Banana And Blow

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Banana And Blow Information

6 reviews for Banana And Blow

  1. Alexandre

    Nice smell ,(fruity)
    Smooth smoke white ash,
    This is more for daytime tho as it doesnt couchlock you .
    Nice one !

  2. Davy

    Good aroma and taste, sativa effect and keep your mind awake.
    I smoke it daytime and its perfect.

  3. Melissa

    Underwhelming strain. Good for a daytime smoke as it’s very subtle. Not for seasoned smokers with a high tolerance. Has more of a sativa effect so you can get stuff done without couch lock.

  4. Mathieu

    This is a good daytime/early evening strain. Has a really nice taste to it, not sure if it’s banana but it’s a really nice taste fruity/creamy perhaps? I like this strain for vaping especially. It’s a good strain when feeling creative or going for a hike or even just relaxing on the couch. Would recommend for most users.

  5. Ryan

    This was a delightful change. A fruity tasty and sweet aroma. A smooth smoke. This is for sure
    a daytime smoke to enhance your day.

  6. Kent

    Fruit aroma and taste. More of sativa effects. great daytime smoke

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