1000mg CBD Tincture by Diamond

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15ml bottle

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1000mg CBD Tincture by Diamond Information

With a 1000mg CBD Tincture by Diamond on hand, you can start treating yourself from troublesome medical conditions and symptoms right now! CBD is quite adept at alleviating chronic pains, soothing insomnia symptoms, and helping your anxiety and depression. In other words, this tincture offers an effective and potent treatment for many of the symptoms that may plague you. With 1000mg of CBD per bottle, even one drop is potent enough to sedate your body and mind!

What are the effects of CBD Tincture by Diamond?


Diamond is well-known for creating effective cannabinoid-based tinctures for general use. MMJDirect medical patients are wildly interested in the CBD Tinctures because of their on-point therapeutic properties. With the first drop comes a state of relaxing stasis that puts your mind on the backburner. You’ll notice that the negative thoughts and agitation disappear in the wind, leaving your totally relaxed and soothed out. Other effects of this tincture include:

  • Improved mood
  • Physical relaxation and sedation
  • Enhanced motivation
  • Pain relief
  • Helps with psychological issues
  • Treats insomnia

Besides the sedative and relaxing benefits, 1000mg CBD Tincture by Diamond is worth its weight in terms of therapeutic potential. It can treat a wild variety of medical conditions and symptoms, such as headaches, migraines, inflammation, stress, and more. Though, it can also deal with more severe afflictions such as anxiety, depression, multiple sclerosis, arthritis, bipolar disorder, fibromyalgia, and PMS. Clearly, this is a medicinal product with ample potential.

Best way to consume CBD Tincture


For starters, this tincture is worth 1000mg of CBD, which means it boasts insane potency. Even though it won’t get you high due to a total lack of THC, it can sedate your body and mind in a few minutes. Just 1-2 drops are generally enough to relax your mind and heal your ailing body. Any physical discomforts will disappear soon, and you’ll feel better than ever. On its own, CBD plays a more effective therapeutic role than it would with THC standing in its way. Getting stoned interrupts the flow of therapeutic benefits, which is why CBD-based tinctures are better in this sense.

Because this is a tincture, you need to consume it orally. Just use the dropper to put a few drops under your tongue. Hold it there for 30-40 seconds, and then swallow. Waiting for that extra time allows your oral membrane to absorb the tincture into the deeper layers and straight into your bloodstream. The effects are more potent and kick in much sooner this way!

32 reviews for 1000mg CBD Tincture by Diamond

  1. Blain

    CBD products are interesting because there is no upfront striking effects. the effects are to soften and relieve pain, anxiety or discomfort. When needed, these drops work fine. For sleepless nights, or aching legs, or stressful times, this tincture does the trick.

  2. Pat

    I loved this tincture! It was palatable, unlike other oils, and it kept my migraines at bay. Loved it

  3. Tremain

    I suffer from chronic pain largely due to waiting for hip replacement surgery. I seriously limits my mobility. I find this product helps to ease the pain and improve my general state of well-being. I would recommend this to others needing to find relief from their chronic pain issues.

  4. Jennifer

    Love this product. Usually take before bed so I’m not sure how it would be during the daytime/functioning hours. Love the minty taste, a lot easier to take than other brands I’ve tried with no flavour. Helps relax me for bed and puts me to sleep. I work in a bakery (weird early hours on some days) so when I need extra help to sleep at a time I wouldn’t usually it makes it much easier. Would order again!

  5. Robert

    I have tried dozens of different cbd oils and nothing has work. I have high anxiety and very sick with a rare kidney disease as well as cancer. I finally found this diamond extract is the best for me that’s out there.It calms my nerves and anxiety. It also let’s me eat without get sick…I am the biggest fan of this one

  6. pierre

    Really good product.
    I like the taste subtle of the grape oil.
    Especially for when i keep the oil under my tongue.
    Helps me to sleep and not wake constantly during night.
    I used it also during day at small dosag to ease my muscular pain.
    Didin’t feel sleepy.

  7. Barry

    I love this stuff! Talk about numbing the pain! I suffer from chronic lumbar back spasms due to a herniated disc: a few drops of this CBD tincture under the tongue and I’m on my way to a pain-free evening. If the pain is more severe, I simply increase the dosage by a few drops and I’m all set. Love it!

  8. Drake

    First off, it’s not a 15ml bottle. It’s a 30ml bottle. Not a big deal one might say however it’s kind of a pain to dose over 66mg. Apart from that discrepancy the product is very good. I purchased the raw and it’s honestly hardly noticeable, this is a grape seed oil based tincture so the oil itself is flavorless and cbd is also flavorless so its by no means unpleasant. Kind of weird the first few time drinking oil but compared to other oils I have tried this stuff is for all intensive purposes, tasteless.

