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Daily Drops THC 3000mg Information

Daily Drops THC 3000mg is a premium quality, high-potency tincture that is designed to deliver a potent dose of THC to help tap into a state of relaxation, euphoria, and well-being. This tincture is made from pure, high-quality THC extracted from premium-quality cannabis plants, ensuring a longer-lasting quality experience.

The potency of this cannabis tincture is impressive, with 3000mg of THC in each bottle, is high and very strong, and it is recommended for more experienced users. The potency of these THC-infused daily drops could be a match for those who are looking for a strong and intense experience.

The Effects Of Daily Drops THC 3000mg

Daily Drops THC 3000mg generally deliver an uplifting and euphoric high that promotes a state of energy, focus, and creativity typically leading to more productivity and easier problem-solving.

The uplifting and energetic mental and physical high also supports your mind and body to step into a calm and relaxed state, knocking out worries, tensions, and aches.

How To Consume Daily Drops THC 3000mg

Daily Drops THC 3000mg is made to be convenient. You can easily drop the recommended or needed dose under your tongue and hold it there for a few seconds before swallowing. The sublingual method of delivery ensures that the THC is absorbed quickly into your bloodstream, providing fast and effective relief. It is also easy to measure out the correct dose, so you can dose with precision for consistent effects.

Daily Drops THC 3000mg is also highly versatile. You can just drop your dose under your tongue, but you can also infuse it into drinks, food, or baked goods. You can consume Daily Drops THC 3000mg with the utmost discretion.

What Does Daily Drops THC 3000mg Taste Like?

The flavor of Daily Drops THC 3000mg has a mild, pleasant taste that is not overpowering or too sweet, making it easy to consume even for those who are not used to the taste of THC. This is especially important for those who may be sensitive to strong flavors or are looking for a tincture that is easy to take regularly.

31 reviews for Daily Drops THC 3000mg

  1. Eric

    THC really helps with my anxiety, but I’ve found that gummies aren’t always consistent. This was easy to dose, and did gave a nice body high. I didn’t use it for food (my partner doesn’t like the flavour, and I don’t want to lose any on the plate), but the flavour is mellow and could I could see it actually enhancing flavour if used properly. I find adding a little CBD helps round out the high, as it can be a little… thin (if that makes sense) on its own.

  2. Raine

    Saw this on sale and thought I’d try it. Normally take the 100 mg caps, this is pretty equivalent!
    Very happy with the product and half price is even better!!
    Thank you for your amazing products.

  3. Sandra

    I was dealing with another company in British Columbia and they stopped making the product that I was using. Needless to say, I was extremely disappointed.
    I’m 67 years young and I take so many medication’s that sap my energy and these daily drops provide me with ample energy so I can actually live my life. Thank you MMJ …. now I need to find the perfect CBD gummy product …

  4. Shan

    convenient to carry in a pocket… sharing is easy too

  5. Jason

    I usually buy the 100 mg the caps ( they taste like coconut when opened)
    But I really like this product hits faster but tastes a little bit weird.

  6. Dorian

    I got this a few weeks ago. Though it took quite a while to ship(I think that they must have been backed up due to high volume of sales during a promotion), it did arrive after 3 weeks or so.
    The wait was absolutely worth it. The drops work just as advertised. The high is very uplifting and euphoric. I felt able to do general tasks around the house such as cleaning and making dinner so that is a real bonus considering the high percentage of thc in this stuff.
    At 3000mg you would have a hard time finding other brands which offer such a great concentration. It was on sale for $60 per bottle if I remember correctly and that is really a steal of a deal considering how far you can stretch a bottle of this stuff.
    I deducted one point from being perfect as the taste is nothing to write home about. Still, it isn’t like the taste is awful or anything like that, just not great.
    I hope that others get to enjoy this item as much as I am!

  7. Diana

    Great product! Started using this in a lower dose to control night sweats due to menopause.
    When I found this dose, I wanted to try it. It takes a little bit longer to “kick in” but it works great. Recently I tried to go off, to test what would happen. Well, I discovered that arthritis has taken hold of my hands. This tincture takes the inflammation away and let’s me work. I carry a lot of heavy items, and need the use of my hands. 3 days away from this product and I couldn’t hold a coffee cup!
    I will not be without it again!
    I won’t lie, it does not taste good. I take it with a little shot of juice, to mask taste.
    But the benefits!!
    No night sweats, pain relief, and lasting anti inflammation effects all day, even when taken only at night.
    I strongly recommend this product for middle age women.

  8. Manuel

    The Daily products are very high quality. This is the only tincture I have ever loved. The concentration makes dosing very easy. 1 mL = 100 mg but the dropper has lines at every 0.25 mL. I have not had an itchy feeling my throat like I have with other tinctures (which were probably low quality oil and water extractions).

