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Big Mexicans Information

The Psilocybe Cubensis Mexicana mushroom strain has been around for a very long time. The Aztecs were using it 2000 years ago as a fundamental part of their magic rituals. Through it, they communicated with the spirit world and to Mother Nature.

This strain is also called Mexican Magic Mushrooms or simply Big Mexicans, and they offer a very mild but still intense psychoactive experience. That’s why beginners with zero experience in psilocybin consumption should give the Psilocybe Cubensis Mexicana a try. One of the first things you’re going to notice is how your mind bends in unthinkable ways – your thoughts will become more fluid.

Psilocybe Cubensis Mexicana effects

This psilocybin mushroom strain could be described with one word – eclectic. Its effects are multifold, from happiness and euphoria that take over you instantly to thoughtfulness, increased creativity, visual hallucinations, and physical relaxation. The psychedelic experience isn’t something a novice would understand, but, ironically, the Psilocybe Cubensis Mexicana is well suited for beginners.

Its effects are mild, in that they start slowly and advance in a snail’s pace. The most that can happen is a serious couch-lockdown experience where all you can do is admire the fractals and fire-breathing dragons going at each other’s throats in your mind’s eye. The time distortion events might put you on guard now and then but you can’t have a psychedelic experience without this effect.

One of the most attractive and desirable effects of the Psilocybe Cubensis Mexicana Canada strain is the boost in imagination and creativity. This strain is ideal for those looking for inspiration. It’s a great way to spur out of the box thinking to find solutions to longstanding problems.

Common sense advice to have a good psychedelic experience

Despite the mild and slow-moving effects of the Psilocybe Cubensis Mexicana, it’s still a good idea to take some precautions beforehand. You don’t want to be alone if you’re prone to become anxious or scared, right? Therefore, you should ask someone to be your trip sitter and watch over you as you descend into utter relaxation and joy. The experience will be a very happy and intriguing one. Buy Psilocybe Cubensis Mexicana online and try them for yourself!

FYI, if you’re not overly experienced, it’s best to avoid increasing your dosage in large increments. Start low and increase it steadily, until you reach a level you’re satisfied with. The effects may take an hour to be felt, so avoid taking more of a dose until you’re comfortable with the first round of effects. Otherwise, you might not like the abrupt increase in effects caused by the larger dose. Even though there are few inherent dangers to the Psilocybe Cubensis Mexicana strain, the psychedelic experience may alter your senses and consciousness. Some say that mushrooms are responsible for ego death, which is to say that they help make us feel more interconnected and less on our own.

How long does the experience last?

After ingesting your desired quantity, the mushrooms will start taking effect in about 10-60 minutes. It mostly depends on your physiology, as every individual metabolizes such compounds differently. You could wait a bit longer or it could happen during the first few minutes post-ingestion. Either way, don’t get scared – everything is going according to plan and you’ll revert to your normal self after the effects fade. Moreover, you wanted this to happen – let yourself flow freely and take it all in. That’s the only way you’ll get to experience everything this mushroom has to offer.

After the psychedelic experience peaks, which is when you’ll feel the weirder and more potent aspects of mushrooms, it starts receding. After about 3-6 hours, everything will get back to normal, and you’ll be left in a generally happy and satisfied state. You’ll feel euphoric and vibrating with life after experiencing such mind-numbing states. The higher dosage effects of time distortion, the fractal visual hallucinations, mind-altering experiences, and mystical expressions of ego death will have left a mark on your mind.

Many consumers have said that the Psilocybe Cubensis Mexicana Canada strain provides revelatory and mystical effects. Your visual field starts melting, your perception gets skewered, and you might also acknowledge the presence of the divinity or other celestial beings. With how warped your mind will be, it’s no wonder most beginners can’t clearly express their experiences to someone else. It’s something one has to experience for oneself to truly appreciate and comprehend.

39 reviews for Big Mexicans

  1. Catherine


  2. Gabriel

    These were great, I watched the Holy Mountain and was confused and laughed my ass off the whole time.

  3. pranjal

    I’ve had a profound experience with these mushrooms, taking around 3.5 grams, which led to an emotional journey over several hours. The experience began with bouts of laughter, transitioned into tears, and then returned to laughter. Despite the tears, I wouldn’t describe the experience as a bad trip; it felt more like a necessary emotional release that the mushrooms facilitated.

    I’m a huge advocate for these mushrooms and have incorporated them into my routine through microdosing. Taking approximately 3 pills once a week, I’ve noticed a significant improvement in my mental health. This practice has been so beneficial that I’ve recommended it to all my friends, sharing the positive impact it’s had on my well-being.

