THC Party Mix Gummies by SPINS

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THC Party Mix Gummies by SPINS Information

SPINS Double Dose 100x40mg Maxi Refill Bag and SPINS 100x20mg Maxi Refill Bag now available!

SPINS THC Party Mix Gummies offer 300mg or 600mg THC per package rich in fruity flavours of green apple, watermelon, strawberry, and grape. Made in Vancouver, BC, these THC-infused cannabis edibles offer a precise micro-dosing experience as each gummy contains 20mg or 40mg THC. With these candies, you can experience consistency in effects and potency each time you micro-dose.

Depending on your tolerance levels, the strength of these gummies may feel low or closer to moderate. Its euphoric and creativity-inducing cerebral high may offer the right amount of boost for your mood to go about your day and tackle your tasks with more enjoyment and ease.

Uplifting Effects

SPINS THC Party Mix Gummies offers 15 delicious fruit-flavoured edibles in each packaging carrying a variety of benefits. Generally, these edibles offer a sense of motivation, well-being, and positivity. Its energizing cerebral high may make way for mental clarity, focus, and creativity coupled with euphoric relaxation and calmness.

Anxiety and Stress. Thanks to its uplifting and relaxing effects, these THC gummies may soothe symptoms of anxiety and stress allowing you to feel more at ease and euphoric.

Lack of Appetite. THC is known to help with cases of nausea while increasing one’s appetite levels.

Cramps and Aches. The relaxing and pain-alleviating properties of these gummies may help ease physical aches, such as cramps and mild pains.

Mental Focus. THC Party Mix Gummies may provide you with a cerebral high that offers focus and creativity to increase mental productivity and clarity.

Suggested Use

When it comes to marijuana edibles, there isn’t a strict formula relating to dosing that every individual should follow, but there are safety recommendations to be practiced. One THC Party Mix Gummy contains 20mg or 40mg THC. This may deliver small potency to some users while more potent ones for others, depending on each individual’s tolerance levels and other factors, such as whether or not you have eaten beforehand.

The golden rule of thumb is to always start with the smallest dose possible, especially if you are new and unfamiliar with your tolerance levels. In this case, you may start with 20mg which is one gummy, or you can consider half of a gummy. Effects can take anywhere from 15 minutes to two hours to kick in. Be patient and wait out the two hours from your first dose before you consider a second dose.

198 reviews for THC Party Mix Gummies by SPINS

  1. Mike

    Great tasting product, fun packaging. Didn’t stick together or melt whatsoever. My wife and I both love to have one of these at night just to relax after a long day. Good price, great taste – can’t miss!

  2. GRACE

    perfect dosage to feel happy, relaxed high.

  3. Karen

    This is probably my favourite edible. The flavour is spot on. Not too much cannabis flavour, but enough to enjoy if you like the taste, like I do!
    The high for me is perfect for relaxing with friends. I love this one when I’m sitting around the campfire with friends. Helps me appreciate everyone’s sense of humour and tolerate those that have consumed too much of anything. Enjoy!

  4. Tara

    I will buy these over and over again. Great taste. Great buzz. I like to have one after dinner and it relaxes me so much. By bed time I am so ready and I sleep like a baby. Comes in a convenient case to carry.

  5. Dave

    I’ve had these before and these are my go to product for feeling great. Great taste and fantastic containers!

  6. Crystal

    Spins are the best gummies I’ve ever purchased! 😍The dosing is consistent every.single.time! Great buzz! The flavor is great! The gummies are soft. The packaging is awesome; keeps the gummies from getting hard and stale. Very easy to take a half dose if you aren’t a heavy consumer. 10/10 would recommend.

  7. James

    THC Spins gummies are my daily go to edible. Fruity flavour and slow impact make this edible perfect for winding down for the night, while also providing a clean buzz to enjoy the experience. I would always recommend these edibles to anyone looking for an event-free time.

  8. Min

    This is my favorite spin gummies. It is absolutely delicious and fast acting. I pop one and bam, I’m on a great nice ride. Helps me with my stress, anxiety and body tension. I love it and definitely will be buying more in the near future.

  9. Yris

    So, I love this product. Pretty strong for beginner, even if your friends who are not really used to weed are telling you they previously took edibles, give them half, please ( a friend insisted and she was knocked out for the whole fonction. Other than that, a pleasant buzz, I always come back for those.

  10. Jason

    Nice tasty little gummy’s they hit the spot and come in a nice tin can

  11. Sybil

    I buy to help me sleep. The products taste great and work like a charm.

  12. Giovanni

    these Spins weed gummies are a game-changer. Seriously, it’s like if Starburst decided to collaborate with a cannabis fairy. The taste is a sweet surprise, and the relaxation that follows is just perfect. Highly recommend! 🌿🍬

  13. Thomas

    First, the can is much easier to work with than the hard to open packages. Next, taste is very good. No after taste. Next is THC and CBD content which does the job for me. CBD gets rid of any pain and the THC looks after the Nausea! Well done!

  14. Mike

    Awesome product! I order it every time I come through. A must-have!

  15. Joel

    Taste great comes packing a punch

  16. Nicholas

    Top notch edibles – Great flavours and great effects, would highly recommend and I will be buying again

  17. Hayley

    I love these gummies, they don’t have that weedy taste like others do (which I don’t mind but is an extra bonus).

