Tripping On Shrooms? – The Top Movies to Watch

If you’ve ever tripped on shrooms, you know how their psychedelic compounds can enhance your perceptions. You’ll experience exhilarating visual effects, changes in sound, and a distortion of reality altogether. Over the years, some movies have been produced that can enlighten these natural effects and provide an entertaining experience, overall, to the say the least.

Other cinematic creations seem like the person producing them, was on shrooms themselves. Lending even more to the psychedelic nature of viewing the films, after consuming magic mushrooms. Shrooms and watching movies is nothing new, and over the years a list of top movies to watch while experiencing psilocybin has compiled. Keep reading for our top 10 flicks to enjoy when tripping out.

Why Watch Movies On Magic Mushrooms

Beyond shrooms enhancing the colors, scenery, visuals and sounds of a movie score – psilocybin’s effects also have a way of expanding one’s mind and spirituality. So, many of the best movies to watch while tripping, are a combination of enlightening subjects with mind-altering scenes and visions.

The introspective plots of some of the best movies to watch on magic mushrooms, have a way of sparking a spiritual enlightenment, or helping you feel ultra-connected to the subject featured. That’s because psilocybin, the main compound found in magic mushrooms interacts with the prefrontal cortex of the brain. Where emotion and connectivity regulation, occurs.

Top 10 Movies To Watch On Shrooms

From cult classics to animated delights here are the top 12 movies to watch when you’re looking for something to do, or enhance while on shrooms.

Alice in Wonderland

It’s no surprise to see a story about a girl following a rabbit down a hole, on the list of movies to watch on shrooms. Whether the original version, or the latest with Johnny Depp, the story of Alice in Wonderland is one that’ll take your mind on a magical adventure.

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

If you like to watch an exhilarating pair do drugs, while on ‘drugs’ then Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas is for you. This movie trails an unstable journalist with an out of the ordinary attorney, that go on a journey for the true American dream. Since the characters are on the same types of substances, you’re treated to caricatures and hallucinations you’d expect from a trip.

Doctor Strange 

After an accident, a brilliant brain surgeon goes on a mission to heal his hands in Nepal. From there, the psychedelic enhancements begin. In Nepal, the doctor studies magic and alternative realities as a method of healing. You can imagine the cinematography in these scenes, and the fights that ensue feel trippy even without the use of shrooms.


A more light-hearted movie to watch on shrooms, is the classic Disney film Fantasia. When Fantasia was made, the movie was revolutionary in the innovative animation it produced which is stunning to the eye on magic mushrooms. As the music lines up with the visuals, your mind will continue to be blown. Some say it’s like a painting that’s come to life.


When the movie you’re watching takes a trip to Pandora, you know you’re in for a show. A paralyzed marine is transformed into the body of the notorious blue body of the Na’vi. He becomes connected to the unique tribe, when an outside army tries to extinguish the world altogether. The fight to save Pandora produces visual effects like no other, in this monumental shroom worthy film.

The Matrix 

Red pill, or blue pill? The Matrix is a movie that will expand the mind and consciousness like no other. The story follows a man living a double life. Keanu Reeves plays Thomas, a programmer by day, who’s Neo, a hacker by night. When he meets up with Morpheus, he’s transcended to the ‘real world’ where humans are run by machines. The graphics are quite stunning and super trippy to watch, when on magic mushrooms.

The Wizard of Oz 

What seems like a childhood favourite gets trippy fast, when experience the classic Wizard of Oz on shrooms. You’ll notice visual effects and tricks more than ever, and understand the deep meaning behind the film even more. This cult-classic shroom movie has been embraced by the magic mushroom counter culture, since its emergence onto the screen.

Pan’s Labryinth 

The story of Pan’s Labryinth opens up with the meeting of a fairy, so the magical storyline is only enhanced by the use of shrooms. The main character Ofelia follows the fairy to an underground kingdom, where the beautiful scenes can heighten the senses even without the help of magic mushrooms.

2001 : A Space Odyssey

2001: A Space Odyssey plays on your visual and spiritual enhancements. The science fiction piece directed by Stanley Kubrick is a classic as far as trippy shroom movies, go. The visuals it produces are quite similar to the ones you may experience while on magic mushrooms, and the story will have you deeply thinking about the world, universe and beyond.

Requiem For A Dream 

Last but not least for top movies to watch on shrooms, is Requiem for a Dream. The melodramatic film follows the journey of using drugs, including the altered states and distorted visions one might have. Even better, is the soundtrack that comes along with the storyline that heightens the film’s portrayal of real-life hallucinations.

Now, that you have a list of movies to keep you occupied while experience the powerful effects of shrooms – find the best types of magic mushrooms to enhance them. Did you know, every magic mushroom species varies in the types of effects they produce just like cannabis and different strains? So, one species might be ideal for enhancing animated films, while another could be best for one that provokes deep thought.

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