Banana Clips

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80% Indica dominant Hybrid Strain

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Banana Clips Information

Banana Clips cannabis strain is an Indica heavy blend by Chronic Logical. It was born in 2016 in the Gulf Islands, BC. Flavours include banana flavoured bubble gum and other fruits with a hashy turn. These colours don’t generally turn purple but can turn an elegant golden shade. While most banana strains are Sativa leaning, this strain is Indica leaning. It can treat appetite loss and pain. Banana Clips cannabis strain is best for evening usage.
Type of High
Banana Clips cannabis strain’s high is a thick and luscious one that should probably take place on the couch, with snacks. Your mind may feel stimulated, but we’re unsure you’ll want to get up and do anything about it.
Breeder: Chronic Logical
Lineage: Banana Clips cannabis strain is a cross between Strawberry Banana and Grizzly Purple Kush cannabis strains.

15 reviews for Banana Clips

  1. Gregorhy


  2. Darryl

    Excellent product!
    I never had this before and really like to effects. Strong as hell but extremely smooth

  3. Sheena

    Smells great nice and smooth, relaxing high!

  4. Matthew

    Very tasty, smells great, super smooth. One of my new faves.

  5. Matthew

    AAAA bud very smooth smells so good thank you mmjd

  6. Graham

    Nice taste, good buds with a medicore high.

    Good value

  7. Cedrick

    Feels so good , with my new clean bong i realy can taste banana flavour

  8. Nicholas

    The banana smell is a bonus!! Very high quality product, will reorder.

  9. Kate

    Smell and taste were amazing, can really tell it has a banana flavour and great productive high.

  10. Andraya

    Great strand, smooth and feels great.

  11. Carl

    Nice smell, taste and look, pretty potent too. Would definitely recommend.

  12. Jen

    Great strain! You can certainly taste the banana, and its a good little high

  13. David

    A wonderful strain buds are tight,tasty and effective. A very nice evening treat!

  14. Kathleen

    Definitely can taste the banana in this strain. Good high, plenty of energy left to get stuff done. Kathleen

  15. Barbara

    Yummy! Tastes and smells like bananas, nice strong high 😀

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