    Since I’m a little bit of a light weight I always take half or sometimes even thirds of a gummy. They completely mellow me out and love to take them in the evening after work to just fully relax. I personally never eat them and leave my house, like I said i am a light weight but they’re tasty and love getting a little buzzzed at home.

  18. Jason

    Fantastic product. The best gummies I have had. Consistent and potent, well done

  19. Jeremy

    Amazing product gets me ripped every time no matter what

  20. Nikolas

    I had a great experience with this product. In fact, it was my first purchase on this website and my friend and I started 1/2 edible and that was just the perfect amount and took the other half a bit later.
    No side effects or anything, just good time. i highly recommend!!

    Product came in a few weeks after the purchase and payment through etranfert was a easy way to complete the deal.

  21. Hal

    Reliable and tasty edibles. Not always the most potent but just about always good

  22. Tina

    I LOVE Spins CBD gummies, so I tried these to. They were fine…good flavour, nice texture, yummy sugary coating. Decent high, but not my favourite. Definitely a great deal if you catch a sale, and the little tin is super convenient to store them and carry them around, much better than some of the bags with the zipper seal that I sometimes struggle to open. MMJ has great sales and is super fast with shipping, so give these a try! They just might be YOUR new favourite!

  23. Terry

    The best Very consistent high Dosage is great for sleeping Well Done

  24. Gagan

    I ordered the double dose and it was a great high, mainly felt the body high but don’t get me wrong I was totally goofed up in my head as well, also helped with back pain and chilled me out after a stressful day of work

    If you’re a lightweight maybe go with the half dose or cut each piece into little segments, The Taste is pretty good for something so potent, you still get a bit of that THC aftertaste but it’s not as bad as some of the other Edibles I’ve had of similar potency.

    All in all a solid product for a great price when it’s on sale, hard to resist

  25. Joseph

    Excellent product. Prompt delivery. Helpful staff.

  26. Jeff

    Outstanding ride! If you take the full 20 mg it will be a great way to spark the evenings festivities. Unleashing your creativity, and absolutely putting you in a positive and uplifting frame of mind. As a musician when I get together to jam with friends the music that starts to flow is another level.

    For every day use I like to divide them up into 10 mg dosage. Very nice high, but still able to function and carry-on with the day.

  27. Chris

    Truly a great product. I’ve ordered this product many times in the past. Each cube is equal in strength and can be trusted each time you take it. This brings me to dosage. Totally predictable dosage so the buzz is clean and you know what your going to get each time you take them. They also taste amazing. Totally worth it in my humble opinion.

  28. Darlene

    We’ve ordered this for the 2nd time and they are the best! I gave some to my friend and she agrees they are best out there

  29. Samuel

    I used to buy the smaller dose ones. Great flavour and consistent dosing. I’ve moved up to the double dose because I can save a couple of bucks by dividing them myself. This also cuts down on the number of orders and of course shipping costs.

    I often take them with their CBD counter parts. Ordering them both allow me to dose myself according to the relief I want. Sometimes a larger piece of the THC and a piece of CBD to mellow it out a bit.

    Do your own experimental dosing and find that sweet spot for you.

    I recommend these to more experienced users who know what they want and are adventurous enough to tailor their own doses. Enjoy! I know I did and will.

  30. Lan

    I’m trying to quit smoking so this option seems to be the best alternative. It also tastes great which is a big plus ! I would take two of these in the evening and just relax and unwind. The high is not the same with smoking the flowers – it is more like in the background, more subtle which could be beneficial if you want to enjoy the high and still being able to work on other tasks. Shipping was so fast which a big plus. Last but not least, the customer service did a great job with fixing my order via emails. Would 100% come back again for more !

  31. James

    We love these gummies, they taste great and the double dose provides an effective buzz. Takes about 1 hour to start to kick in and for me lasts a couple of hours. Very enjoyable and I always keep lots on hand.
    Thanks very much !

  32. Sean

    These are my go-to’s. Very nice mellow feeling – good to chill and watch a movie or listen to some tunes. Economically priced too which doesn’t hurt.

  33. Camara

    My husband absolutely loves these. Great price, good vibes. Decent taste.

  34. Alexander

    Tastes like sweet candy. They may be small, but they pack a huge punch. These knocked me down and kept kicking until I keeled over and became one with the couch. It was like being born again.

    I highly recommend the double dose. Some people might not be fond of the idea of a half chewed gummy, but it is super economical if split between two people. Your choice to participate in this frugal endeavour is between you, your god, and your friend’s god – provided the friend is ok with the idea of eating a half chewed edible with you. You could just use a knife to cut it in two without fear of judgement.

    These are basically the Toyota Corolla of edibles. That isn’t to say that they won’t get the job done every single time, but they are just simple little rectangles. While they taste of yummy, the flavour isn’t that special.

    These hit hard, and they are coming to you at an excellent price. These are going to be worth picking up in almost every circumstance. These edibles transcend societal barriers to unite us all through the partaking in this good of a deal. They don’t need to taste great but they still do in spite of that. Call that a sweet deal

  35. Ginny

    I buy these all the time. They are tasty and a good buzz.

  36. Chris

    I really love the spins gummies, the experience comes on very smooth, which is nice. Sometimes with Edibles I find they kick in like a mule, but Spins aren’t like that. Great taste too!

  37. Paul

    Great product, easy for travelling, cool mild buzz. Repeat customer.

  38. Kate

    Love this product – such great value, it’s now my go to.

