Motor Breath

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Motor Breath Information

Motor Breath is a well-balanced hybrid that provides a mix of both physical and mental effects, making it suitable for a variety of situations and moods.  This hybrid cannabis strain has a unique flavour profile with diesel and pepper highlights.

This high THC hybrid strain offers an energetic boost for the mind and body, while promoting feelings of euphoria, creativity, and an overall sense of calmness and peace for an overburdened mind and tensed-up body.

The Effects and Potency Of Motor Breath Cannabis Strain

The effects of Motor Breath are fast-acting, delivering a rush of euphoria and energy within just a few minutes of consumption. This makes it an ideal strain for those who are looking for a quick pick-me-up or for those who are looking to boost their mood when the heaviness of the day is weighing hard on one’s mind, mood, and body.

The high is both uplifting and relaxing, with a strong body buzz that helps to relieve physical tension and discomfort. Additionally, the cerebral effects can help to improve focus and creativity, making it a great strain for those who are looking to get work done with better productivity.

Motor Breath is a well-rounded and versatile strain that is loved by many for its potent effects and unique flavour profile.

What Does Motor Breath Weed Strain Smell and Taste Like?

The aroma of Motor Breath is pungent and earthy, with hints of diesel and fuel. The flavour profile is similar, with a strong diesel and fuel taste that is often described as being similar to a well-oiled engine. Additionally, the strain has a pepper-like aftertaste, which adds a pinch of sweetness to the otherwise heavy flavor profile.

Motor Breath Cannabis Strain: Appearance

Motor Breath weed strain features a medium to tall stature with dense, resinous buds. The buds are often characterized by their bright green colour and a heavy layer of frost-like trichomes.

The leaves are typically a darker green, and they are usually tightly packed together. The bright orange hairs that are interspersed throughout the buds are a hallmark of this strain.

7 reviews for Motor Breath

  1. Cassie

    Motor breath! what a great name. although it luckily doesnt give you motorbreath. This high lasts a good few hours and you dont need to smoke a ounce of it to get high. Not too strong and easy to smoke during the day! would for sure order again

  2. mathieu

    Great potency.The buds were hard as rocks.Cristalized.Beauties!

  3. Jennifer

    Smoked through this very quickly! Not too strong to smoke during the day but also relaxing enough for evening enjoyment. Great buds that bust up easily and fill the grinder. Not too diesel for me, sometimes the taste/head high is unenjoyable but not with this strain.

  4. John David

    This strain really helped to relieve pain and swelling in my hands. Very chesty indica, beautiful looking buds with deep purple and bright red hairs – sour taste on exhale to be desired. This one hits from the top down – calming effects for the mind followed by pain relief into your shoulders and into your back as you drift into the couch for the foreseeable future.

  5. Justinian

    Big fan of motor breath, price point is great, quality is fine compared to similar priced indoor/ outdoor, definetely headier than other strains, I can confirm it is an Indica and will couchlock you unless your will is iron and that report is due tomorrow. My experience has been stricly though vaping this ground, so affects may vary if you’re smoking this directly. Lots of resin build up as well after use.

  6. Deryk

    Motor Breath is a great looking strain with a bit of purple, and loaded with orange hairs as shown in the description. Beautiful, dense buds without a doubt broke up like a bud bomb exploded! It has a fantastic aroma, and a bold earthy taste 👅 (rolled a joint with RAW Classic papers, and blasted some through a pipe). *Tasted like we were blazin’ some high quality, classy smoke!*
    This strain of bud helped relieve chronic back pain for me, as well as rheumatoid arthritis for my wife. I would def recommend to family, friends and other 420 friendly folks as Motor Breath in my professional opinion is a 5 out of 5⭐product.
    I’ll def also purchase more in future orders. Very happy I chose to try this stuff. It blazes great 💯

  7. Maude

    I love me some Chemdawg so when I saw this strain I had to grab some. The chemical is very strong. The SFV adds a sweet/sour note and extra bright white resin. The high is similar to Chem 91 for me. It’s a slight creeper, then once it hits you, all is well. It starts with a head calm. Then that melts into a full-body euphoria. Sour chemical taste all through which I always love. It’s not my favorite taste, but it let’s me know I’m about to get blazed. Once Motorbreath has done it’s work, you’re feeling great for about 2 hours minimum.

    Effect: 8,1/10
    Taste: 8,3/10
    Look: 7,8/10

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