    I bought this for anxiety and it gets the job done. However, my daily dose is 4ml (120mg), 5 days a week.
    Works fine just wish it was more concentrated.

  9. Nicholas

    This tincture is one the first I’ve bought and regularly come back to. The taste, in raw or mint, is quite discrete. The absence of terpenes makes it a less total experience if you look for a cbd-only regimen. If I understood correctly this cbd doesn’t come from hemp and to start with seems to to have a better bioavailability. Use to reach your desired ratio of cbd to thc when combining with others tincture. I had much better experience when at least there is some full spectrum or live tincture in the mix

  10. Rob

    I saw the sale price on the Diamond Extracts 1000mg CBD and knew that was a good deal. After trying the recommended dose I felt at ease and a bit sleepy. Later I lessened the dose to find the right one for me. The tincture tasted ok.

  11. Afua

    This is amazing. I use it daily for my anxiety as well as my chronic pain (endo). It’s super strong so a little goes a long way and that’s the best thing. I originally got the mint which was great in a cup of coffee or somthing but also tastes good alone! This time I’m going to try the raw because that can be added to other things too like pasta. It lasts quite a while for 15ml but i wish that it came in bigger bottles. This is the best bang for your buck I personally think so definitely go for it!

  12. Pauline

    this is a great product for pain relief and sleep aid for me. i wake up with no pain and rested

  13. Nicolas

    I bought this for headache and being sore from sport, I started the first time with half a ml. So I took 0.5ml (half the little drop suction) and it relief me from a headache in 20min! put it under the thong for 40s and there we go. The taste is not bad, it tastes orange and this does not bother me. I tried a complete ml (1 complete drop suction) on a big hangover, I really recommend it, it worked! relief from the nausea, the headache…etc This product is 5/5 and also it is at an incredible price! thank you MMJ 🙂

  14. Karolyn

    Really helps with my mom’s anxiety that stems from Alzheimer’s. Usually within 20 mins or so of taking the drops I notice a difference.

  15. Samuel

    Really enjoyed this oil, if there was a task I didn’t feel like doing I pop two drops under my tongue and it doesn’t seem as daunting 🙂

  16. Mubeen

    This product is very good, it helps with my knee and ankle pain and at the same time helps me sleep well.
    My daughter too it for anxiety and insomnia it helped her a great deal with calming the anxiety and helps her sleep better. Highly recommend this product.
    I chose raw flavoured for natural taste.

  17. Tibet

    It helped quite a bit with my knee pain at night

  18. Bev

    I purchased this to help with anxiety and sleep. It was very effective. A few drops after work and again before sleep was enough to get the desired effect.
    I am purchasing again. I would highly recommend it.👍

  19. Jessica

    As someone who frequents the gym about 6 days a week, I need a supplement that helps mitigate soreness AND inflammation; both which are consequences on intense workouts. Since supplementing CBD, I have noticed a major reduction in both soreness and inflammation, which means better recovery which in turn helps me have better future workouts. Many athletes are now supplementing with CBD for it’s recovery properties.

    Anytime I have run out of my CBD and have not taken it, I notice a huge difference in the way my body feels after a workout. This supplement is great for recovery.

    This will be my third time purchasing the mint flavoured cbd tincture. It tasted great, and I have not found a better value for the amount of cbd you get per drop or per ml. The dropper is demarcated, making dosing a breeze.

    As an added bonus, I suffer from insomnia, anxiety and have struggled with depression – I have noticed taking CBD drops over the past few months consistently has helped me mitigate these conditions.

  20. Linda

    very effective for recovery from knee injury

  21. Nicholas

    Excellent for strength and effectiveness.

  22. Amélie

    My savior

  23. Kate

    Not an overly strong mint taste, nor does it taste too oily. Pretty smooth and fast acting. Worth the purchase.

  24. Amélie

    Really calms me down, I also took some when I had taken too much THC and it help me get over my anxiety.

  25. Jennifer

    good value. I usually mix it with my 1:1 just for an added cbd boost. I was using this morning and evening previously, until I found a stronger one. But it’s a great back up and recommend for sure.

  26. Jeff

    Nice mint taste and works well

  27. Sean

    Very nice!

  28. Ryan

    Good value. Not the strongest CBD I’ve ever had though.

  29. Vanessa

    Excellent!!! I love the mint flavour. When I feel the anxiety attack starting to kick in, this works wonders! It has also been helping a lot with my Crohn’s pain. Thank you!

  30. Daniel

    Big fan of this. Really calming, makes me feel better.

  31. Serge

    I like it

  32. Cory

    Good strong CBD

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