  39. Mike

    I wish I could give the spins a higher score than five stars! The taste is incredible. Sometimes when I only need 10 mg and I’ve got twice as many! I would highly recommend this for anybody who is looking for a great time, full of laughs! I have no issues paying full price for these, but it is nice when I do go on sale

  40. Vincent

    Very good product, take one before bed never slept better

  41. Adam

    I’ve been taking these for a while now and they always deliver a solid high!

    Recommend the double dose ones for someone who’s a bit bigger like me

    Overall great product – I’ll keep buying them 🤘🏻

  42. Justin

    These gummies are awesome. Love the higher dose, but still allows me to enjoy the full effect without not being able to function. The taste is great, and the value make this a great buy. I will definitely be purchasing again!

  43. Heather

    These are awesome. They taste so good without any skunks weed after taste and have a nice sugar coating so they don’t stick together I game on these, usually a 20mg and get the laughs and it improves my life. Love.

  44. Marilynne

    The Spins are fun as there are various flavours in each tin.

  45. Jessica

    Very good taste, mild buzz. Would recommend 2 gummies or more for experienced users.

  46. Nicole

    these are my favorite! such a great flavor, discrete packaging, perfect doses both high and low.
    they do tend to get harder over time but the flavor remains great.
    i usually take the 40mg when i need a good nights sleep and they work great without the hangover

  47. Kimberley

    Taste great.

  48. Mark

    My favs. Taste great. Work great.

  49. Jean

    I love these. Very predictable in terms of effect, and great value

  50. Florendo

    Great tasting and does the job….nice convenient packaging

  51. Kevin

    Great taste…like really great!! Like others have said…1-1.5 for novices, 2-3 for the more experienced will do you just right. Great little package to throw in your pocket and pop one throughout the day while you’re out and about. A

  52. Tina

    Love this stuff I use it at night time to help me sleep and I will continue using it

  53. Alanna

    My favourite gummys. love the flavour and the high that comes with it

  54. Amine

    Definitely the very best edibles out there. Be careful with doses. A 20mg is enough for get you high as a kite. 40mg is like being hit by a train.
    Also, it tastes amaaazing. Can you make a regular no thc version too ?

  55. Shannon

    These were my first 20mg dose edibles. I am still a lightweight and found these to give me a really nice buzz (I really like the body high) The flavors in this pack were tasty and I enjoyed them all.
    If you’re looking for flavor and quality, these are the edibles for you.

  56. Thierry

    Wow great taste and the buzz is amazing

  57. Nick

    These gummies are consistently good. 5 stars all the way. Buying some more today!

  58. Hannah

    These are also my go-to purchase when looking to restock on edibles!

    The flavours are all good even the green apple and I say that as a green apple hater. I mean it didn’t change my mind and make me like green apple flavouring but it is. definitely more tolerable than most! The gummies do a good job of masking the THC taste most edibles have and can be indistinguishable from normal gummies. The taste becomes more noticeable when left to freeze in the car in Ottawa winters but other than that the weather had no impact on their performance.

    Big fan of these gummies and the other flavours from this brand!

  59. Line

    very satisfied with the product, good taste, good presentation, I recommend it. The “double dose” can be separated easily if you want a smaller dose. I will recommend it for sure.

  60. Allan

    Love these. No strong aftertaste. I have had some tins that were not as strong as others, but they are fairly consistent.

  61. Meredith

    not as high a dose as I expected

  62. Manon

    Love the flavour of these gummies, taste great and does the job, I have COPD and can’t smoke anymore so having these to fall to as an alternative works great for me! Will definitely buy again, great company to deal with, customer service is fast to respond to issues and very friendly! Love my edibles.

  63. Samuel

    Really good in taste, good effect, easy to digest.
    Just don’t take it too late. It’s probably more Sativa than Indica, which is logical as it’s nice to share with friends at an apéro, beginning of a party etc

  64. Erika

    These are soooo incredible.I love the value of these gummies. I take one 40mg and it sets me off into a blissful relaxed state. I smoke weed every day and I’m happy to have an edible alternative strong enough for my tolerance. I truly cannot pick a favourite flavour as they are so tasty. I want to eat them all in one sitting!

    My one suggestion, is can there be a sugar free alternative, for diabetics or low sugar diets?

  65. Dj

    I recently had the pleasure of trying some colorful and tasteful gummies, and I must say that I was thoroughly impressed! Not only were they visually appealing, with their vibrant hues and eye-catching shapes, but they were also incredibly delicious.

    Each bite was bursting with flavor, and I found myself savoring every moment. From tangy citrus to sweet berry, these gummies offered a wide range of tastes that were sure to please any palate.

    What I particularly appreciated about these gummies was their texture. They were soft and chewy, with just the right amount of give, making them a pleasure to eat.

    Overall, I would highly recommend these colorful and tasteful gummies to anyone looking for a delicious and fun snack. Whether you’re enjoying them with friends or indulging in some solo snacking, these gummies are sure to brighten up your day!

  66. Derek

    Super tasty! It is just what I need. Great oroduct

  67. Christopher

    SPINS gummies taste good. Their effects are as expected. They are soft and keep well. Great bang for the buck!

