AK-47 (Greenhouse)

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AK-47 (Greenhouse) Information

AK-47 sounds pretty badass for a weed strain, yet we assure you its effects are not as intimidating as the name. Still, this strain is 65% Sativa and 35% Indica. It clearly delivers a potent head buzz that makes you euphoric and energetic. The head buzz lasts for a long time, and it peaks with a dose of relaxation that soothes your body completely. The THC concentration reaches 13-20%, a feat worthy of many awards, which this strain has won.

When you take the first toke, AK-47 delivers a mellow euphoric surge instantly. Though, this euphoria isn’t aggressive or unexpected, as you can still manage your own emotions and mind. That’s why we said that AK-47 is a mellow strain, despite being Sativa-dominant. Its parents are Thai, Mexican, and Colombian, a fusion that leads to a very unique flavour. You’ll see this when you taste it yourself!

What does AK-47 look and taste like?

 AK-47 is extremely green, almost like a lime when you see it for the first time. The resinous, orange hairs surround the lime-green nugs, and they’re hiding under some of the sticky leaves of this strain. Then, you’ll see a thick coat of snow-white crystal trichomes covering everything. It looks like a coat of cream placed on a lemon cake. Everything on this strain is asking to be smoked right now! This appearance strongly indicates that AK-47 is healthy and potent.

As for its flavour and taste, AK-47 has a very skunky and pungent, almost sour flavour. The woody aroma intermingles with the sweetness of the spicy earthiness, then it all comes back to pungency and skunk. This unique flavour mainly comes from the fusion of AK-47’s parents, Thai, Mexican, and Colombian. Its pungent, skunky, earthy, spicy, and sweet. What more can you possibly want? AK-47 has it all!

How are AK-47’s effects like?

This strain doesn’t play around with half-assed effects. Though, it also doesn’t terrify you with unstoppable and unexpected euphoria that you can’t control. Instead, it plays a more mellow yet steadfast role. AK-47 delivers a single dose of euphoric bliss with the first tokes. The initial phase treats your anxiety and depression in a matter of minutes. Beside this, it can also help you with:

  • Insomnia
  • Migraines
  • PTSD
  • Bipolar disorder
  • Chronic pains
  • Stress
  • Loss of appetite
  • Headaches
  • Mild cases of multiple sclerosis and inflammation

Clearly, its therapeutic effects are more than worth it. Adding in the sour-sweet flavour that incites your taste buds into action, AK-47 becomes a superb addition to your collection. Even veteran consumers would find a state of blissful euphoria once consuming this strain. Its THC reaches 13-20%, as it clearly sends potent effects that heal your body instantly. You’ll no longer be plagued by pains, anxiety, or depression. This strain can help you deal with them effectively!

26 reviews for AK-47 (Greenhouse)

  1. Jason

    What can I say. AK-47 is a classic strain very fluffy and it’s got a particular taste.
    For the price definitely worth it

  2. Paul

    Phenomenal Strain! The batch I just got was PERFECT in every way!
    Perfectly trimmed buds with barely any little stems!
    The aroma is beautiful!
    The taste is great!
    It smokes smooth AF!
    And of course, the best part is the high!
    I feel it has the perfect balance of sativa percentage to Indica percentage. To me it’s a great Sativa because I have all the daytime motivation with out any of the anxiety that occurs when I smoke pure Sativa strains.

    I will be buying this one again, and as often as I can!!!

  3. Madeleine

    Not a bad strain! Didn’t have any super memorable characteristics but definitely didn’t make me sleepy and provided the buzz I needed to do some household tasks. Would probably buy again but not a favourite either!

  4. Samuel

    I was impressed with Ak-47, it was very tasty. Definitely worth it. A great weed for the price 🙂

  5. Viviane

    Always super good

  6. Jeremy

    This is a perfectly fine hybrid strain. Tastes skunky, looks very green and the orange hairs give it nice enough contrast. Could be more powerful for my preference, but if you are a less experienced smoker or are craving a less psychedelic experience then you can’t really go wrong with this strain.

  7. Benjamin

    un bon classique pour la nostalgie dans section des weed classic super réussie et bon produit ca reste du ak-47 moderne

  8. Morgan

    This one wasn’t very memorable, just your average stuff. Would probably try again if it were on sale but their are better strains to try.

  9. ADAM

    AK-47 a good reliable strain. A green house batch but still has the ak taste, and high, sale price helps too. Not much to say as anyone who has used for more than a couple years should have shot an AK before!

    Not bad, Thanks

  10. bertrand

    Very nice product !
    Big smelly compact buds.
    Strong taste and high. One of the best AK47 I smoke.
    And maybe the cheaper. Definitely makes me want to try other strains of Greenhouse.
    Very good weed to helps me crash into my bed.

  11. Justin

    Excellent product for the offered price. Nice green and purple buds with long orange hairs. Leaves you energized and motivated, would recommend for daytime use.

  12. Anita

    Bought this for the price but was very surprised how nice the smell and taste was. This is by far one great strain for the price.

  13. Guillaume

    Very nice product for the price, nothing negative to say as usual. not expensive but do the work .. I like

  14. Georgia

    Great quality product for the price. Might not be as nice as some of the other strains, but a classic strain with a price you cannot beat. I will admit, it was a lot stronger than I was expecting and good for smoking/vaping and amazing for baking edibles. A really nice hybrid that won’t leave you so couch locked, but takes the edge off.

  15. Tony

    Classic strain – can’t go wrong with this. Especially for that price!

  16. Brody

    As a long time cannabis user this strain is fantastic. This strain produces a wonderful high, and is absolutely perfect when it comes to thc level. This is a great, classic, affordable strain to get if you’re looking for something great for a great price.

  17. Kyle

    Great Sativa !!!! Always a good high. i have used it at night to hang out but its a great hiking or daytime weed

  18. Denis

    helpfull for my chronic pain

  19. Ricky

    Brings back old memories. Great for price

  20. Tyler

    This ak47 gets you fired up for enegry nice fruity smell and decent crystal covered buds good budget buds or great for making editables

  21. Dannick

    Nice Product, for the price its perfect a good buzz with a good flavor. Thanks mmj

  22. Alicia

    Great strain for during the day! I bought it just to have while working and it definitely ticks my boxes! Energizing while not inducing anxiety, felt pretty chill, ready to go with the flow. Definitely elevated my mood. Great flavour, with beautiful huge buds that glisten with kief.

  23. Tim

    I bought AK-47 because I spent my teenage years with this strain. This is definitely the original AK-47. It is a very standard strain. Not much taste or smell and seemed very outdoor like but I was very surprised with the trichomes. It was absolutely covered. For the price I would highly recommend buying a bag while it’s available.I give it four out of five for smell four out of five for taste and four out of five for effects.

  24. Patrick

    For the money ?
    This is very high quality flower , got it on a sale at $68 a ounce and Perfect to cook all edibles with !

  25. Michel

    I just buy an ounce for a really cheap price this website will always suprise me how good quality buds they have.Nice looking BIG buds covered with Bleu ,dark green and orange colours.the high is exactly what i was expected im really satisfied with the AK-47 !!!

  26. Brandon

    grabbed myself a couple ounces of ak47 on some really good sales and was quite amazed. it was one of the cheaper kinds so wasn’t expecting to much but was actually very surprised. big dense kiefy buds, that smelled amazing and burned very well. was a very chill high as well. recommend this kind 100% gotta try it. getting more as soon as I can, definitely worth the price. get ya self some of this weed why you waiting

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