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Daily Caps THC 100mg Information

Daily Caps, with each capsule offering 100mg THC, are a great option for experienced cannabis users. Coated with a gelatine texture, these capsules are easy to ingest, and they are designed for a quick absorption rate. These pills are a brilliant and discreet solution to consuming cannabis on the go.

These 100mg THC capsules by Daily Caps offer precise and easy dosing for each user. Each time you ingest one of these pills, you know the exact THC dose you are getting into your system. Some of the effects of these capsules may include pain relief, enhanced mood, relaxation, and sleepiness. When ingested on an empty stomach, the potency of these caps usually intensifies.

Beneficial Effects

100mg THC present in each capsule may offer effective relief from a variety of symptoms while boosting one’s mood and creativity. If you take these pills on an empty stomach, depending on your tolerance levels, effects can act as fast as 30 minutes. On the other hand, if you consume these THC-infused gelatine caps right after a meal, the high can take up to 2 hours to fully settle in.

Enhanced mood. These THC Daily Caps offer a euphoric, uplifting, and relaxing cerebral high that may give a positive and motivating boost while potentially soothing symptoms of stress, anxiety, and depression.

Pain relief. 100mg THC contains potent pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory properties that may alleviate symptoms caused by a variety of medical conditions, including arthritis, Inflammatory Bowel Disease, migraines, Crohn’s Disease, or even epilepsy.

Increased appetite. The overall positive high provided by these gelatine capsules may help in cases of appetite loss.

Relaxation. With great relaxing properties, Daily Caps THC may offer a comforting and soothing relaxation for the mind and body.

Sleepiness. If you are struggling with insomnia, then these caps might be able to help.


If you wish for the effects to work as fast as possible maximizing their potency, then ingesting them on an empty stomach is the way to go. Keep in mind that 100mg THC per capsule is considered best for experienced users as the potency of the effects can be quite strong. On an empty stomach, effects can work as fast as 30 minutes, although this is not a guarantee. We do recommend waiting at least 2 hours before even thinking about re-dosing.

If you need to increase your dosing, we encourage our users to do so with caution and patience. Increase your dose by no more than 10mg THC a day. Store these caps in a cold and dry place, away from the reach of children, the elderly, and pets.

59 reviews for Daily Caps THC 100mg

  1. Samantha

    These help with my chronic pain when there are no other options. Thank you!

  2. Denise

    These capsules are the real deal.
    I have a higher tolerance, and these work for me. I actually take some mid morning, and I’m good to go for the day. High, no pain , energetic… by night time, I’m down and get the best sleep every time.
    I strongly recommend trying these if catching an edible buzz is your thing.

  3. Suzanne

    If you need to relax and sleep, these are awesome! I suffered with anxiety and insomnia and by using this at bedtime I get a full nights sleep. I love that it’s an easy to take capsules, no bad taste.. So convenient. Thank you MMJ!

  4. Derrick

    Yup! These work!! I fully endorse this product. As advertised. I wouldn’t take one for breakfast though if you’ve got stuff to do later that day.. Took 2 weeks to recirve from date ordered. Thanks again

  5. Vanessa

    I have trouble sleeping but was told I need a high dose of thc in the evening and man I’ve been sleeping so good lately

  6. Varaporn

    Best 100mg THC Caps on the market – at the best price. This company is so good – the nefarious competition tried to damage it through nefarious means – to little avail, thank goodness! 5 out or 5. Best Regards, Varaporn Rintoul

  7. Mark

    These work really well for deep sleep. And another shorter sleep after you get up and brush your teeth.

  8. Sarah

    I love these caps! They pack a punch! Not for the novice smoker/edible user.

    Great for helping me fall asleep when dealing with insomnia!

  9. Gordon

    I purchased the product to help me relax and now I sleep through the night. The capsules are a convenient means of taking THC/CBD. I will continue to purchase this product and I would recommend this product to anyone.

  10. Matthew

    These are great to kick back and enjoy a nice powerful buzz!