  68. Victor

    Yummmyyyyy!!!! 😋😋These taste like candy I wish i could eat an entire tin at once lol.🍬🍬 I got these to help me relax and wind down in the evening, and to take along with my daily CBD if i’m in more pain than usual. I usually take one before getting ready for bed. 😴 They don’t take too long to kick in and the effects are noticeable but not overwhelming.👍🏽👍🏽 10-20mg is a good dose. I got the double strength and usually take 1/2 or 1/4 of a gummy. I find that about not even 20 mins after I take one of these I get the munchies very intensely. 😯🍪🧁🍩🍟🍕 I don’t know why but it’s good because it reminds me to eat, I usually forget. Usually the relaxing high kicks in a bit later, within a few hours. By the time I’m going to be I usually feel nice and sleepy. 🥱 These are great! I would recommend this to anyone needing help with sleep, relaxation, pain, or help with appetite stimulation. 💚👍🏽✨💯

  69. Amaya

    Super potent and effective, and also taste pretty yummy. The tin is cute and I upcycle it to keep random stuff in there 🙂

  70. Craig

    I haven’t ordering these for awhile, high quality amazing product that taste great! I have tried the 20 mg and the 40 mg and both do the trick. Definitely helps me sleep solid throughout the night. Highly recommended and as always a quick and problem free delivery!

  71. Joanne

    Very nice product….no bitter after taste.

  72. Callum

    These work super well, my only complaint is they taste so tasty it’s hard to keep myself from having a ton at once!

  73. keith

    2 of these is a nice high.

  74. Amber

    I can’t get over how great tasting and long lasting these are. After a shite day at work, these are what I eat to relax. These aren’t weedy and taste tropical, eat two for a good trip and eat 3 you’ll sleep like a baby.

  75. Karen

    I love these, I’ve shared them with some that are new to thc gummies and cut them smaller. I find that these are great for daily activities as take the pain away and feel good. I wish they were tax deductible as they work better than any medication 💊 I’ve ever tried. Perfect for a day on the slopes or kayaking.. enjoy.

  76. Treena

    My husband and I have been buying these SPINS for about 2 years and they do not disappoint! They are always the same strength and never vary. The flavors are so good and you get a nice high. We use the 300 mg package and the dosage is perfect and always consistent. We’ve tried so many other edibles throughout the years, but this one is the BEST, hands down! We will continue to buy these and all the other flavors there are. We LOVE our SPINS!

  77. James

    These are the best edibles and price so far shopping anywhere because of the 35% discount on incredible quality items. My medical provider isn’t allowed to sell more than only 10mg bags at once in small amounts for a much, much bigger price. This will be my go to now that I found MMJD especially for the SPINS tins. I have tried many online companies now and these are the best and 3 different kinds of THC gummy brands. I bought these Party Mix SPINS and they are just what I need to have a nice, tasty hybrid blend feeling of bliss and uplifting calmness and very effective medicinally and relaxing no question. Just as they say Party on the convenient tin, there is lots of power to them at 40mgs I think they are the best gummy for socializing, going out or even just hanging out around home. I use them later in the day mostly because the Tropical SPINS gummies I bought are more Sativa-like for my morning use it says in the great description on the detailed website. I will also try out the green package Surprise SPINS too next time for even different results. I mixed the Party and Tropical tins I brought together on a road trip to play music and the afternoon and night in the city was magical. The 20mg are just right for a quieter feeling, the 40mg gummies are perfect for a greater effect for sure and just the amount it takes after mixing them to be feeling really nice and lit, while able to hold it all together with some drinks at the bar and play music at the same time. Other great products too I will check out more on this website like pens and flower too. Jimmy

  78. Amardeep

    They’re a lot when you have so many of them. I tried this while I was new in canada. Took them to a concert and popped 4 of these. They were pretty enjoyable. I was tripping heavy. My friend felt nausiac after eating them. I will definitely order again. They last a long time and are a steal. I have reffered my friends to them as well!!!

  79. Rachel

    Big fan of the flavors (all tasty and not super weedy), dose (one is great for an evening chill) and packaging (who doesn’t love a tin with a secure lid?). Takes about an hour to kick for me.

  80. Michelle

    The spin gummies are one of my favourites. They taste amazing. I love the fact they come in a tin with a twist off cap. These gummies do exactly what I need them to do. I take them
    Before bed, and they help to relax my painful neck , legs and arms so I can get a wonderful nights sleep

  81. Chris

    Spins are my go to for pain relief with migraines. They have a very natural taste that you can tell is made with quality. The high I experience is a very mellow trance but still functional. The flavors are great and not sweet or over powering.

    If your a migraine sufferer then give these a try. My migraines are aura complex ( visual and throbbing 1 sided pain). It’s alot better then taking other pharmaceutical options.

  82. Tammy

    I’m new to gummies. This company was recommended to me and I’m so glad i made my first purchase. I suffer from PTSD and anxiety and these gummies help a lot! Not to mention my sleep is way better too! The flavors are way too good (wanted to eat more) and the effects seem to be the same every time. I would highly recommend.

  83. Laska

    i really liked these – dose is correct – simple taste – great product

  84. Ricky

    Very tasty works more on the sativa side I use for work no smell no hassle lol

  85. Sandra

    I use the gummies to cut down on smoking flower. Nice option when you want to smoke less or try a different route. These are a perfect dose size. Just remember to start with one. They are tasty too!

  86. Stewart

    Wow!! What can I say about the quality of spins. They pack a consistent punch every time. The taste of the product surpasses other edibles I find. The price of this product can’t be beat. They are also a nice party delight for those who don’t smoke.
    If you choose to have one before bed allow a couple of hours to take effect. Say Goodnight to your loved ones and off to dreamland you go. ❤️ 💙 💜

  87. Will

    These are great. A great high and last a good amount of time!

