Blue Meanies Chocolates (Blue)

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Blue Meanies Chocolates, pick between 1, 2 or 3 grams.


Blue Meanies Chocolates (Blue) Information

We don’t see a lot of shroom edibles generally, and these Blue Meanies Chocolates are where it’s at! They’re packed with instant psychedelia thanks to the heightened potency. There’s a lot of psilocybin and psilocin in each of these chocolates, which leads to crazy results. This is the easiest and most enjoyable way to taste mushrooms. Moreover, you can increase or decrease your dose however you see fit. The base shroom used is the Blue Meanies mushroom, an Australian big dog of the shrooms underworld.

These Australian mushrooms are incredibly potent, even acclaimed worldwide for their potency. They’ve become a popular sensation recently, and it’s not a surprise Blue Meanies Chocolates appeared so soon. Whenever you want to have a good time with a sweet relief, these chocolates are the answer to your struggles! They can also treat various medical symptoms that are plaguing you, so make the right choice.

What do Blue Meanies Chocolates look and taste like?

In terms of appearance, Blue Meanies Chocolates are quite regular-looking. They’re just chocolates, after all. They’re not going to look otherworldly or something. Though, the effects should definitely hit an otherworldly level. Especially when it comes to therapeutic uses, Blue Meanies Chocolates are on another level. On a first sight, these chocolates look soft and delicious, which is confirmed later on. You’ll think “scrumptious and soft” when looking at these chocolates.

Blue Meanies Chocolates have a very distinct taste due to the presence of psilocybin and psilocin. It’s not artificial or repugnant, though. The chocolate flavour melds with the mushroom aroma, creating a spike of deliciousness you ought to enjoy. Once you taste these shroom chocolates, they should affect your brain in a matter of minutes. The mellow taste of chocolate is impressive even before the effects kick in, though.

What are the effects of Blue Meanies Chocolates?

Psychedelic shrooms influence your body and mind to react in wild and unexpected ways. You could experience intense visual hallucinations, sensory confusion (synesthesia), temporal distortions, surges of sudden euphoria, uncontrollable laughter, and more. That’s just the tip of the iceberg, as all other intense effects quickly appear. Ego death is a potential participant to this fiesta, though you may become spooked once you experience it. Basically, you lose your subjectivity and personality for a time.

It’s just like being an external observer inside your body. The experience is difficult to explain unless you go through it yourself. Besides, Blue Meanies Chocolates make no attempt at hiding their potency or therapeutic benefits. Speaking of therapy, these chocolates are great for anxiety and depression, specifically. They can calm you down and improve your mood almost instantly. Lack of appetite may also be alleviated once you take a bite from a shroom chocolate. Then, your chronic pains should begin to back off, letting you unwind and relax.

45 reviews for Blue Meanies Chocolates (Blue)

  1. Ili

    Ok so I’ve had the golden teachers chocolates, and I found these ones more potent for me. I took 1 gram and with golden teachers i didnt really hallucinate but with 1 gram of the blue meanines i had mild hallucinations as well, that i very much welcomed. My friend and I never laughed so much in our entire lives and everything around us “came to life ” we had them when we were camping and it made me see nature for what is “really was”…so Alive! It took me in waves, and like a roller coaster…time was really distorted we would laugh for what felt like an hour but it was probably like 10min, then we’d be quiet and i was really taking in the smells of nature the trees…i could feel and see the trees “breathing” and the colors were so vibrant almost like a glowing deep green, and I felt so at peace. Even the following 2 days after, we were still camping and that peaceful feeling stayed with me, i didnt want to go home. I feel like if everyone did these, especially politicians and “elite”….this world would be a better, happier, kinder place.

  2. Adam

    My experience with the Blue Meanies was truly transformative. The euphoria and deep, philosophical conversations it sparked among us were very enjoyable. The colors, the sounds, the profound sense of connection with my friends — it was all magnified in the most beautiful way.

  3. Dayna

    One of my favorite strains… I have been buying the BM chocolates from MMJ for nearly 2 years and love relaxed effect I get from having just one. My wife also enjoys taking a generous ‘half’ from time to time.


