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  1. Deryk

    Motor Breath is a great looking strain with a bit of purple, and loaded with orange hairs as shown in the description. Beautiful, dense buds without a doubt broke up like a bud bomb exploded! It has a fantastic aroma, and a bold earthy taste 👅 (rolled a joint with RAW Classic papers, and blasted some through a pipe). *Tasted like we were blazin’ some high quality, classy smoke!*
    This strain of bud helped relieve chronic back pain for me, as well as rheumatoid arthritis for my wife. I would def recommend to family, friends and other 420 friendly folks as Motor Breath in my professional opinion is a 5 out of 5⭐product.
    I’ll def also purchase more in future orders. Very happy I chose to try this stuff. It blazes great 💯

  2. Maude

    I love me some Chemdawg so when I saw this strain I had to grab some. The chemical is very strong. The SFV adds a sweet/sour note and extra bright white resin. The high is similar to Chem 91 for me. It’s a slight creeper, then once it hits you, all is well. It starts with a head calm. Then that melts into a full-body euphoria. Sour chemical taste all through which I always love. It’s not my favorite taste, but it let’s me know I’m about to get blazed. Once Motorbreath has done it’s work, you’re feeling great for about 2 hours minimum.

    Effect: 8,1/10
    Taste: 8,3/10
    Look: 7,8/10

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