  88. Josh

    Incredible tastes and awesome full body high, highly recommend

  89. Maria

    Bought these looking for something ‘extra’ and they delivered,good size, excellent taste. Buying again for sure.

  90. Jake

    These gummies are the actually the best purchase you can make on this site. Not only are they high in THC, so you get more bang for your buck, but they really do help with managing anxiety, stress or even aches and pains. They are also good in helping you fall asleep when you’ve had a long day and your super wired but tired. I find they are very useful at work too, especially if you have a sedentary job that requires a lot of intense concentration. I find they make me more productive and focused at work as long as I have a clear outline of the tasks on my todo list, and the day goes by super quickly.

  91. John David

    Personally, as a long time heavy marijuana user; typically I stick to flowers and steer away from the edibles as they’re all new products to me beyond the brownies and cookies of earlier days. A friend recommended these to me saying they tasted incredible, so much so actually that I couldn’t eat just one. These are delicious and they provide a nice buzz for movie nights and yardwork or if you opt to eat the entire tin like I did they’re great anytime you want to sit and organize every crayon, marker, pen or pencil in your house by height, colour

  92. Christine

    Seriously the best! Highly recommend these. Flavors are awesome.

  93. Jacqueline

    I have bought these a few times. Really good and taste great

  94. Kevin

    l love the flavor and texture of these gummies. Price is excellent as well, compared to local shops near me.
    I have been using these at night to help for quite some time and don’t notice I need to increase dosage.

  95. Zane

    Absolutely love these. Not only do they give an immensely relaxing high they even tasy pretty good 😋

  96. Cam

    My wife and I take 1 every time we socialize. Keeps a smile on our face and no one seems to know we are stoned.

  97. Andrea

    Great delivery packaging , great taste and flavors and consistent dosing !

  98. Rosemary

    When it became difficult to find the Mota chocolate bars I was looking for a substitute. I think I found it with these gummies. Tasty, fast working, and effective. Will be buying more often.

  99. Jennifer

    Love, love, love these gummies! The dosage for me is perfect but if I really want to chill, I’ll eat two. Honestly sometimes I want to eat two just because they are so delicious! The Party Mix specifically is my favourite, I even order it in CBD too. Warning: If you do that too, it means the packages look a lot alike so you have to pay attention to which one you are taking! I meant to take a couple CBDs for pain relief one evening and accidentally took two THC instead. Hahah I still had a good night though!

  100. Ryan

    I will always recommend SPINS. They are the best gummies I have ever tried, and I still have not found another gummy that tastes better. You wouldn’t know there was THC in them unless someone told you, they are that good. My wife and I order these on a regular basis and do not plan to stop soon. Highly recommend.

  101. Stephen

    Excellent and not too sweet.

  102. Jhonatan

    best flavor smell sugar good high little portions best for debutants

  103. Lindsay

    Such a good product. It put me on my ass the first time. So worth it. The flavors are also pretty tasty.

  104. Patrick

    Very good product …and good price …

  105. Shirley

    What can I say about Spins. They’re wonderful, convenient and tasty.

  106. Jim

    I got these for my wife to help her with aches and to sleep. I buy them quite regularly now for her, she loves them. The taste is like a regular fruit gummy and I tried one and they are so very relaxing. A nice buzz as well rounds these gummy’s off nicely. I recommend them to anyone.

  107. Sarah

    I ordered Spins for the first time and was hesitant to purchase online. The process was easy and delivery was super fast. I’m very pleased with the gummies and being a newbie to edibles taking only a third to half of the 20mg is enough for me to feel a mild high but still be able to function. The flavors are absolutely delicious too😋 Ordering more!

  108. Richard

    Product was amazing, highly recommend.

  109. Cameron

    Delicious and potent. Will buy again

  110. Janell

    Loved them
    .. started with 1/2 and worked my way up. They taste sooooo good !

  111. Lynne

    love this edible!
    It is so much better for me instead of oils that I get from another location.

  112. SCOTTY

    PARTY MIX! lol..these are delish, and allow me to get the buzz I’m after without sacrificing my functionality. They take the edge off my back pain nicely, allow me to focus (I have ADHD), and aren’t so overpowering that I can’t work – my tolerance ain’t what it used to be!! These are quite tasty, and don’t have that “weedy” taste that some gummies do. I never leave home without a tin of these, and a tin of the CBD gummies by the same company. Super convenient, discreet, yummy, and an ideal dosage for this guy. Definitely a staple of my stash. Hope you like them as much as I do!

  113. Ryan

    Taste great and a great way to help with pain and sleep. I take one before going to bed and I’ll sleep 7 hours straight. One full one may be too much for novice users. Half of one is nice for a light buzz without getting “too high”. Highly recommend and price is amazing!

  114. Tabitha

    Very tasty, great experience using Spins, these are safe to recommend to friends

  115. Brad

    THESE ARE AMAZING, They gave me just the right amount of buzz, to continue on with my day. There not to strong and not to weak, They have amazing flavors and were easy to eat. 5 out of 5 and Ill definitely buy them again!!!
    Would recommend for anyone looking for great edibles.

  116. Johanne

    My friends/neighbours and I swear by these! Either to have some great giggles or an amazing sleep! I love taking one accompanied by the CBD gummy. I sleep like a baby and wake up feeling great! Hands down the best edible I’ve ever had!