  4. Chris

    Big Mexicans are hilarious. If your depressed or having a low spell, seriously one or two micro doses is more then enough to get you through the month. I generally dose a little below 1 gram and it’s more then enough. The taste is a little milder then other shrooms and the body buzz is excellent nothing to powerful in that small of a dose. Just make sure as always you eat a little and drink water they always leave me thirsty.
    One of the best times I use it is just when winter is seeming a little longer for that extra Mexican pick me up.

  5. Marc-Olivier

    Like them

  6. Erin

    Had a great At experience with these. I did around 3.5 grams and it released all the pent up emotions in my body over the course of several hours. Initially there was a lot of laughter, that later evolved to tears, and back to laughter. Although I cried I would not call it a bad trip, because I think my body needed a release and the mushrooms allowed it to happen freely.

  7. Devin

    Big Mexicans arrived quickly and full no shake. Package was tight sealed 👌. Took 2 grams and before I knew it I was laughing and watching my floor wiggle around my toes. 🤯. Was such a great time came in waves kept thinking my trip was done only to be happily surprised that it jumps back up. I recommend these ones for anyone who want that top high with energy and the visuals. Can’t wait for another sale gonna jump on a bigger amount next time. 🙂🙃🙂😉😊

  8. Sherry

    I will buy this strain over and over. I felt joy and happiness I have not felt since I was a child. An overwhelming joy. I smiled for hours.

  9. Adam

    Huge fan of these. I’ve ordered them multiple times. I always microdose them. I usually take about 3 pills once a week and I find it drastically improves my mental health. I recommend them to all my friends.

  10. othmane

    Gives crystal like mental clarity no too visual but definitely goes deep introspectively. This one is a healer.

  11. Patrick

    Those was fun. For me, is as strong of golden teacher. Will order again.
    Amusant et surprenant, aussi fort que les golden teacher. Je recommande
    Merci MMJ

  12. Shayne

    I liked it

  13. Cole

    Bought these for the first time from this website and am I ever glad i did! I hadnt heard of this strain before so i gave it a try and I was quite surprised. I lemon tekd 1g and had beautiful color enhancement and a feeling of connectiveness i would expect from 2g of other shrooms. I cant think of a bad thing to say about these, the potency is great. Shipped real quick, I cant wait for these to go on sale again!

  14. Anna

    I’ve had good experiences with Big Mexicans. It’s my favorite strain so far.

  15. Tyler

    Did this last night smoking the sour diesel from mmj direct the combination was next level i made tea with French press tek and felt super energetic and euphoric felt great very clumsy tho I was in the basement and fell 3 times once over a bike into a stack in a wood I laughed my head off and woke up this morning to a sore wrist haha the Mexicans are life changing they make you appreciate your surroundings and who you are

  16. Matthew

    These mushrooms came and looked beautiful, they were colourful and full and beautiful. i tried these alone in a tea, and in comparssion to penis envy, i wasnt to pleased. however, they were a much diffrent stone in that sense, the mushrooms physically were gorgeous and well taken care of, but the stone did not suit my brain as well as others did ! highly reccomded for starter mushroom.

  17. Guillaume

    Beautiful shroom.. great strain and perfect quality.

  18. Emily

    Definitely what i am looking for, connection with myself and perhaps the spiritual dimension <3

  19. Margarita

    Second time purchasing, these brew a very pretty blue and taste of earthy honey

  20. Waleed

    Life changing!

  21. Jennifer

    Had a lot of fun with these!

  22. Tammy

    Enjoyed them very much!

  23. Jennifer

    The best.. will buy again!!

  24. Kyle

    My first time doing mushrooms I picked these guys. Did 2g and it was so chill, had some visuals but nothing over stimulating, lasted 6 hours. 10/10 product.

  25. Carl

    I had a blast with these. Definitely recommend !

  26. Jonathan

    Good experience and great strain!

  27. Waleed

    Cant get enough its so good!

  28. Waleed

    my favorite!

  29. Jad

    Puts you in a good mood. Made choco edibles with those yum

  30. Waleed

    Amazing 10/10

  31. Steven

    As a novice, 1.1g was perfect for a deep relaxing body high with stimulating visuals. I could feel my environment visually breathing in sync with me at its peak. As well, I had a solid hour of deep reflection in between that I could still remember the next morning. Feeling fresh and revitalized.

  32. Debra

    what can I say , a great night was had

  33. Alexander

    Good for micro-dosing, as well as introductory to those unfamiliar. Start with a cap at a time and you can get any level of effect you want.

  34. Deryk

    7 g’s made for 2 wicked days! Great strain

  35. Margarita

    These seam to have a heavier body load than the Golden’s, perfect for meditation microdoses.

  36. Catherine

    Good experience w these. Used in a tea and felt the effects almost right away.

  37. Debra

    absolutely LOVE them

  38. Charles

    Amazing visuals great buzz. I’m sold on these. Mmjdirect is my favorite place for psychedelics.

  39. Brandon

    Good mushies to try, has a unique taste aswell

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