Where Should I Buy Magic Mushrooms in Kingston?

Kingston is Canada’s first capital, situated on the eastern side of Lake Ontario. It’s halfway between Montreal and Toronto. Kingston is also nicknamed the “Limestone City”, thanks to it being home to many heritage buildings built from limestone. It has many wonderful attractions such as grand 19th-century buildings, waterfront parks, and museums, making it a great city for dwelling.

Magic mushroom enthusiasts living in Kingston will have different ways of sourcing their ‘shrooms. In this post, we will tackle the basics of magic mushrooms as well as the various methods of sourcing them in Kingston City.

Backgrounder on Magic Mushrooms

Many tend to think that magic mushrooms are only for recreational uses. This belief, however, is misplaced as one can benefit from ‘shrooms in different ways.

In old times, magic mushrooms took part in religious rituals as many then found it necessary to take ‘shrooms to experience a thorough introspection of themselves. The relationship of men and magic mushrooms are well depicted in the artworks of North American peoples such as Aztecs and Mayas.

In recent years, many experts are more welcoming of magic mushrooms as their companion for healing. Professionals now advise their patients to take these ’shrooms to help them battle their panic, chronic stress, or anxiety disorders, to name a few disorders.

Psilocybin is the main compound found in magic mushrooms and is often compared with other classic psychedelics such as DMT and LSD. Psilocybin along with its psychedelic family members offer various effects including an alteration of perception, a change in mood, and hallucinations.

Psilocybin is modified into a different molecule after it is ingested. The molecule is referred to as psilocin and is credited as the main producer of magic mushrooms’ varied effects.

There are plenty of magic mushroom species around the world, but most of them belong to a single family-Psilocybe Cubensis. Some of this family’s more known members include Blue Meanies, Penis Envy, and Golden Teachers. This family also has harder-to-find members, which were products of mycologists who wanted their own ‘shrooms as with the case of Alacabenzi.

There are various ways of taking psilocybin. A popular method is to eat the dried psilocybin mushroom while another is to make drinks out of the ‘shrooms parts.

What is Microdosing?

Another method of consuming psilocybin is to take very small doses of it, also referred to as microdosing. The dose is small enough for users to experience some of its effects and insufficient to cause a full-blown trip.

Microdosing is increasing in popularity as its gaining more followers especially among employees in the tech field. This practice, after all, helps in many ways as it lets enthusiasts improve and boost their mood, productivity, and creativity. Microdosing is also being done by those who want to reduce their stress and anxiety.

Psilocybin Mushrooms in Kingston

Enthusiasts have different options in sourcing psilocybin mushrooms in Kingston. These choices are not created equal and may be unsafe, depending on an individual’s experience level.

Magic Mushroom Hunting

One can choose to go hunting for psilocybin mushrooms as they grow naturally in Hamilton city. Hunting, however, comes with some health risks.

Individuals who didn’t dedicate sufficient time to studying various mushrooms type will have difficulties determining psilocybin mushrooms from other kinds. Mushrooms tend to look the same for those with untrained eyes.

Mushroom poisoning is highly likely to happen when those without much training go hunting. Getting poisoned by a mushroom can be very dangerous since in many cases it has resulted in liver damage. Mushroom poisoning can also cause an individual’s death. Thus, enthusiasts who aren’t knowledgeable on mushroom hunting is better off finding other means of sourcing psilocybin mushrooms in Kingston.

Magic Mushroom Growing

Growing is another means of getting psilocybin mushrooms in Kingston. Many experts choose this option over hunting.

Magic mushroom cultivation, however, requires the grower’s dedication. For one, there are plenty of chores that must be done to grow ‘shrooms successfully. Individuals must also take the time to study the science of psilocybin mushroom cultivation as it would be difficult to tell whether the ‘shroom is growing healthily or not.

Plus, cultivation is not always risk-free. Many enthusiasts who tried growing their own ‘shrooms have fallen ill. Growing may be safer than hunting, but only if the individual is well versed with the basics of growing magic mushrooms.

Buying Magic Mushrooms in Hamilton

Hunting and growing psilocybin mushrooms are interesting and exciting options, but they are not for everyone.

A safe way of sourcing magic mushrooms in Hamilton is to purchase them from online dispensaries. Online buying is also the quickest way of getting ‘shrooms as many online dispensaries can deliver within a week, straight to the shopper’s door. Online dispensaries also offer privacy as they usually wrap orders in covert packaging, which is the perfect antidote to the prying eyes of housemates and neighbors.

Buying from online dispensaries also eliminates the need to look for ‘shrooms in the black market. This means skipping the inconvenience of dealing with dubious black market sellers.

Plus, one can get other psilocybin products from online dispensaries. For one, some online stores carry magic mushroom chocolates, which is a delicious alternative to the dried ‘shrooms. Many enthusiasts who would like to avoid the gritty and twig-like taste of dried psilocybin mushrooms go for the psilocybin-infused chocolates. 

Some dispensaries also offer capsules that are specially mixed with other healthful ingredients like fungi and herbs to optimize health benefits. Capsules are great for those who prefer microdosing as their means of experiencing some of the psilocybin’s effects.

Finding Magic Mushrooms in Hamilton

There are various means of sourcing psilocybin mushrooms in Hamilton including hunting and growing. But in terms of safety and convenience, buying from reputable online dispensaries would be the best choice.

Purchasing from online dispensaries means eliminating the risks and discomfort of magic mushroom hunting, growing, or transacting with black market dealers. Online dispensaries can fulfill orders fast, efficiently, and discreetly. Enthusiasts looking for an online dispensary they can trust should head straight to MMJDIRECT.