9 Pound Hammer

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9 Pound Hammer Information

Introducing the 9 Pound Hammer strain, a force to be reckoned with in the cannabis world. Also known as Nine Pound Hammer, it’s the remarkable offspring of the Goo Berry and Jack the Ripper strains. With an impressive Indica to Sativa ratio of 80:20 and a potency measuring between 18-23% THC, 9 Pound Hammer certainly lives up to its heavy-hitting name.

Beyond its compelling stats, this strain is a treat for the senses. The buds bloom into unique shapes and are enveloped in a distinctive aroma, a blend of earthy and sweet notes that can’t be missed. Its unique flavour profile is a concoction of berry, citrus, grape, lime, and sweetness, delighting the palate. As for its colours, 9 Pound Hammer is a spectacle of captivating greens interlaced with deep purples.

Flavour and Fragrance

Venturing into the world of 9 Pound Hammer is akin to exploring an exotic fruit market. The taste buds are taken on a roller coaster ride, from the sweetness of berries to the sharp, zesty hit of citrus, onto the indulgent flavour of grape, and finally the refreshing tang of lime. The symphony concludes with a blanket of sweetness that lingers long after.

The aroma of this strain is an enchanting blend of earthy and sweet. The initial earthy scent evokes the memory of a peaceful walk through the woods, while the sweet undertones lend a comforting familiarity to the mix, creating an atmosphere of warmth and relaxation.

The Impact of the Hammer

With its dominant Indica heritage, 9 Pound Hammer promises a profound experience of relaxation. It induces an intense state of euphoria that makes the user feel incredibly happy and, quite literally, on cloud nine. As the effects deepen, one may find themselves succumbing to the infamous “couch-lock”, leading to a state of serenity and tranquility.

Given its potent effects, this strain is ideally suited for an evening or nighttime usage. Its impact might be a bit overwhelming for beginners, but for seasoned users looking for a robust unwind and an escape from the everyday hustle, 9 Pound Hammer is a perfect choice.

5 reviews for 9 Pound Hammer

  1. Colborn

    Hammer is a hammer, dense buds with a great smell to them. Another favourite to pack into the vape and let loose on. Great effect after, leaving one is a great state of bliss.

  2. Mike

    These lasted me a lot longer than I expected! Very dense buds, solid size, each chunk you take off a bud seemed to double once busted up lol that’s always a treat. Decent taste, strong coach locking high. Personally I wouldn’t want this one during the day or early evening I saved it right before bed and got there fast before the high comes on. It’s strong but did the trick! Would recommend if you have troubles sleeping or pain relief.

  3. Maude

    Tried it for the first time in a vape pin it came in at about 22% THC. this strain is pretty awesome! It does wonders for pain and stress great strain if your looking for a good nights sleep. no paranoia at all euphoric head high for the first half. then it sets into what feels like a deep body massage! High last about 2 hours only odd thing I notice was it did not take the pain fully away until after the come down. or maybe I was to high to realize the pain was gone? lol anyway great stuff 👌🏾

  4. Deryk

    Just finished smoking 9 Pound Hammer, and is was 💯% wicked! 😮 Def a new favorite strain.
    Nice dense 3.5g bud that I happened to find 9 seeds in (already planted lol… for real though) broke up good for sure, and blazed great when rolled in a RAW rolling paper. The bud looks just as shown above; a little dark forest green and a lot of really dark purple. It has a nice fruity, earthy taste, with a very attractive aroma. Smoking this strain helped a great deal with my poor appetite, as well as chronic back pain, anxiety, and fibromyalgia on my wife’s behave.
    Will def order again in the future no matter how much or little I’ll be growing.
    I highly recommend 9 Pound Hammer to mainly the experienced tokers out there as its potency level is quite high. Although I was so impressed with this product, I gave my last joint of it to a couple of my neighbors.
    Overall I give this strain 5 out of 5 ⭐’s

  5. Ryan

    Beautiful buds that have so much purple throughout, they appear almost black. A nice thick layer of glistening trichomes makes this strain really appealing to the eye. The bud smells like 🍇 juice with earthy undertones. It’s an indica dominant strain (80%) and is apparently a three-way cross. (Hell’s Angel OG x Gooberry x Jack the Ripper)
    9 Pound Hammer is certainly a fitting name in terms of this strain’s potency. The smoke is sweet and smooth but will definitely get you coughing as it expands in your lungs. Don’t plan on doing too much after smoking a blunt. The heavy indica stone will have you couch-locked in no time. Fantastic for the relief of stress, pain and insomnia. This kind of bud is exactly why I’m a loyal mmjdirect customer. You simply don’t find this quality anywhere else.

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