Daily Drops THC 3000mg

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Daily Drops THC 3000mg Information

Ingredients: Hemp Oil, MCT Oil, THC.

4 reviews for Daily Drops THC 3000mg

  1. dan

    great product , strong

  2. Jake

    I can’t say enough about how Daily Drops THC 3000mg is such a great deal! First of all you are getting a very high level of THC, far more than what is usually available in any dispensary that I’ve ever gone to. The only other dispensary that used to carry this has since gone of out business, so MMJDirect is probably one of the few remaining places where you can order it.

    For those of us who have a higher tolerance for THC, I’m talking about anything from 20mg up to a 250mg range per dose, none of the edibles on the market come close to providing that level at an affordable price. I must say that taking oil directly is somewhat of an acquired taste, and it’s not without some challenges. But stick with it, and you’ll quickly realize that it’s probably the best method for those of us who have difficulty smoking cannabis or can’t seem to get a high enough dose from any other reliable source. The other key factor in purchasing this oil is that you can be sure of the dose every time. There’s no guesswork, no wondering about whether it’s too much or too little. For those of us who like consistency and reliability, you can trust that you’ll not only NOT run out of oil quickly, as 3000mg will last quite some time…but you will save money in the long term because of it’s affordability.

  3. Wandis

    It’s awesome. Great price can’t go wrong.

  4. Allyn

    Love the high cannaboinoid content in these tinctures for those of us with high tolerance
    I have the best night sleep ever using this product and couldn’t be happier with it so thank you

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