How to Use Cannabis Tinctures for Health Benefits

From vapes to concentrates, tinctures to edibles, the ways to consume cannabis has widely increased with growing legalization. Especially with expanding medical research that has increased the number of consumers using marijuana for its health benefits. 
For many users, doing a dab or packing a bowl may seem daunting, smelly and less medicinal. This is why the number of cannabis tinctures on the market has made a boom — especially, with ‘boomers’ and older generations, specifically. 
Regardless of age or reason for use, cannabis tinctures are versatile and highly beneficial to ease many symptoms. So, let’s explore the world of CBD and THC oils in our comprehensive guide to cannabis tinctures for their health benefits.  

What is cannabis tincture?

Cannabis tinctures are a liquid extract that’s infused with isolated beneficial compounds from the cannabis flower. Put more simply, tinctures are just cannabis-infused oils. Tinctures come in a glass bottle with an eyedropper top, making them a preferred choice for accurate dosing. 
Like anything, there are homemade ways to make tinctures and commercial methods, too. With any technique, the solvent works to extract beneficial terpenes, and cannabinoids like CBD and THC from the flower, into the liquid base. 
Similar to edibles, before being submerged into the solvent, the cannabis flower goes through a decarboxylation process. On low and slow heat, the weed material is ‘baked’ to release its beneficial ingredients. Just like using heat to light a bowl, joint, or torch for dabbing concentrates — you need heat to convert THCA into THC, the compound most known for providing the ‘high’ feeling.

How to use cannabis tinctures

How to Use Cannabis Tinctures

The 2 main methods of consuming tinctures are Sublingual or orally. What makes each unique? It’s the act of swallowing. When taking cannabis tinctures ‘orally’, you’ll swallow the liquid like any other drink or food. If taking your tincture, sublingually, you’ll hold the liquid under your tongue until it’s absorbed. 
How do the consumption methods differ? It’s all about how absorption occurs. Sublingual application occurs when the tincture is held under your tongue or against your gums. This method allows the tincuture to be absorbed through the lining of the mouth and directly into the bloodstream. Where the compounds can travel quickly to the brain, that means, effects set in almost immediately, just like smoking would. 
When swallowing an oil or tincture, the substance is absorbed through the digestive system. Like an edible, effects will take longer than usual to be felt. That’s because acids of the stomach can deteriorate the compounds from in the oils or tinctures. 

The sublingual application method is said to be more effective. It keeps beneficial cannabinoids more intact for increased purity and absorption. If you do not like the taste of the tincture and are tempted to swallow it or wash it down, then you may want to try another tincture or consumption method.

Cannabis tinctures’ health benefits

Benefits of Cannabis Tinctures

Whether a tincture or oil, swallowed or not, the cannabis-infused liquids are high in health benefits. Most often, they’re a favourite method of consumption for medical users. A recent Health Canada survey found that 72% of medical users prefer tinctures/oils and other products, versus only 28% purchasing dried cannabis flower.
So, why are cannabis tinctures beneficial for medical marijuana patients and other users alike? The following are the top 5 tincture benefits for health and consumption. 
1. Bioavailability & ideal absorption – When absorbed through the lining of your mouth, and the arteries found in your tongue, cannabis compounds are less likely to be deterred by the metabolic process. Digestion can be destructive against terpenes or cannabinoids. By sublingually ingesting tinctures, you’re receiving a higher bioavailability of beneficial compounds.
2. Discrete & economical – With tinctures, there’s no heat necessary, smoke present or pungent smells to cover up. So, they’re a discrete choice for many that prove to be economical too. When doing the math, per dose tinctures are highly economical as well. Especially considering that when taking sublingually or orally, effects can last from 2-6 hours. Long-lasting effects are additionally beneficial for those who suffer from chronic conditions like pain, anxiety, and depression, that need treatment for long periods.

3. Ratios of CBD & THC and dosing – If you’re taking a specific dose for medical purposes, cannabis tinctures are the way to go. With the number of MG’s, and %’s of CBD, THC, and terpenes per bottle listed, and measured eyedropper doses, it’s far easier to decipher the proper dosage rather than choosing an amount to smoke or dab. For instance, many common conditions recommend the ratio of 1:1 for CBD : THC. This is a standard option for many cannabis tinctures, available on the market today.

4. Medical Sensitivities – Tinctures can be beneficial health-wise for their ability to overcome consumption sensitivities found in many medical patients. Those with breathing problems or lung conditions can avoid smoking, while still medicating. Patients with digestive or gastrointestinal problems tend to be sensitive to ingredients found in edibles, so tinctures can be ideal. 
5. Versatility – From old patients to young, taking a tincture is no different from medicine in liquid form. Making it easier for a wide range of patients to be helped by the benefits of cannabis. 

Cannabis tinctures — an old age medicine, modernized

Tinctures, even with cannabis, have a long history of being medicinal throughout ancient civilizations. Like many trends, what’s old is new again, and is becoming more popular in the medical cannabis world. And, with good reason. Cannabis tinctures are potent, discrete economical and versatile methods of consuming the beneficial compounds that marijuana and hemp flower contain. That’s why carries a wide variety of cannabis tinctures to meet the needs of those who need them the most.