    Blue Meanies are absolutely the best. Very chocolatey but puts you in the world of colors and sound. Not a threatening high. I will recommend this. Taste is fantastic.

  5. Mike

    Blue Meanies taste great (as do all the mushroom edibles). One chocolate was a great dose for a beginner, trip was great and as expected by the description. Shipping quick and very discreet, will definitely order again.

  6. Jake

    Amazing chocolates! I had a wonderful experience with my best friend on these. We each took one and went for a bike ride. I was expecting a mild experience and was blown away at the level of fish-eye/overall shimmering rainbow visuals. Neither of us had any nausea, it kicked in fast, and the trip lasted a solid 5 hours.
    Definitely will be getting these again!

  7. Rob

    Pretty good!

  8. Sunny

    Chocolate infused with Blue Meanies magic mushrooms is a tantalizing fusion of flavor and mystique, offering a one-of-a-kind journey into the depths of the mind. As an adventurous soul, I approached this intriguing treat with a mix of curiosity and excitement. The velvety richness of the chocolate beautifully complemented the unique earthy taste of the Blue Meanies mushrooms, creating a surprisingly delicious combination. Upon consumption, a gentle wave of euphoria washed over me, and I felt a sense of heightened awareness and connection to the world around me. The visuals that followed were awe-inspiring, with colors dancing and shifting like cosmic brushstrokes on the canvas of my imagination. The experience was both introspective and transformative, leading me through a labyrinth of emotions and introspection. It was as if the chocolate itself held the secrets to unlocking the mysteries of the mind, while the Blue Meanies served as wise guides to navigate this inner landscape. This enchanting blend of flavors and psychedelic potency left me with a profound sense of awe and gratitude, appreciating the magical power of nature’s gifts and the boundless potential of the human spirit.

  9. Simon

    This is definitely my favourite out of all the chocolates I’ve tried on here, always have such a fun and highly high and the effects are super smooth when coming up and down

  10. Jasmine

    This is a super fun strain! I had a lot of visuals followed by a lot of giggles towards the end. These are more of a showy psychedelic trip filled with energy and vibrance rather than relaxation with something like golden teachers, for example. This is your “have fun “ psilocybin chocolate. If you are going to listen to trippy music and use crazy lights etc. this would be the one that you would want to go with. More of a party trip for sure. More energy and less drowsiness.

  11. Shellena

    Pleasant buzz without being too intense! I enjoyed these!

  12. Lisa

    First time trying your Blue Meanies.
    Took 1/4 at 11:00 a.m. and continued 1/4 every half hour.
    The only trip I took was to the washroom.
    Super disappointed as I had an amazing experience 2 weeks ago with the same from another company.
    Hopefully the other varieties are true to an experience.
    Hopefully not giving away whole purchase of 20 assorted.

  13. Jacob

    The Blue Meanies Chocolate aren’t mean at all! Give them a try! Not as strong as your Penis Envy Chocolates but still powerful enough to get you to where you need to go! No taste of shrooms, masked by the Dark Chocolate! Awesome visuals and giggles all around!

    Not as cost effective as grabbing an ounce or half ounce for hero doses.
    Be sure to pick these up in your arsenal if you like a little treat and a good time !

  14. Dan

    didn’t notice a difference in the shroom high but it was good

  15. Mike

    So I tried the Red (Penis Envy) chocolates and had a great experience. These silver ones, not so much. I only had 3/4 of the chocolate and It was an intense (i’m a newbie). Was not enjoying the high it gave , lasted a couple hours just waiting to come down and finally went to bed feeling sickish. Fell asleep and woke some time later in absolute hot sweats, crazy dreams

  16. Sarah

    I loveeeee this product. Took this chocolate thinking 1gram would be perfect for me (I would say I am a lightweight) and it was absolutely perfect. Mild stomach upset but it passed, and I had a great trip. Just felt enlightened, in a great mood, and very giggly. My mood was excellent and everything just felt right. I will definitely buy this again in different strains. The chocolate was much smaller than I anticipated (maybe 1 inch in diameter) but it was a perfect size. Highly recommend!

