis pairs well with more than just the munchies and couchlock-induced Netflix sessions. Today there’s a cannabis cultivar out there to match the lifestyle of virtually any user! Some strains are invigorating, some strains are relaxing, and some strains are a pleasant mixture of both. 

We like to think that cannabis, like music, just goes well with life in general. It’s pretty unlikely that you won’t enjoy the effects cannabis has on you. That said, different quantities and qualities of cannabis fit best with different activities. Here’s what you can expect from Cannabis Indica, Cannabis Sativa, and more. 

…With Cannabis Indica

First thing’s first: Cannabis Indica’s are super relaxing. Interestingly enough, the physical appearance of Indica strains like Afghani Kush and Haze seem to represent the way these varieties will make you feel; with their short, plump, and dense structure, Indica’s speak to energy accumulation mode. In other words, don’t be surprised if Cannabis Indica makes you want to eat, sleep, eat, and repeat! 

Hey, it’s not a bad thing. Many people in modern culture are plagued by nutrient deficiencies and low energy. A cannabis-fueled meal or two might be just what the doctor ordered. 

Instead of reaching for the pop tarts or microwaved meals, however, let us present to you a better way. Cannabis actually goes great with cooking. Cooking, if you think about it, is already a highly sensory activity that rewards new ideas and new combinations. Why not amplify your senses even further — and perhaps dream up a new favourite dish — thanks to a little help from cannabis?

 A similar synergy is hinted at by the popularity of wine + cooking classes. Both wine and cannabis stimulate the senses, making cooking new meals (and eating them, of course), even more enjoyable. We don’t think it’s mere coincidence that 4:20 and 5 o’clock arrive shortly before dinner. And while wine and cannabis can even be enjoyed together, only one of them is verifiably hangover-free…

In addition to its value in the kitchen, Cannabis Indica also goes great with the arts. Countless musicians, painters, and poets of old crafted their best work while under the influence of classic Indica strains. Will you be among the next to join them? Hey, that’s entirely up to you. 

…With Cannabis Sativa

Cannabis Sativa might have the word “sat” interposed into it, but don’t let the wordplay fool you. Sativa’s are almost always energizing, invigourating, and exciting. If you need to get amped up about something — or perhaps just more enthused about life in general — a good Sativa strain might be the perfect way. 

What activities do Sativa strains pair best with? They’re actually a frequent favourite of athletes, many of whom report getting some much-needed relaxation without any impairment to motor function or reaction time. In recent years even famed boxer Mike Tyson has admitted that he toked up before some of his biggest fights. (Interesting side note: Tyson has also explained that cannabis softens his personality and makes him “nicer.”)

Cannabis Sativa is for us everyday people, too. Take a few puffs of your favourite Sativa before embarking on a casual hike or bike ride and watch as the colours get that little bit brighter and your effort gets a little more bearable. Even if your activity du jour is something seemingly mundane, like cleaning the house, cannabis might just come to the rescue. Throw on some music, grab the mop, and enjoy the moment! 

Sativa’s are also marked by a type of can-do creativity. While Indica’s often give you ideas and insights to carry out in the future, Sativa’s are great for taking action now. If you’re a guitarist you might hear a new riff in your head and be inspired to dial it in, note for note. If you’re a programmer you might find some new insight related to that problem you weren’t able to solve at work. If you’re a fast-food worker, you might be inspired to quit your job entirely and find employment that’s more inspiring! 

(Just kidding on that last one — mostly. The point is that Sativa’s provide equal parts inspiration and perspiration.)  

…With Cannabis Hybrids

Some people might want a more balanced approach than either of the above two, however. Perhaps you want to feel simultaneously chilled out and inspired. We get it! 

And so do the cannabis cultivation gods, apparently, because this type of blended high is exactly what Cannabis hybrids are known for. Hybrids like Sour Diesel or Blue Dream are loved for checking all the metaphorical boxes, body high and head high included. 

Psilocybin-Friendly Fun Stuff

High on Psilocybin

While the high associated with psilocybin mushrooms is a little less recreational than your average 4:20 session, that doesn’t mean mushrooms are incompatible with everyday life. It just means a little more planning is needed to find what’s best for you! In general, you should allot at least 4-6 hours to any serious mushroom trip where you don’t make plans for anything serious.

In other words, no work obligations, no stressful social stuff, and definitely no operating a motor vehicle. Instead, just surround yourself with friends and prepare to think a bit deeper and soar a bit higher! Preparing for a mushroom trip means preparing for a mental + mental + social + spiritual reset — so do so with care.   

…With Golden Teacher’s

If you’re new to shrooms (or perhaps just a little pressed for time) and want a more manageable psychedelic experience, then consider Golden Teacher’s your new best friend. They’re among the most approachable of all the Psilocybin Cubensis mushrooms, and they go great with exploring nature, journaling, making artwork, and more. Golden Teacher’s may also complement your prayer & meditation routine; they’re even great for those of you into tantra or yoga. 

Much like high-THC cannabis, Golden Teacher ‘shrooms overlay a delightful sensory element atop “blah” of everyday life. We’re not saying they’ll give you rose-coloured glasses…but they might just give you golden-coloured ones. 

…With Penis Envy

To be clear, Penis Envy Cubensis aren’t for the faint of heart. You may not be able to handle your favourite trail route after taking 2 grams of them, and you most certainly won’t be able to handle a group yoga class — so if that sort of lifestyle integrability is what you’re after, opt for a milder variety like the Golden Teacher’s above or the mushroom capsules below. 

No, intensity is where this psilocybin ‘shroom shines. If you need to break through and reach your next real “aha!” moment, Penis Envy is probably the mushroom for you. 

What else does Penis Envy pair well with, you might ask? Here’s a short list: sitting motionless, laying down, watching movies (good vibes only, of course!) and talking with trusted friends. 

More seasoned psychonauts may be able to take advantage of psilocybin -induced synesthesia (blended senses) and use it to make dimension-crossing artwork or music. Just don’t expect those who aren’t under the influence to understand, necessarily…

…With capsules

Earlier we asserted that mushrooms are hard to integrate into ‘normal’ everyday life, but there’s one blessed exception to this rule: microdosing. Take a tenth of your “trip-worthy” psilocybin dose, ground it up, put it into a capsule, and something magical happens. What you’ll feel is something far more subtle, more happy and weightless than high and hallucinating. 

It’s true — and that makes microdosing capsules the perfect companion for lifestyle design, sports, and career. Capsules pair well with all sorts of stuff, including:

  • Other adaptogens (like ashwagandha)
  • Medicinal mushrooms (like Lion’s Mane)
  • Stimulants (like coffee or green tea extract)
  • Circulation-enhancers (like beet juice or B-vitamins)

The athletics-specific benefits of microdosed psilocybin also deserve a special mention. Though there’s not much research into this yet, psychedelic veterans like podcaster Joe Rogan have described that microdosed ‘shrooms can improve something called proprioception, or the self-perception of one’s body across space and time. Joe says this has big implications for MMA fighters — some report being able to anticipate their opponent’s moves ever-so-slightly ahead of time…and respond accordingly.

Keep Calm and CBD On

Okay, for full disclosure: CBD won’t get you “high.” So why are we mentioning it here, then? Because for some people CBD’s antidepressant effects are so strong that they feel almost high from taking it, if only compared to their prior baseline. 

CBD might be the normalizing factor you need, from which point all the ‘fancy’ extra stuff (the cannabis, the ‘shrooms, the caps) begin to work as they should. If you find yourself struggling to thrive on a day-to-day basis, consider CBD. If only indirectly, it might make your next high that much more enjoyable.