  117. Anthony

    Delicious taste and great feeling. They are easy to split and share with friends. The box is slick and easy to transport. All my friends loved it and asked me where I got them. They are the best thc gummies I know.

  118. Lisa

    Love Spins – it’s very reliable with dosage so you can feel confident of knowing how much you’re taking and where you’ll end up! A nice relaxing high.

  119. Christopher

    Love these. Taste great and easy to carry. Potent and lasting!

  120. Sepehr

    They really taste good and I’m back to stock up again! Highly recommended!

  121. Ty Weaver

    Wife and I enjoy these. Taste is good, don’t seem to harden and go stale. Quality is on par/better with anything else this price. Packaging is fantastic

  122. Ed

    I had a great sleep on this. . Tasted good.

  123. Patti

    This product is good. I am very new to the edible world and was slightly nervous about it. The product itself tasted good and because of the in-depth information you provide on your products I felt confident to take the product. I had an enjoyable time and am now placing an order for more!! That should tell you something right there.

  124. Danielle

    Amazing taste!

  125. Lisa

    These are my favourite edibles!! The flavours are super good and they give me a nice high – I usually take 1.5-2. They are easy to split in half. I like the tin they come in compared to the bags that edibles usually come in. I always have a backup tin at home because we go through these like crazy. Highly recommend.

  126. Stacie

    Yummy! I love these and oooooh so strong! I take 3 at a time. It’s perfect for me.
    These are a great price and fast shipping.

  127. Emily

    These gummies not only taste fantastic, but they give me the PERFECT high. I can relax, and chill, and still be productive. I love them so so much, that I can not recommend them enough. I started with eating half of one, but I find 3/4 – 1 full one is perfect. Keep in mind, it usually takes about an hour to an hour and a half for it to fully kick in.

  128. Eric

    Great product, the 20mg per gummy is great for keeping track of dosage given my current tolerance. They’re very tasty, with a little bit of cannabis flavour that I feel matches the fruit flavours well.

    The container is actually a good selling point too. Great for seeds if you garden, gifting to smokers who throw their butts on the ground, travel container for earplugs, gifting a little extra bud if you get something you think a friend will really like. Packaging matters, and this one is a great one to avoid waste!

    Only downside, and maybe this is just my perception of the effect, it seems as though I would get a gummy or two every once in a while that wasn’t actually 20mg.

  129. Linda

    Excellent product – flavor is good and buzz is great for sleeping

  130. Debra

    Not only are these delicious but they led to a fabulous evening with lots of laughs and giggles with friends

  131. James

    I have a low tolerance to edibles so I usually cut these into 5mg-10mg chunks. I bought 2 tins and they lasted me a long time. I enjoyed the effects greatly and could take this dose and not feel anything the next day. Mostly body high with a slight introspective effect. Would recommend

  132. Madeleine

    I bought these spins to try and smoke a little less as my lungs have been acting up. As I mentioned in my other review, they are by far one of the best tasting weed gummies I have ever tried!
    They gave a nice solid high that I noticed about 45mins-1 hour in, and that lasted for a few hours. They have a soft but perfectly chewy texture, and although I enjoyed the flavours in the tropical mix more, I will still be buying this mix again as well!
    You won’t be disappointed, and the 20mg dosage is perfect!

  133. cody

    very tasty. one of the better quality ones. i recommend this if your not in to the super strong ones.

  134. Verda

    super delicious tasting gummies!!
    you cannot taste the weed at all; if anything you will have to try not to eat too many because they are so good.
    they are always fresh; the texture is superiour to any candy ive ever eaten.

    the high is really nice, buzzy and not too overpowering. these are always my first pick when im looking for a good edible and almost always on sale! although even at $22 for 15 gummies; its an amazing deal!
    we have tried all the flavours and i have no complaints about any of them! they take about 30 min to kick in if you havent eaten much. its a nice head high; lots of good vibes and giggles- no couch lock!

    would recommend to beginners as well; just start with half 🙂

  135. Mike

    These Mix Spins are great. There is a variety of flavours, they taste good , they are easy to access and seal away in the airtight metal container. I bite them in half for a 10mg dose, so it’s like getting twice as may gummies for the money so they are a good value compared to other 10mg products. I can see why these come up on the site as a favourite – will buy again.

  136. Maude

    Those gummies taste really really good, i’m a heavy user and consume between 50 to 120mg when doing gummies, so I have the chance to wear a couple of them each time. Out of all the THC gummies I tried, it’s easy to say that spin produced some very good gummies, I would like them stronger tho haha.These gummies taste absolutely delicious and offer a pleasant texture in the mouth. While the effects did take some time to kick in (about 30-45 minutes), I was surprised by how well there doing the job. I recommend them to anyone who want to try gummies for the first time to the heavy user (just pop a couple or more)

  137. Maxime

    Awesome product! Does exactly what it needs. Not too strong. Just perfect! Fast shipping too.

  138. Michael

    Low potency, perfect for not being cooked

  139. Shelli

    I love these gummies!!! They taste Delicious..not like weed and not too sweet! I like to microdose with them taking just half or less and 1 whole for a good happy high. I’m only 5’4 130, so I’ve never taken 2. 1 feels just right for me🤩❤️❤️

  140. Austin

    Spins have been a great company so far and not too long ago I decided to try out their thc gummies. Everything arrived quickly and gummies were not melted at all. From my and others experience, these gummies hit about twice as fast as thc tinctures and are alot more potent. 2 gummies is my limit and im perfectly good for hours. The portions are great aswell for sharing so when I have people over we each can have about 1 or 2 and have a great time. And with 15 gummies a pack they last a while aswell. Would highly recommend buying these even if your just starting out

  141. Jessica

    Wonderful product! Each flavour of gummy is very tasty with no “weed” taste if you’re sensitive to it. The flavours themselves are excellent and the high produced even better. A great, relaxing high that’s easy to adjust according to your tolerance levels. Highly recommended!