  11. Kaylynn

    I really enjoy this product! It is easy to swallow and very convenient. I find like with everything you can build a bit of an immunity to it over time if you take a lot all the time. But personally for me, these nice potent bad boys are a good pick. 👌 And I plan on getting then again 😀

  12. MONICA

    I’m a hard-core pothead. This site offers the best price,I think,for high concentrate capsules. And this site has great sales regularly. Can’t go wrong

  13. Jolaine

    I have two autoimmune conditions which hinder my ability to absorb, so I need this higher dosage to get the help I need. I use this primarily for sleep, and to sleep through chronic pain. I’ve used other brands and suppliers in the past, but found their shipping to be sketchy and the products to be very over priced. It’s not easy to find this dosage available online so I was very happy to find these, shipping time was decent, and the price is really good. I find them to be as effective as other brands I’ve tried and I’m sleeping through the night. Highly recommend!

  14. Jami

    I chose this product because I was looking for a high THC content that didn’t require me to eat a bunch of gummies. In fact, I often take several pills so I would have to eat a lot of gummies to get the same effect. Product is pretty good and puts me to sleep, as desired.

  15. Trish

    These caps are potent and reliable. I have chronic sleep issues and these help a great deal! High quality and very enjoyable buzz 🌟

  16. KELLY

    I use this to relax and sleep, works great, takes about two hour for full effect,

  17. Raine

    Love these! Strong enough to make most people tolerable! Highly recommend!
    Thank you for carrying this wonderful product and such an affordable price.

  18. Ken

    Love this awesome cap for dosing when in a need is required ! It makes me happy and playful !

  19. Andre

    Great product. Seems to last all day keeping me with a nice buzz. I like it better than other edidles that hit you all at once. Great for a good daytime high that doesnt stop you from any daily activities. Perfect for social anxiety.

  20. Lana

    I have been using this product for over a year. I have a chronic pain condition and after being taken off all my pain management medication and have found these capsules are the only form of relief I get. I strongly recommend capsules for body pains

  21. Peter

    Great product – easy to spread on cookies / baked goods

  22. Adam

    great product!!! strong and helps me sleep, seems to kick in quick.

  23. Manuel

    This edible is high quality. The come up is more gradual (over hours) as opposed to chocolates and gummies that was used to that would come up way quicker. Sometimes when the come up is too quick you get overwhelmed in a negative way. Since the come up is slower, the effect also seems longer. I would start to feel it in 30-60 min, be at the highest at hour 3 or 4. After 8 hours I’ll still be a bit high but willing to vape at that point.

    I have found that the effect is better when taken with a meal which is usually not the case with edibles. This one really seems to piggyback on the fats in foods. I would love to know what they are made of….is it RSO in them? The best review comment I can give is that I will be purchasing them again.

  24. Danielle

    Best capsules I’ve tried yet. I have a fairly high tolerance and these work lovely

  25. Craig

    Experienced user here, these are very strong and pack a huge punch. Helps me sleep, highly recommended but be careful with the 100 mg, be prepared to be couch bound for a few hours and then nighty night.

  26. keith

    Very strong, but enjoyable. Some days the 100 is a bit much and the high is couch bound for a couple of hours.

  27. Karen

    I use these every second day or so, I have several medical problems with my right side, fibromyalgia, thoracic outlet syndrome, essential tremors…
    I was on many prescription drugs. I quit the prescription and use these daily doses, I alternate with 25 and feel more relief than when taking RX. I love the spinners for a lift during the day. These help me sooooo much as I am 60 years and my husband is house bound and I have to care for both of us. Highly recommend!🫠👌🤭

  28. Joanne

    Love this product ❤️

    Way easier than edibles as they have no taste while consuming.

    They hit faster than edibles as there’s less to break down

    Great buzz off them! Def my preference over something like gummies or chocolate

  29. Jason

    Bought this last year, really good stuff…..i was hesitating at first because i was not sure about the website .
    Did it no complaints, good quality and cheaper anywhere else. Ordered some more , they have specials now and then.
    The shipping was fast as well.