  17. Josh

    Very experienced user here. Blue meanies have always been a favourite strain for raw mushrooms, but these chocolates hit you like a cosmic semi-truck. One of these will have you laughing your butt off, 2 will produce some nice mellow patterns and visual effects. 4-5 and you are full cosmic trip. Perfect for outdoors or a movie binge with bright colours ! Enjoy and always be safe and cautious when doing it the first time

  18. Mackenzie

    Amazing chocolate 12/10 would buy again!!!

  19. Tae

    I took two grams and it was quite strong. It started to hit after 30mins or so. The visuals were intense. If this is your first try at 2 grams, I recommend doing it at home, in a quite setting first before venturing outside. Go with the flow and go wherever it takes you. And don’t forget to breathe.

  20. Ryan

    I’ve tried mostly all of the different chocolates from this site and I have to say, none of them ever disappoint. These ones however; have to be my all time favourite. I am an experienced user and I took three of these and had the best high of my life. Highly recommend and will be ordering again! Thanks again MMJ Direct!

  21. Eyal

    Great strain! Smiles and visuals

  22. Rebecca

    The flavour is totally fine, considering there are mushrooms in them. Way better than chomping on dried mushrooms.
    I took one before going to a comedy show and it was a great idea. I felt actually high on mushrooms for maybe 15 minutes, but generally just felt really great. It put me at ease and allowed me to really relax and enjoy the night.
    I will definitely buy again

  23. Mint

    Really loved these for a ‘shorter’ experience. Lasted around 5-6 hours without having to boost. Was great for a late in the day relaxation time but with enough time to go to sleep regularly at the end.

  24. Hugues

    Produit sympathique! Aussi efficace qu’en champi, mais meilleur au goût! Recommande .5 g ou 1g pour commencer, et ajuster selon l’expérience recherchée. Je ne sais pas encore si je préfère celui-ci ou le choco gold teacher. Mais j’aime leffet des 2.

  25. Franco

    To be honest, I have trouble differentiation between the types of chocolate. As always the tast was just like dark chocolate and had a happy high

  26. Tess

    I’m a BIG fan of the blue meanies. I find them so visually stimulating. I feel like I’ve had 3 months of therapy by the end of my trip. However, sometimes eating the physical mushrooms can make my stomach feel gross, but these chocolates make consumption super easy and cut down on the stomach discomfort. I definitely recommend these chocolates to anyone who wants to ease themselves into a perfectly pleasant high with little to no stomach discomfort. It’s like the first class trip. 10/10

  27. Mike

    I have tried a few different Psilocybin (Golden Teacher ,Penis Envy and Star Blend) chocolates theses are very good I ate 4 and had a amazing experience, I’m not a fan of dark chocolate but it tastes way better than eating a mushroom 🙂 theses are very strong! on par with Penis envy chocolates .

  28. Zak

    Never tried Blue Meanies before, but I will definitely be buying them again. I took one about an hour or so before watching a few stand up specials online. It took a little while to before it kicked in but it did I could not stop laughing. I mean non-stop for a couple of hours. It was brilliant. I even woke up the next day still smiling.

  29. Yves

    This chocolaté is potent the taste is great as always . Love the quality of mmj direct products. Strong buzz well done.

  30. Daria

    I’ve only had a bad trip once, and it was from this edible. It may or may not have been my fault (I dosed too soon after a previous trip), but from what I hear about Blue Meanies, it might just be the strain. It sounds a bit more intense than other mushies.

    To be clear, it was a mini bad trip. I understood what was happening, and managed to breathe my way out of it within 20 minutes. After which, the trip visuals completely stopped right after the come-up. For the rest of the evening I was stuck with effects similar to a low dose of weed. Strange spatial relations (like feeling small in a large room), trouble focusing, blurry vision. But definitely not a mushroom-like state!

    I did re-stock on this to try again when I feel brave enough, but that time has not come yet 😛 One positive comment though…when I went to sleep that night, I saw very slight off-shooting rainbow colored tracers, as if the Mushroom Kingdom was reassuring me I’d be welcomed back next time.