  142. Nolan

    My go to gummies for sure!
    Each flavour is different and delicious. I find them all equally potent. One does nice but two for that extra kick. Found it takes about 45-60 mins for full effect. Probably the best gummies I have tried from this site. The party mix is my favourite second to the tropical mix!

  143. Mike

    Tous les couleurs ont très bon goût et 20mg est juste parfait comme dosage pour consommateur occasionnel.

  144. Kayla

    Taste great and very relaxing 😁 these are in my cart everytime I place an order! Would recommend these to anyone who is just starting to use edibles as these were the ones I started on. Helped me with anxiety and gives me the giggles for a couple hours 😛

  145. Jayne

    These taste great and are great for a relieving pain!

  146. Stacey

    Love this stuff! Kicks in fast, has a great taste….Though I do find the effect doesn’t last long, but then I tend to use them in specific situations so it works out.

  147. Marci

    These gummies are a nice, relaxing experience and taste great. I’ve ordered them once and am reordering today, so you know they’re good. Smooth high and not too intense. Great for chilling out under the summer sun!

  148. Andrea

    These taste great and have helped us sleep even when having severe back pain. We tried them as they seemed more convenient just one is good for me, my husband takes two and it helps with his knee pain.

  149. Kim

    Definitely helps me with chronic pain restlessness at night and anxiety. Taste by far the best! A staple in my routine.

  150. Melanie

    These are quite tasty. I like these. I usually take 2 at a time but use them almost everyday. These are a nice way to relax in the evening or a great high first thing in the morning. I do get a little giggly and I do enjoy myself when I take them.

  151. Melinda

    Love these, they don’t stick together, ordering more…

  152. Frederic

    Excellent value, tastes good, always soft and fresh and very potent. I suspect this is done with an hybrid distillate because it’s not completely couch lock but not completely mind-blowing. Overall very well balanced. An excellent (if not THE best…) daily edible. Can’t go wrong with it, perfect for newbies. Can also be easily split in half so you end up with 30 piece of 10mg perfect to have nice smile.

  153. Guillaume

    my friends and I loved it, perfect for all hours of the day, I don’t need more than 3 units to have a good effect.. the taste is very good, pleasant texture and no aftertaste!

  154. Caroline

    Très bon produit. Vraiment bon au good et très chewie.

  155. Tania

    SPINS are AMAZING! These gummies have converted me,I’ve never enjoyed edibles till now. They have the taste down pat no gross after taste and the texture is perfect which is super important as I’m a texture eater. I’ve recently lost my son and find some days really hard but SPINS help me get thru the day productively. I’m definitely a customer for life

  156. Kirsten

    These are so cool 😎 I love the little tins. Easy to stash in a bag. The gummies are awesome. Taste great, nice high. Make the day a happy place to be 🙂

  157. Mark

    These cbd gummies are delicious and work great for pain relief.

  158. Shannon

    I ordered this for my 75 year old aunt who has hip issues and cannot have surgery . She was in a lot of pain and could not sleep at night. this eased her pain and now she is able to sleep.

  159. Kimberly

    Absolutely love SPINS, consistancy is solid, they usually all hit the same.

    Usually every order placed has at least one Spins in the cart.

    Great tasting. We’ve went through many tins of these, and hey, the tin is great for other uses later.

  160. Sean

    These are absolutely the best edible I’ve ever had. Taste is great, amazing bang for your buck, and the high I get from one is just the perfect amount for me.

  161. Cassie

    Great high! not over whelming and easy peasy to carry and eat on the go

  162. Craig

    Purchased this product for the first time and really enjoyed them. I am new to edibles so I started with half a square (10mg) and the high was just right.. mellow with some good laughs that lasted for 2-3 hours 🙂

    We received our order very quickly in Ontario from British Columbia in two days and it was accurate and as described on the website. I would highly recommend this product and will purchase again!

  163. Pat

    Delicious gummies….I take one instead of sleeping medication. Very nice

  164. Anthony

    Wow, what can i say? these give you a nice relaxing “head” high. I have a brain injury and I seem to have more clarity when i take one of these, even my girlfriend noticed its the old me is back again. These have been life changing. The flavours are light and fruity and not overwhelming and for me i cant notice any chemical taste like some gummies i’ve tried before. The apple flavour is my favourite.

  165. Pam

    Very smooth and mellow.

  166. Cam

    Spins are the best gummies that I’ve ever purchased. Taste great and very effective. I don’t see myself ever purchasing any other brand.

  167. Justin

    Loved every flavor in the tin, got a nice high that lasted for around 2-3 from 2 gummies. Great value for what you’re getting, definitely recommend!!

  168. Christina

    Great product. Hardly any after taste. Mild buzz not too strong

  169. Julien

    They taste good and they made me laugh so much, my friends and I had a really good time

  170. Shad

    Impeccable!! merci pour la livraison rapide!!!

