Blueberry (Smalls)

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80% Indica dominant


Blueberry (Smalls) Information

Get ready to experience some truly legendary genetics. Blueberry is an award-winning indica that’s the brainchild of cannabis breeder DJ Short. This strain lives up to its name, providing a fresh, sweet berry aroma and a taste that bursts with flavour. It has some interesting traits for an indica, including its balanced high that won’t leave smokers too couch-locked.

Although DJ Short bred the first Blueberry plant in the 1970s, it didn’t secure its first cannabis cup until 2000. By then, it was already a household name, and smokers the world over have tasted the bold flavour this strain provides.

What Effects does Blueberry Have?

As an indica, Blueberry emphasizes the relaxing, sedative properties associated with being high. It’s a down-to-earth, body-centric thigh that smokers new and old can appreciate. However, DJ Short bred this strain specifically to help imbue some of the euphoric, high-energy feelings that he experienced with Sativas. As a result, Blueberry is a tempered high that provides both sedative and uplifting properties.

In addition to the high it provides, Blueberry may have several possible health benefits. Anecdotal evidence suggests that indica strains may be particularly effective at reducing swelling and inflammation, improving sleep, reducing stress, and increasing appetite. As a result, Indicas may be able to help alleviate symptoms of issues like glaucoma, arthritis, insomnia, and more.

Blueberry’s Appearance

Easily the most striking trait of this strain is its aroma. The powerful, pungent scent of blueberries hangs in the air around this strain, a faithful recreation of this complex smell. Blueberry is also bursting with sweet, tasty fruit flavour that makes it appeal to even the most discerning palate.

It’s also a visually appealing strain, with deep green buds that offer purple and blue splotches reminiscent of the strain’s namesake. This classic strain will quickly find a place into your heart as a new favourite.

8 reviews for Blueberry (Smalls)

  1. Alexandre

    Oh wow lodeur fruite mauve ,tres grosse fleur dense jaadore puissant

  2. Ricky

    Great blueberry taste great blueberry smell but as for effects not that great but I do mix with others to give it a flavor. Still go for the price

  3. Deryk

    Blueberry… More or less a pine-citrus kind of taste where I was really hoping for a “blueberry” taste 🫐. Dense buds for sure. The look of this bud is fairly neutral with its fair share of crystals covering the buds! Mid to heavy on the lungs when inhaling while smoked. The potency of this stuff is quite good 😯
    I bought this product because I’m all about trying all different strains of marijuana. I always purchase something I already know I like, as well as up to a half dozen ‘new to me’ products I have yet to try.
    I’d give Blueberry 4 out of 5 ⭐’s overall. I will more than likely be ordering more of this strain in the future. Absolutely an A product 😁👌
    Highly Recommended to all tokers!!

  4. Tim

    I was sort of disappointed as blueberry is my absolute favourite strain. This actually tasted nothing like blueberry. It has a very standard taste and smell with nothing very special about it. I was very surprised as everything I buy that has blue strain in it has been absolutely unbelievable and the best strains I have ever tried in my life. I really hope I can find some true blueberry. I give it four out of five for taste four out of five for smell and 4 out of 5 for effects.

  5. Alana

    For me Blueberry is an old-time favourite, it’s always tasty, chill and uplifting. Sometimes I am hesitant to invest in a big batch of a new strain, so I’ll get this stuff as well, to ensure I am getting something I love. It is a great heavy strain for those looking to destress and unwind. Literally never disappoints!

  6. Matthew

    The lovely thing about mmj is there flavors switch often. this batch of blueberry disappointed me, i did not taste blueberry nor did it have the effects described above. i do not blame them, because medicine has different effects on anyone. i always reccmond there bud, no matter the strain.

  7. Jen

    Great product for the cost.

  8. Brian

    The pieces are a little smaller but it’s the true blueberry strain. I missed the smell and taste.

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