  31. Morgan

    I had only ever tried the golden teachers strain but like anything you use it enough it loses some effect after a while. I tried this strain and got a good buzz off of 1 gram chocolate. Body buzz, major relaxing vibes, not too overly. IF you want more visuals maybe take 2.

  32. David

    Have you seen that movie, Murder on the Nile? The new Hercule Poirot movie, kinda boring, most people guess who the murderers are before anyone dies?

    Well, my partner and I each did a reasonable amount of Blue Meanies (like a little over a gram) and laughed our asses off during the movie. These gems can make anything fun.

    I would say this is my favourite strain, by far. I don’t micro-dose with Blue Meanies, these are for the good times.

  33. Carol

    These are my favourite shrooms!! The visuals are colourful and vibrant. My mood is happy. And I get the best giggles. Number 1 strain in my opinion!!

  34. Michael

    I love these chocolates. Compared to the Penis Envy, I can’t decide which I like more! This high I felt was a little more “extreme”, but in a good way. The chocolate tastes great, practically zero shroom taste. I ate the whole chocolate at once, and only took 30mins to kick in. Very intense high for over an hour, then it calmed down and I fell asleep, and slept amazing! Eliminated all of my tension in my body. Amazing product!!

  35. Jenna

    First time user, split the chocolate with a friend and had the most visual experience I’ve ever had with mushrooms. Flavor is great, slight earthy undertone but a clean chocolate flavor. Excellent high, very nice body feeling

  36. Sally

    Beautifully packaged and quickly shipped. A delicious and easy way to consume mushrooms. Also set up to be simply cut for 4 microdoses of 250gm.

  37. Mary

    Blue meanie chocolates are where it’s at! Firstly let me say that these chocolates come well made and packaged and taste great. I really appreciate the fact that they aren’t too pulpy.

    They work quickly and provide for an awesome trip. I really enjoy the psychedelic’s I had on these blue meanie chocolates

  38. Stephane

    Excellent experience. Free association of unusual thoughts. Takes 30mn to kick in so be patient. It’s a good product if you are in a bad mood or if you are just curious to experience something different.

  39. Randy

    These rock your socks off!

  40. Harrison

    I bought this because I heard it was an excellent strain. I was not disappointed. I didn’t feel the traditional stomach irritating properties of other strains, and could barely taste the mushrooms in the chocolate.

    Overall the experience was excellent and I’m buying them again right now. I can’t recommend these enough!

  41. Warren

    Took 2 chocolates and had a very vivid visual experience. Tree bark came alive, music melted into my body making me feel very happy and when I closed my eyes it was like fractals multiplied into another dimension.

    The chocolate is a pleasant dark chocolate with no bad taste. Took about 45 minutes to kick in with the meat of the experience lasting 2 hours with a 2 hour gentle come down. I felt soothed and very relaxed afterwards.

    Highly recommend. I think 2 chocolates is ideal for having an experience while still having some control.

  42. Mathieu

    Great new strain that I hadent tried, will buy again in the future

  43. Vivian

    I took 3/4 and was extremely giggly and relaxed! Had the greatest time on the couch eating Smartfood popcorn. Visuals weren’t crazy and they’re not as powerful as Penis Envy.

  44. Kieran

    Very pleasant experience.
    I decided to eat one of these chocolates and then go for a bike ride with my sister. The taste of these is very nice. They taste just like dark chocolate. As soon as I entered the forest I felt very in tune and connected with nature. I felt very happy and connected well with my sister as well as with strangers when they passed by. My sister couldn’t tell that I was on mushrooms but we were laughing a lot throughout the whole bike ride. My anxiety and depression were completely eradicated during this experience. As I stared at objects they started to get wavy but I was more intruiged by the ego dissolution portion of this. It felt like I was having real human to human conversations. If you are looking for a blissful mushroom experience with great taste then this is the product for you! I would also highly recommend this for beginners.

  45. Meredith

    tasty chocolates, good high, very little ‘shroom’ flavour, which is good

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