Where To Buy Weed Online in Northwest Territories

The Northwest Territories are well-known for their glimpses of the northern lights. Which makes the necessity of consuming weed to enhance the experience, even that much more important. Being so remote, you might wonder – where to buy weed online in Northwest Territories? Especially since coming across a storefront retailer will be hard to come by in the province. That’s why we’ve put together this in-depth guide to buying weed in the Northwest Territories, how to do so easily, and what to explore once you’re elevated. 

Where To Buy Weed Online In Northwest Territories

With legalization, it seems like weed has never been more accessible. Unless, you’re in a desolate area like the cities of the Northwest Territories. But, online dispensaries are available anywhere, anytime, to address this concern of medical and recreational consumers alike. When asking yourself – where to buy weed online in Northwest Territories, MMJDirect is the most trusted and reputable answer. 

MMJDirect began serving consumers in 2016, making it one of the pioneering online dispensaries in the area. You can easily browse the extensive collection of premium cannabis products and goods, choosing the strength, potency or type that you prefer. The site also offers a number of benefits to its customers including – 

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Places to Explore When You Buy Weed Online in Northwest Territories

Without question, buying weed online in Northwest Territories with MMJDirect will help alleviate stresses. That way, you can enjoy the sights and attractions of the area that much more. When you’re planning a trip to the diverse landscapes of the province, use this guide to choose the top places in the biggest cities to see. 


When you buy weed in Yellowknife, there’s a wide range of areas to explore. The city is one of the most visited in the Northwest Territories especially in the fall and winter when you can view the astounding Northern Lights glowing from the sky. During this time, the city offers a variety of hiking tours, and yacht trips that will enhance the experience even more. The area is ideal for nature-lovers looking to get in touch with their senses or local wildlife. Like with breathtaking views of natural waterfalls on the Cameron Falls Trails, or taking in some dog-sledding, too. 

Hay River 

For high-powered waterways, and landscapes to view, buying weed online in Hay River is out of this world. Your enhanced senses will feel further connected to nature with this untouched and remote area. While you’re there, make sure to visit Twin Falls Forge Territorial Park, for the waterfalls it homes and hikes you can take. Hay River also has a number of beaches to visit, that offer dunes to climb and explore. To take in the local food and spirits, visit the Fisherman’s Wharf that’s open on the weekends. 

Fort Simpson

Fort Simpson is home to Nahanni National Park which has been described as a combo of Niagara Falls, The Grand Canyon and Yellowstone all on one site. The expansive landscape is a treasure for those with elevated minds to explore. So, when you buy weed online in Fort Simpson be sure to leave yourself enough time to see what the area has to offer. Beyond the National Park, Fort Simpson is rich in history, which you can immerse yourself in at the MacPherson House or Ehdaa Historical Site. 


For those who aren’t afraid of arctic climates, then Inuvik is for you. When you buy weed online in Inuvik be ready to bundle up to enjoy its unique igloos and arctic culture. The Midnight Sun Mosque is a must-visit in the city, as it’s an igloo that’s been transformed into a modern-day Mosque. From there, take a hike or tour along the Mackenzie Delta, to see what the area has to offer for wildlife, like regional fish, beavers, arctic swans, and bald eagles, too. 

Navigating Northwest Territories With Elevated Senses

Like we’ve mentioned…nothing enhances a trip, more than the uplifting and exhilarating effects of cannabis. When you buy weed online in Northwest Territories, your trip will be elevated to all new heights. Take in the region’s expansive landscapes, view extraordinary attractions like the Northern Lights, and explore what the province has to offer with uplifted moods and enhanced senses. Buying weed online in Canada, has never been easier with reputable and trusted sources like MMJDirect. Before planning your trip, browse MMJDirect’s extensive collection of THC and CBD goods to find which will be best for you.