1:1 Infused Hemp Oil

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500mg THC and 500mg CBD

15ml Tincture

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1:1 Infused Hemp Oil Information

When you want to buy 1:1 Infused Hemp Oil, you know you’re getting one of the best deals possible. On our online dispensary, we ensure our products contain superior-quality ingredients. The mixtures are put together by reputed manufacturers, and this infused hemp oil isn’t any different.

The active cannabinoids it contains are CBD (500mg), THC (500mg), and 6.5mg of Cannabinol. Therefore, every drop you take will provide 1.66mg of THC and CBD combined. The result is a masterful mixture between two of the most important compounds of the cannabis plant.

Where to buy 1:1 Infused Hemp Oil, you ask? MMJDirect has provided excellent products and safe shipping services for all these years. Our reputation says it all, as do the product reviews you can read for yourself!

How to consume the hemp oil?

The best and most efficient way of consuming this hemp oil tincture is the old sublingual way. Simply place the dropper above your mouth, and put a few drops under your tongue. We recommend starting with 2-3 for starters and see where does that gets you. If it’s too little, you can overcompensate later on, on a second dose. If it’s too much and you feel off in some way, lower the dosage next time.

By consuming the hemp oil sublingually, you ensure that your body absorbs and metabolizes it very quickly. This means you won’t have to wait too much for the effects to kick in. Mail order 1:1 Infused Hemp Oil today on MMJDirect, and we’ll even through in free shipping if your order is more than $150!

The process of sublingually absorbing the tincture is similar to smoking a cannabis plant but without the smoke, really. The absorption rate is similarly quick, unlike those times when you were eating cannabis edibles. Those get sent to your digestive system, delaying the onset of the cannabis experience.

1 review for 1:1 Infused Hemp Oil

  1. Brian

    Works well, really helps me sleep. It has a cannabis plant taste so I’d suggest avoiding it if you’re sensitive to that taste.

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