  171. Ashley

    These are our favourite! We’ve tried more than a few brands, and these are delicious! They’re easy divide, and come in a great compact container. The high was exactly what we wanted.
    The consistency of the gummies is perfect, most gummies are really gummy and hard to chew, but these are soft and wonderful. And they stay soft in the containers for a long time! Definitely buying again!!

  172. Tony

    These are great, I hadn’t experienced many edibles before but found them to taste great and be very easy to dose as needed. I was sent the wrong version but MMJ customer service was lightning fast at correcting my order, I can’t praise them enough for their friendly and prompt service. There is zero marijuana taste, they come in a tin that if closed tightly is VERY hard to open even for adults, let alone children – so that is a nice benefit some may find. Definitely will be ordering more in the future!

  173. Seyedeh

    Potency is good on these but i find they are too sticky and the flavour is ok. Not as tasty as some of the others but more potent even though they apparently have the same amount of thc??

  174. Michael Ray

    These are great. Tastes good with barely any of the weed flavour. Amazing deal compared to other edibles with less thc in it. Will definitely buy again!

  175. Nick

    Tastiest gummy I have had, also freshest. Double dose are nice (20 mg each) for those with some experience.

  176. Corinne

    Got these for my daughter who suffers from high anxiety…they worked awesome and totally removed the need of pharmaceutical drugs

  177. Robyn

    This is a tasty way to relax and enjoy a nice calm.

  178. Anthony

    Delicious gummies, good dose for just chilling, or you can take a couple and really space out. Would recommend, some of the better gummies I’ve had

  179. Melissa

    Absolutely love these the best to help with my sleep anxiety so far and also take my lower back pain away from arthritis…….🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗

  180. Darla

    Very good for my arthritis, fibromyalgia and osteoarthritis

  181. Linda

    I have a lot of difficulty unwinding at night, and these were perfect. I also suffer from knee bursitis and they had the added benefit of helping with pain… nice bonus! I found the dosage great (and consistent), but my bf has low tolerance and he really appreciated that they could also be cut into smaller pieces. Good flavour and great bang for your buck. I’d recommend these.

  182. ADAM

    Great for hosting people that are new to the whole edible thing , different flavours, not over the top sweet it has the punch you expect from a 20, package is extensive but presents well to newbies (less nervous when they see the packaging if that makes any sense?!!) . Good job on this one!!


  183. Carrie

    These are my constant go to for edibles, easy to get the dose you want. They taste
    great with no bitter or harsh after taste. I always recommend these for the taste light fruity and the texture is that of a really gummy not hard to to chew.
    The high lasts a few hours depending on the dose you take and provide a very nice high.

  184. Zaheen

    Amazing, simply amazing. I was a first time consumer and took 20mg. The body high I experienced was something out of this world, felt like I was floating in another dimension.

    It tastes amazing, this product is for you if you’d like to dose a perfect amount for the first time.

  185. Joe

    Was a first time buy. They have ever nice flavour. The tin they come in is nice no sticking together. We had lots of laughs. They did seem better on and empty stomach, but found I eat more after lol. But over all buying again

  186. Charles

    Very nice gummies, taste is very good and texture is a bit dry but very fine. They are easy to dose for experienced/newbie users.

    I normally suggest friends not experienced (depending weight/experience) take 1/4 to 1/2 gummy after eating a good enough snack, wait ~1h30 and reevaluate taking more as needed. They have been reliable and multiple friends have liked them.


  187. Jessy

    Bought these for my mother to take for pain. She loves the taste and they definitely took the edge off. Not pain free but way more manageable. Price is great on here compared to local vendors and shipping was very fast. Great company to do business with. Will definitely be buying more!!

  188. Marc

    These gummies not only taste amazing but work amazing, I take one (sometimes only a half of one) about 30 minutes before I finish work and they kick in right as I finish, helping to ease me into my evening. The taste is almost dangerous because you definitely want to pop a few in your mouth lol

  189. Kassidy

    Love these little snacks they are super convenient and have a wonderful taste

  190. Matthew

    Love the taste, good potency, nice format and packaging. I wouldn’t ask for any changes.

  191. Maxime

    My gf love the taste and only one , she get high. Parfait pour les gens qui debute dans l’univers du thc et qui desire se detendre sans avoir a fummer. 🙂

  192. Jason

    Consistent product, good flavour. Has become one of my go to purchases

  193. Tom

    I bought a handful of different gummy canisters and these were the first consumed with delight. Great taste, great effect, very consistent. It would be hard to improve.

    Being a bit hardcore myself, 2 or 3 starts to rock for parties. 1 or 2 are great for kayaking around the lake for the day. Most of my friends take 1, some 1/2 if they are less of a consumer.

    I’m purchasing another care package bundle to keep stocked up.

  194. Georgia

    Mmmmm so tasty, love the Spins and I think this flavor combination is my favorite. Great taste, consistent dosing, easy to split dosing.

  195. Michael

    Really good product however I recommend taking one and half to two for a really good time. Good flavour and the gummies were soft which was nice. The tin keeps them nice and safe as well compared to alot of the plastic bags most edibles come in. Will purchase again. Thanks,

  196. Rob

    Great packaging and consistency in the product. Hardest part is stopping yourself from eating all of them haha. Great for a pick me up when your on the go

  197. Rechelle

    The Party Mix gummy’s are the best gummy’s I’ve ever had
    Great body buzz
    And with MMJ I received my order within a few days

  198. Patrick

    Great taste, great dose size, convenient container, easy to use and excellent, consistent effect. Highly recommend

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