1000mg CBD Tincture by Diamond

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15ml bottle

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1000mg CBD Tincture by Diamond Information

For one of the most relaxing psychoactive experiences, the 1000mg THC Tincture by Diamond is your best bet! The 15ml bottle contains no less than 1000mg of THC and an infusion of MCT Oil and Grape Seed Oil. These allow the oil to be quickly absorbed by the oral mucus. Naturally, the only efficient way to consume this THC oil is sublingually, when you place a few drops under your tongue and wait 30-40 seconds for the absorption to finish.

The effects you’ll receive revolve around happiness, improved mood and motivation, increased creativity, and lots of relaxation. In fact, you’ll hardly understand how you’re so relaxed and comfortable in your own body. It’s like all your muscles become mellow, almost turning into a liquid. The sense of physical relaxation provided by this THC Tincture by Diamond is awesome!

How do you consume the 1000mg THC Tincture by Diamond efficiently?

The recommended dosage for this oil is two drops per dose. If you want to increase the dosage, wait for two hours to pass, then increase the dose accordingly. If you increase it before the two-hour period is up, the doses will get mixed up and you may become confused. Most medical patients use the recommended dosage system with success, to treat their medical symptoms.

The most efficient way to consume this THC Tincture oil is orally, through the sublingual method. It ensures proper absorption into your bloodstream, and the effects grow in intensity. Alternatively, you can put a few drops on your morning meal or the afternoon snack, and eat it all the same. It also works with a tea, coffee, or another beverage of your choosing. The THC will provide the same psychoactive effects as usual, regardless of the consumption method.

What are the effects of the 1000mg THC Tincture?

Like we said before, this THC Tincture affects your body and mind in a wholly relaxing way. Though, the sedation occurs after the psychoactive state reaches a peak. Before that, your mind will become tranquil and relish in a surge of euphoria and energy. As your motivation grow, so too will your creativity and overall mood. That’s why many people use this THC Tincture to treat depression, exhaustion, and anxiety.

One of the most important uses for this THC Tincture is its action against chronic pain and nerve pain. If you have arthritis and your body is constantly wracked by pains and aches, then the 1000mg THC Tincture by Diamond should help you wind down. It’ll appease your pains and aches substantially, especially if you increase the dose accordingly!

15 reviews for 1000mg CBD Tincture by Diamond

  1. Bev

    I purchased this to help with anxiety and sleep. It was very effective. A few drops after work and again before sleep was enough to get the desired effect.
    I am purchasing again. I would highly recommend it.👍

  2. Jessica

    As someone who frequents the gym about 6 days a week, I need a supplement that helps mitigate soreness AND inflammation; both which are consequences on intense workouts. Since supplementing CBD, I have noticed a major reduction in both soreness and inflammation, which means better recovery which in turn helps me have better future workouts. Many athletes are now supplementing with CBD for it’s recovery properties.

    Anytime I have run out of my CBD and have not taken it, I notice a huge difference in the way my body feels after a workout. This supplement is great for recovery.

    This will be my third time purchasing the mint flavoured cbd tincture. It tasted great, and I have not found a better value for the amount of cbd you get per drop or per ml. The dropper is demarcated, making dosing a breeze.

    As an added bonus, I suffer from insomnia, anxiety and have struggled with depression – I have noticed taking CBD drops over the past few months consistently has helped me mitigate these conditions.

  3. Linda

    very effective for recovery from knee injury

  4. Nicholas

    Excellent for strength and effectiveness.

  5. Amélie

    My savior

  6. Kate

    Not an overly strong mint taste, nor does it taste too oily. Pretty smooth and fast acting. Worth the purchase.

  7. Amélie

    Really calms me down, I also took some when I had taken too much THC and it help me get over my anxiety.

  8. Jennifer

    good value. I usually mix it with my 1:1 just for an added cbd boost. I was using this morning and evening previously, until I found a stronger one. But it’s a great back up and recommend for sure.

  9. Jeff

    Nice mint taste and works well

  10. Sean

    Very nice!

  11. Ryan

    Good value. Not the strongest CBD I’ve ever had though.

  12. Vanessa

    Excellent!!! I love the mint flavour. When I feel the anxiety attack starting to kick in, this works wonders! It has also been helping a lot with my Crohn’s pain. Thank you!

  13. Daniel

    Big fan of this. Really calming, makes me feel better.

  14. Serge

    I like it

  15. Cory

    Good strong CBD

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