  30. Julia

    Bought these for my husband because he has a higher tolerance. He loves them. They hit fast, have a great mix of body and mind high and are a bit of a mood booster. Highly recommended.

  31. Alexander

    I bought these capsules because the price for a similar product locally was comparable but for 10x less value per dose. It helped me save a lot of money compared to what I was spending.

    They are tasteless and easy to swallow. There is a slight perceptible flavour of cannabis oil sometimes when burping. Other than that there have not been any complaints from any of my guests who otherwise complain loudly about the taste of any other cannabis infused product. For that I am eternally grateful, as nothing else affords me the peace I seek whenever I use this product.

  32. Peter

    These Lyfe brand capsules are great for when you want to relax for an extended period of time. Not for inexperienced users. Calming effects and soothing feeling accompanied by a longing desire for a nap.

  33. Dallas

    Great product with high dosage for intermediate users. I was diagnosed with a lung condition and had to stop smoking/vaping. I started to ingest my THC and found too much sugar in gummy edibles. I now use these pills and drops. These are a bonus as there is no oily taste. Highly recommended! 🙌🏻💯

  34. Carl

    The 100mg caps are great value and let me sleep pain free. Also, my insomnia had been getting worse and worse as I age (56). No more insomnia at all.

  35. tim

    These capsules are great. I use them for sleeping. I find if I pop one at 5:00 p.m. then I am usually in bed by 10:00 at the latest and have a great sleep. They have helped me quit smoking and if you take 200 mg they can help you quit drinking too. I would recommend them especially for the price.

  36. Rachel

    I don’t smoke and this saves my life 😂
    No trip with 1 pill but feels in peace, no anxiaty

  37. Neil

    I bought these pills to help me stop smoking as I developed Nicotinic stromatitis. Taking 3 pills gets me a similar high to smoking a bong and lasts just about the whole night. It’s more pricey than smoking but it does the same job without slowly destroying the roof of my mouth.

  38. Sean

    Orders are exactly what I anticipated – all good.

  39. Aaron

    I bought these to treat my chronic shoulder pain that keep me up at night. I require a pretty high dosage to get the proper effects, and these are strong enough to do the job.

    There is no flavour to these at all, and they are pretty small so they’re quite easy to take. Would be great for someone who can’t eat traditional edibles for various reasons.

  40. Matteen

    Great product, I’m buying it for second time!

  41. Jonathan

    These are pretty good in a pinch if you can’t find any array in stock. Some 100 mg caps suck but these don’t.

  42. Noreen

    Love these and what a THC high love it

  43. Robert

    I just want to say that these capsules are amazing. I have a hard time to sleep because of health issues and stress and have been wanting to get off of the sleeping pills that the Dr prescribed because they were no longer work like they used to. I decided to give these capsules a try before bed and they work amazing. I need to take them 20 min before before bed and let them calm my nerves and I don’t wake till next day…very strong and not for newer users…will get you messed up in a hurry

  44. Jo-anne

    Having ingested 100 mg. capsules previously, I thought I knew what to expect.
    Unfortunately, my initial experience was not repeated with this product.
    These are time released 🙄, which may be useful for those needing a maximum of 100 mg. per day however, I require a higher daily dosage to manage my multiple chronic conditions.
    No negative effects, just not enough for a high tolerance medicinal users.☺️❤️
    Those seeking pain relief and reduced inflammation for minor chronic pain conditions should find this produce useful with predictable results.

  45. Dean

    This is a superior product.

    After a day of vaporizing my own high quality bud (over 20% THC – 3 times a day – at about 3 hour intervals – stopping at around 6 pm for the day) – I tried one of the Daily Caps 100 mg pills at around 7: 30 PM. I took it an hour ago.

    I’m a fairly heavy cannabis user (over decades) and am pleasantly surprised with this product. Not only did I get a decent buzz – I’m not feeling tired as I usually would getting on to 9 PM. Therefore – this product gets a five out of five.

