500mg CBD/THC Tincture by Diamond

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500mg CBD/THC Tincture by Diamond Information

The 500 mg CBD/THC Tincture by Diamond Concentrates, offering you the raw or mint variety, contains 500 mg of THC and 500 mg of CBD. Both THC and CBD have outstanding medicinal benefits, and they bring their best foot forward when they are at work together.

They can produce a much greater effect together than they each would alone. When taken together, they can be powerfully beneficial for pain, inflammation, cancer-related symptoms, anxiety, epilepsy, and even fungal infections. CBD can also help reduce some of the side effects of THC that some users may experience, such as anxiety, hunger or sedation.

To enjoy its great benefits, you can buy 500 mg CBD/THC tincture online in Canada.

Understanding the Efficiency of the Base

The base of this 500 mg CBD/THC Tincture is composed of 50% Grapeseed Oil and 50% MCT Oil.

Grapeseed Oil is known for the anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial and antioxidant benefits it offers. Featuring its high amounts of omega fatty acids and Vitamin E, it is a great treatment for the skin. It can be used to help with acne breaks. It has proven to help in the softening and moisturizing of the skin. It can also protect skin from sun damages.

MCT Oil is often used for supplemental reasons. It can be a source of energy, that can also act as fuel for the brain. It easily enters your cells without being broken down. MCT Oil can reduce lactate buildup and can help the body to use fat for energy.

It has been found that this oil could possibly help in managing the symptoms of epilepsy, Alzheimer’s Disease and Autism. Studies have found that MCT Oil contains powerfully fatty acids that can effectively fight yeast and bacterial growth. It can help control blood sugar levels and it can possibly help with the management of Diabetes.

Recommendations and Tips for Safe and Effective Use

Starting out, the recommended dosage is two drops by mouth. You can increase the dosage in small quantities every two hours as needed. Make sure to shake well before each use.

For oral consumption of the 500 mg CBD/ THC Tincture, consume sublingually (place it under your tongue) for maximum results. Through this method, the content is being absorbed quicker and ensures a higher level of potency.

For use as a dietary supplement, keep it in a cooler, dry place, protecting it from direct sunlight.

Make sure to not exceed the recommended dosage.

Keep away from children and animals.

8 reviews for 500mg CBD/THC Tincture by Diamond

  1. Adam

    This tincture not only provided me with significant pain relief, but also infused my day with a much-needed energy boost. The effects were noticeable and immediate, making my day-to-day activities more manageable and enjoyable. I’m truly impressed with the quality and efficacy of this product. Highly recommended for anyone seeking pain relief and an energy uplift!

  2. Renee

    For myself this was a great blend for those evenings where I wanted to get a good mind high but also pain relief and it helps me sleep anytime I use it! It’s handy as its not insanely potent and I have no after effects the next day.

  3. Charlie

    This is the best tincture I’ve had

  4. Nicholas

    This tincture was a godsend. I’m someone with high cbd requirements ( at least 100mg a day). Thiscomes as a great solution.

    The 1:1 ratio, the « golden ratio » for many ailments including anxiety and neuro-muscular pains, is rather hard to get buy in a product.

    The tincture as a sublingual and acts fast. For anyone feeling relief from cbd, trying to incorporate thc reduces A LOT your needs for cbd in cannabis.

  5. Fran

    Good pain relief without feeling high. It would be nice if the print on the back of the label was larger as it is very hard to read in its small, shiny state;

  6. Jennifer

    Good at night for sleep. Takes a long time to kick it for me though. I have to take it 3-4 hours before I plan to go to bed.

  7. Katherine

    it can be strong.test it at home it takes an hour to completely kick great especially if you don’t like to smoke.

  8. Nicolette

    Loved this combination. Great for microdosing! A new favourite for sure.

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