Cannabis for Arthritis

Cannabis for Arthritis – What Latest Research Says

For the most part, arthritis is a disease that comes with age and affects a growing number of senior citizens. But on the contrary, many labourers, and professions that use their hands to work, can suffer from symptoms at any age. Even athletes, or those who are physically active for hobby or exercise.

This could be contributing to the fact that now 1 in 5 Canadians now live with arthritis daily. Since September is Arthritis Awareness Month we thought there was no better time to highlight how cannabis may be able to help. Especially as more and more people who have the condition are turning to the natural source of healing to treat its common symptoms and side effects. So we put together an in-depth guide to cannabis for arthritis, and how cannabinoids work internally for relief.

What is Arthritis?

There are many types of arthritis, like osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis, but each has the same thing in common. The condition arises from inflammation of the joints. In fact ‘arthritis’ isn’t even an actual disease or disorder, it merely references joint pain, and specific joint diseases. The symptoms aren’t always present, but when they are, they can be quite debilitating.

Even worse, there’s no real treatment for the joint aches. Which is an issue considering swollen and stiff joints not only cause discomfort, but can also damage cartilage. Forcing some patients to receive steroids, or sometimes even joint replacement surgery. This by itself is causing many to seek alternative methods of healing like cannabis.

Research on Cannabis & Arthritis

Weed and Arthritis

What many arthritis sufferers have concluded on their own, research is now working to prove. That being, that cannabis is a source of relief for arthritis conditions, and symptoms. So far, we’re learning that CBD and THC can be helpful for arthritis due to their anti-inflammatory and pain relieving qualities.

Here’s a summary of the studies, that are backing up consumers findings:

Cannabis for Arthritis Relief

Whether you’re a beginner or veteran smoker, by now you probably know that certain strains can provide certain effects. More than just indica, sativa, or hybrid classifications, specific cannabinoid combinations, terpenes or strengths can be more helpful for relieving pain from arthritis than others. To help you or a loved one consume or use cannabis infused goods to help treat the symptoms of arthritis, we’ve compiled a list of the top traits to look for, and products to seek.


Certain common terpenes that are found in cannabis, are more pain relieving and anti-inflammatory than others. Two effects that are ideal for arthritis symptom relief. Here’s the top terps to sniff out for additional relief of joint aches and pains.

  • Linalool – Floral & herbal scent
  • Pinene – Woody & pine scent
  • Limonene – Citrus & lemon scent
  • Caryophyllene – Pepper & clove scent
  • Myrcene – Earthy & musky scent

Best Strains

Best Strains for Arthritis

Through real-time consumer use, and identifying what helps arthritis the most – there are definitely a few specific strains that standout for achy joints. If you prefer traditional methods of smoking or vaping, here’s a few genetics to turn to for relief of arthritis symptoms –

  • Sour Diesel – This popular and potent Sativa strain has the strength to knockout pain from arthritis. It’s also high in limonene and myrcene, adding to its healing power.
  • Girl Scout Cookies – An indica strain, Girl Scout Cookies is a hybrid that’s often recommended for pain relief. It provides a body buzz that can be soothing for arthritis aches.
  • Rockstar Kush – Rockstar Kush is another potent indica strain, that has high levels of THC for ultimate relief. It’s also well-known for its anti-inflammatory effects making it ideal for arthritis.
  • Lindsay OG – A more elusive strain, Lindsay OG is an indica dominant hybrid providing effective for chronic pain. Which may come from its potent levels of THC, averaging around 23%.


Cannabis infused topicals might not get you high, but they provide high levels of relief for arthritis. That’s because they have a targeted delivery system that allows you to apply the healing cannabinoids directly to the site or area that is causing you trouble. The topical market now offers a wide range of goods, including CBD and THC balanced salves, balms, oils, and muscle rubs, some specifically designed for achy joints.

CBD Goods

Last but not least, are goods high in CBD levels. Because CBD has been found helpful in treating the symptoms of arthritis, potent CBD oils, topicals, or CBD-rich strains are ideal for arthritis. CBD is highly anti-inflammatory for the condition, and is preferred by many consumers for containing low levels of THC. This allows users to avoid the THC’s psychoactive effects, while still healing throughout the day. Especially while working or tackling tasks.

Cannabis – A Soothing Source for Healing

As debilitating as arthritis can be, it’s promising that cannabis is proving to be a soothing source for healing. Which much of the population who was already self-medicating could have already told you. Now, the industry is evolving to deliver more than just cannabis flower to help soothe achy joints and pains that arthritis can cause.

With the advancements in the industry, topicals are now providing an extra targeted source of relief, too. Whichever route you choose, always choose high-quality cannabis goods, first. Like, our extensive collection of premium products available now at