    Thanks Team!

  46. Jordan

    Great product. I use these for pain mitigation and sleep. Use 1 to begin with, they do creep on you. I do have a high tolerance and these still get the job done. Don’t have any after taste after ingestion, usually takes around 30-45 mins to feel the effects.i use 100 mg for pain and sleep. Would highly recommend these.

  47. Lisa

    This is my first order and my first time using capsules.
    I was hesitant as most companies have them packaged in bags but I saw these and felt it’s time to try.
    After reading most of the reviews I was hoping these would be somewhat effective.
    Very good, long heady high.
    Puts me to sleep for about 3 hours (good for me) and then a calm for a few hours after.
    The only thing I find is I get nauseous about 20 minutes after taking one but it’s temporary.

  48. Kristy

    These are great. I take it everyday for my ADHD and it helps me fall asleep instead of insomnia every night.

  49. Jeremy

    Fantastic caps. Perfect daytime thc caps, not too heavy of a indica high which is nice for daily use. Definitely potent and worth every penny!

  50. Karine

    I’ve been taking THC caps for years now but my usual brand became very expensive and impossible to buy. I have tried many other caps from different companies but nothing could come even close until these!

    They are slow release so be prepared for many hours of floating. Do not take these if you have a job interview in a couple hours lol

    I’m super satisfied with the result. I highly recommend them!

  51. Pam

    Great microdosing! No aftertaste!

  52. LISA

    These pills are great. Takes anywhere from half hour to an hour for it fully kick in. Great for sleep and for my anxiety. I take this pills daily. Highly recommend them. You can take them with or without food. When I take these during the daytime, not much gets done. You get very relaxed and melt into the couch. I have been taking thc pills for years and still get the same high effect.

  53. Brandon

    Daily Caps THC 100mg are a bit too strong for my purposes, which are to feel good but remain functional and productive; so, I recommend opening a capsule and pinching off approximately 1/5 or 20 mg with your teeth and waiting up to 30-90 minutes (longer with food) before going back for more. This also reduces the tolerance effects that would soon necessitate larger doses, which can be counterproductive—unless you actually want to go sci-fi! The price per gram is excellent considering that it provides a convenient daily body buzz at 20% (20 mg) accompanied by a nice little brain high that can be take thru to a full couch-lock up ingesting 100% (100 mg)—all with a taste that is is clean and pure—just THC and Cocoa Butter! Tip: hold it under your tongue for 5 minutes before stalling and feel what happens.

  54. Peggy

    this product helps sleep

  55. Jayne

    This is a great product for chronic pain and to help you sleep at night… This is the perfect dosage.

  56. Chris

    So I have used cannabis for almost 33 years recreationaly and for my adhd. In recent years I have been plagued with chronic pain in my knees, feet, mid and lower back, I had used cannabis in the past for pain relief via smoking it and didn’t get a ton of relief, now my eyes have been opened to concentrates and edibles. Since taking daily caps 100mg in the evening around dinner, in about 1 hour I get 70 to 80% pain relief from these daily caps. I highly recommend these caps for experienced cannabis consumers as they do pack a wallup.

  57. Darren

    This product should be in everyone’s arsenal. Each capsule packs a wallop. It provides the necessary pain relief that is need for a person with fibromyalgia.

  58. Janet

    These are great! Very good quality, I feel the results within 90 minutes and they do what I need them to do. Nice to find them on sale now and then!

  59. Diane

    I have been plagued with insomnia and a high thc tolerance for nearly three years after menopause hit really hard. My GP gave me benzos and an antidepressant. My psychiatrist added an antipsychotic, and told me to consider myself lucky to get 8 hours sleep a week, yes, a week. The daily caps 100 worked like magic the first night. I have discontinued all but one of my pharmaceuticals now, and now cut it in half, and I feel more like my old self every day. It is comparable to 1 mg. clonazapam with no addiction or risk if dementia!
    When I take two capsules before bed with 400 mg. magnesium, I awaken after 7 hours feeling incredible.

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