Daily Drops 1:1 CBD 600mg/THC 600mg

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Daily Drops 1:1 CBD 600mg/THC 600mg Information

Daily Drops 1:1 offers 600mg THC and 600mg CBD. This is referred to as “The Golden Ratio” which delivers the Entourage Effect. Your overall well-being can benefit from the effects of cannabis by maximizing CBD’s and THC’s health properties and reducing the intensity of THC’s psychoactive high.

These 1:1 THC:CBD daily drops could benefit individuals looking to enjoy an uplifting and relaxing recreational high but also medical patients who need relief from struggles such as neuropathic pain, nausea, or loss of appetite.

Benefits For One’s Mind And Mood

Daily Drops 1:1 with 600mg CBD and 600mg THC can offer its users a relaxing, uplifting, and mood-enhancing high. You may also notice an increase in focus and creativity within the first waves of the high, followed by calmness and positivity. Keep in mind that even though the psychoactive high of these drops may not be as intense, it is still there, so plan on using your dose at home.

Euphoria. The 1:1 golden ratio of daily drops usually delivers a rush of euphoria that lifts one’s mood with happy feelings, reducing symptoms of anxiety or potentially even depression.

Calmness. This weed tincture’s mentally relaxing, and calming effects may effectively relieve stress, bringing a sense of focus and centeredness to mind.

Energy. If you pair your morning coffee or tea with these 1:1 daily drops, you may benefit from an energetic high that usually increases productivity.

Meditation. Reading. Chilling. With a lower dose or blending this CBD:THC tincture with chamomile tea, you may relax your mind and body, enabling you to enjoy some low-key replenishing activities fully.

A Soothing Body High

Daily Drops 1:1 THC:CBD, besides a focused, euphoric, and calming high, also provides beneficial effects for the body.

Pain management. With a higher dose, this 1:1 CBD:THC ratio can greatly reduce acute and chronic pain. This high may also help with localized pain.

Sleep struggles. This golden ratio is ideal for individuals who have insomnia or struggling with other forms of sleep difficulties. This 1:1 ratio doesn’t only help you fall asleep but also stay asleep. If you enjoy drinking tea in the evening before going to sleep, we suggest pairing this cannabis tincture with a nice warm cup of chamomile tea.

Ingredients: Hemp Oil, MCT Oil, Full Spectrum CBD, THC.

19 reviews for Daily Drops 1:1 CBD 600mg/THC 600mg

  1. Elaine

    Both my husband and I use this version of CBD. He takes to help him sleep every night. I got it originally to help with pain as I waited for my hip replacement. I still use it occasionally if I am achy or sore. It is an excellent product which I highly recommend.

  2. Rosemary

    My new sleep aid. I found that the edibles were great but left me with dry mouth and nose. The 1:1 still helps me sleep,
    but without the side effects. And yet, it still helps with my pain. Will keep buying this product.

  3. Joy

    I have both epileptic and non-epileptic seizures and this product works wonders for me! After trying 13 different anticonvulsant medications and having terrible side effects I gave this a try and I must say I am thrilled! I use straight CBD during the day and use these drops in the evening just before bed and gives me great, deep sleep.

  4. Ryan

    Awesome product, great for sleep and anxiety!

  5. Barbara

    I like the mix of CBD and THC and this is my favorite tincture.

  6. Greg

    Great product all around, good for sleeping too


    I love this oil for my anxiety during the day and it also helps me relax at night.

  8. MacKenzie

    Perfect for a productive day!

  9. Sher

    I bought this too help with sleep and nightmares and it is working COMPLETELY. I can’t recommand this enough if you have trouble getting to sleep AND staying asleep.

    It does not have a prominent taste so the taste does not linger in your mouth. It’s perfect and I will be buying it again.

  10. Madeleine

    I got these because after I had tonsil surgery I couldn’t smoke or eat (my usual favourite modes of consumption) and I thought an oil would be a much easier and less painful way to consume.

    This CBD/THC combo definitely had a lovely high with a pleasant buzz and I found that it also helped me get some sleep when I was in quite a large amount of pain. The effects came on in about an hour and were very relaxing; I felt my mood improve significantly. I felt that a whole syringe was a nice dose and it never felt too overpowering.
    The only downside of this oil for me was the taste, which I did not find at all pleasant! It definitely made me gag and I felt like I needed to wash out my mouth with another taste immediately after consuming it.

    That being said, the effects were lovely and I would still highly recommend it to anyone! Also, it was a great bang for your buck!

  11. Marilyn

    Wonderful. Just what I need to help with the pain of inflammation and insomnia! I really don’t notice the taste as I put it under my tongue. A A A A A 👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽

  12. Stephone

    This has been hands a down a very therapeutic oil that has helped me reach a calm state of being and a chill serene mind. I’m back for more. Definitely something you can add into a daily routine. With easy to read dosing so you can enjoy perfect use every time !

  13. Susan

    I used this product as I was struggling with anxiety , pain and sleep issues. Once I used it consistently I found it really helped with all of those. Better than anti anxiety meds and pain killers any day

  14. Mike

    The 1:1 THC CBD ratio on these daily drops is a perfect mix. When I take pure THC it’s sometimes not enjoyable – a little too intense. The CBD brings a nice relaxation while still offering the euphoric feeling from the THC. The dropper has markings to give you a precise measured dose. Putting the drops under your tongue is a quick, efficient and discreet way to dose. I also think the daily dose drops may be the best $/mg of the products on this site if you like the most bang for your buck!

  15. Brittney

    I’m really impressed with this oil! I’ve tried others in the past with THC and for some reason they didn’t sit well with me or left me paranoid. But just a tiny bit of this oil left me feeling calm, relaxed, and also more productive during the day, while a restful sleep at night 😃 I’m definitely going to buy this again!

  16. Tanya

    I suffer from diabetes and essential tremors ( Parkinson’s milder cousin).this product helps me relax and sleep which in turn reduces my symptoms. Great great product!!!!

  17. Kylie

    I bought this for my mother who takes it with CBD to make her own 20:1 tincture. She finds it helps with pain and relaxation. She likes this brand and we continue to purchase it.

  18. Robert

    Because of my rare kidney disease and other issues..These drops have helped changed my life. I first tried 1 or 2 drops but it didn’t work well,so I took the whole syringe and works Amazing. I am finally able to eat and drink…and most of all take away my stress and allows me to sleep. Would highly recommend this product

  19. Vanessa

    This product is great!
    I have tried other ratios of CBD:THC and this seems to work the best. It provides a calming effect without too much of a “high”. You get all the benefits of CBD like anxiety relief, help with pain and is awesome for sleep. It does provide that little bit of THC effect if that is what you are looking for too!!!

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