Where Should I Buy Weed in Toronto?

Canada’s tourism has seen a lot of growth over the last couple of years, no doubt due to the introduction of cannabis legalization, something which was already on the horizon for quite some time. The country has proved to be very liberal towards users of the plant even before the official legalization, which is why not many were surprised by the big announcement. If you’re visiting Canada and love to smoke weed, you’re definitely in the right place. With so many towns worth exploring for their tourism and cultural values already, it’s the perfect place to get high and enjoy a change of scenery while chatting with some nice locals.

An Overview of Toronto

Toronto is huge. It’s the biggest city in Canada, and one of the top five in all of North America. With a population higher than that of many small countries, it’s a unique place in many regards, with endless opportunities for exploration. There is no shortage of things to see or do on any day of the week, and if you’re an avid tourist in the first place, visiting Toronto should be on your to-do list. The city was already hugely popular with tourists even before legalization was introduced, but its popularity has skyrocketed since marijuana became legal. It doesn’t matter what you’re into – music, film, classic arts, more serious tourism, or anything in between – Toronto has something for everyone. It’s the kind of city with a vibe so strong that you just don’t want to leave once you’ve been there for a while.

Toronto and Marijuana

It should be no surprise that a city this large and diverse has also quickly become the central point for cannabis lovers in the country, and outside of it too. Some were comparing it to Colorado in terms of its potential when the legalization laws were introduced, and those predictions have turned out to be more or less correct a couple of years in. Cannabis legalization resulted in a boom in local businesses, while also attracting a large number of tourists on a regular basis. Some admittedly come just to enjoy what the local weed scene has to offer, but they often find themselves staying for many more reasons than that.

How to Find Weed in Toronto

Finding weed in Toronto is a piece of cake. As long as you’re 19, you’re good to go at over a hundred local dispensaries and many more online stores. The scene is very busy, and competition is strong – meaning that you can enjoy good prices and fantastic customer service, while exploring a great variety of strains and weed products. Just be aware of the local laws that dictate where and how you’re allowed to smoke exactly, as some tourists tend to get caught up in the moment and don’t realize that they are crossing some lines. Toronto is more liberal than other parts of Canada in this regard, and you’re free to smoke in many public spaces, as long as you’re outdoor. You can even smoke in hotels in places that allow tobacco, which is pretty unique for the country as a whole!

Retail Stores

You don’t have to walk far to find at least a few dispensaries, especially if you’re downtown. Most of the retail stores in Toronto are concentrated around the center of the town, but there are a few scattered in the outskirts as well. Dispensaries in Toronto aren’t controlled by a centralized entity like they are in some other Canadian cities, meaning that you can enjoy the benefits of healthy competition, giving you a good number of attractive deals to explore. Toronto’s dispensaries also tend to have a unique attitude and are enjoyed by many for their approach to their business, as you can find something unique on every corner.

Online Stores

If walking around the city isn’t your thing, or you just want to save some time so you can enjoy what the city has to offer better, you can also use the services of one of the many stores that operate online. Most offer great prices that sometimes even beat retail dispensaries, and you can find delivery services in pretty much every part of Toronto. If you’re situated far from the center, you might be a bit more restricted in terms of the options you have available, but there should still be plenty of stores that service your area. Just pay attention to shipping rates and other similar factors, as some specific areas might come with significantly higher prices than you’d expect, making it a better idea to just walk over to the next dispensary.

Buying Directly Through MMJDirect

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