    If I take 100 mg from this, the comeup is not as intense as Daily’s 100 mg caps but overall it’s just as good. Possibly because some is absorbed sublingual and the rest goes to digestion (liver). I like that they mixed hemp and MCT oil but use cocoa butter for the caps, they obviously experimented with their fats to achieve the best product.

    What I would like to see from Daily is for them to post independent lab testing. Given the dosages one takes of these products, it would be a gigantic plus to know that there are no residual pesticides.

  9. Blake

    Cant find this strength anywhere else. My tolerance is through the roof, and this is the only thing that gets me properly baked these days.

  10. Gilles

    Good product and god services

  11. Wendell

    Awesome product. Have bought in the past and will continue to in the future.


    Great product! im trying to leave smoke and this is a great idea for start is great for me. The taste is ok, not so bad. Feel very nice at night

  13. Kristy

    OK I think I’m the first person to not give this five star.
    The high it provides is great, however… the taste is so bad that it is so hard for me to get it down and keep it down. So if you are sensitive to extreme tastes, get the pills. They were out that’s why I purchase this and I think I would’ve rather just waited.

  14. James

    Great product ! Enjoy the buzz in about 45 minutes. great for a non smoker such as myself. Really helps with arthritis pain and my insomnia. Didnt mind the taste at all.
    definitely buying again and again.

  15. Thierry

    Great taste and the high is perfect !

  16. Steve

    Strong stuff, and a nice alternative to vaping bud.
    Takes some time to kick in, as expected, so start off with a few drops at first and see how it goes.
    If you want an adventure, take a whole dropper at once and then wait about an hour. You will suddenly be very happy 😛

  17. Bernadine

    The oil gives me the best relief for pain. I use it together with the Spin gummies to take the taste off the oil away. It works great for pain.

  18. Rachel

    Great product! I don’t smoke so this is great for me. The taste is ok, not so bad. Feel relax at night and sleep well

  19. Mike

    Bought these daily drops looking for value. Not certain but this is probably the best $/mg you can get, it not the best it’s gotta be close. Easy to dose or micro-dose anytime.. There are other less potent drops available – you could do a couple ml’s at a time , but this stuff is concentrated and intense. Only a few few drops under the tongue and you’re good to go, could be dangerous if you take too much!!

  20. Deonarine

    Awesome under the toung or put it in any drinks makes me relax after 1 and half

  21. Nancy

    Excellent product for rapid pain relief works extremely well.
    You won’t be disappointed with this oil!

  22. Jordan

    Start with the taste, it definitely has the familiar taste but not too overwhelming. Slight oil feel in the mouth. I tend to keep mine under my tongue for a couple mins and wash down with water or juice works fine. Start feeling the effects in 20-30 mins, full effect in about an hour. One dropper does the job and takes most pains and headaches away, which I use it for. Nice body high but not an “indacouch” feeling, can definitely use it on the go and not be bogged down. Definitely recommend!

  23. irene

    I buy these regularly and I’m fond of them. They are well dosed.🙃

  24. Jo-anne

    So this is a pretty high dose

  25. Drew

    I really like that this is 3000mg, and cost me $74.25. The drops from the gov’t store were far more expensive and not as potent. The next time I need drops these will be my go to.

  26. Aaron

    This is definitely the longest lasting THC oil/edible/etc that I’ve tried. Over 12 hours of effects. I do take a pretty heavy dose compared to some, so your mileage may vary, but this oil is fantastic. I add mine to large empty pill capsules to take rather than using with food. It helps a lot with body pain and assisting relaxation at night. The effects took about the same amount of time as any other edible. Recommended highly!

  27. Lisa

    First try as I love The Daily Caps.
    Did not disappoint, took a syringe with my regular RX’S at night.
    Works as good as the caps.

  28. dan

    great product , strong

  29. Jake

    I can’t say enough about how Daily Drops THC 3000mg is such a great deal! First of all you are getting a very high level of THC, far more than what is usually available in any dispensary that I’ve ever gone to. The only other dispensary that used to carry this has since gone of out business, so MMJDirect is probably one of the few remaining places where you can order it.

    For those of us who have a higher tolerance for THC, I’m talking about anything from 20mg up to a 250mg range per dose, none of the edibles on the market come close to providing that level at an affordable price. I must say that taking oil directly is somewhat of an acquired taste, and it’s not without some challenges. But stick with it, and you’ll quickly realize that it’s probably the best method for those of us who have difficulty smoking cannabis or can’t seem to get a high enough dose from any other reliable source. The other key factor in purchasing this oil is that you can be sure of the dose every time. There’s no guesswork, no wondering about whether it’s too much or too little. For those of us who like consistency and reliability, you can trust that you’ll not only NOT run out of oil quickly, as 3000mg will last quite some time…but you will save money in the long term because of it’s affordability.

  30. Wandis

    It’s awesome. Great price can’t go wrong.

  31. Allyn

    Love the high cannaboinoid content in these tinctures for those of us with high tolerance
    I have the best night sleep ever using this product and couldn’t be happier with it so thank you

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