Black Domina

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Black Domina Information

This batch is a standard outdoor grown Black Domina with medium sized and decently trimmed buds. A pungent, earthy nose.

Since this batch is outdoor grown the THC will be at 7-12%.

Below is a general description for the Black Domina, please note that the THC described below would be if this was not outdoor grown:

Black Domina is the type of strain you want in your collection for when the real fatigue and exhaustion hits. Due to its 95% Indica profile, this strain is almost fully focused on physical sedation and relaxation. There’s only a dash of euphoria and upliftment that envelops your mind during the first few minutes of the high. After that, the full body high takes over the controls, putting you in a sleepy, lethargic, and lazy state that never gets old.

What does Black Domina look and taste like?


With buds as dark-green as shaded leaves in a tropical forest at night, Black Domina fully deserves its name. You may also notice purple hues running down the stalk of the plant, colouring some of the leaves and buds. As for the nugs, they’re very sticky and resinous, with bright-orange hairs surrounding them. Some nugs are even fully covered in orange hairs, but that’s not all. The last nail in this delicious-looking coffin is the layer of frosty trichomes covering the entire plant.

Black Domina’s flavour is mainly citrusy, with hints of coffee and nuts. This combination may not sound tasty at first but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Consumers claim that the lemon flavour combines perfectly with the nutty roughness of the coffee aroma. On the exhale, you’ll feel berries, earthy nuttiness, and peppery woodiness that could contain a hint of spiciness. Everyone should enjoy this highly complex flavour with intense turnarounds!

What effects does Black Domina have?


As we said in the beginning, this strain is almost exclusively a pure Indica strain, with only 5% Sativa inheritance. Its parents are Northern Lights, Hash Plant, Ortega, and Afghani SA, all of which are potent Indica strains. In turn, Black Domina has an 18-24% THC concentration that perfectly matches its sedative predilections. Once you taste it, you may feel a cerebral buzzing improving your mood and instilling a state of temporary euphoria. But that’s just a passing state that quickly settles down.

As the high reaches its peak, Black Domina’s effects take a turn for the better, in a journey of relaxation and sedation. Sleepiness, lethargy, soothing sedation and a full-body high that should heal your worst medical conditions, Black Domina has everything you need! In fact, this strain may be a good option for treating a wide variety of medical conditions and symptoms, including:

  • Nausea
  • PTSD
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Chronic pains
  • Arthritis
  • Inflammation
  • Insomnia
  • Loss of appetite
  • Migraines
  • Muscle spasms

42 reviews for Black Domina

  1. Jean

    Very smooth

  2. Philippe

    Amazing outdoor grown!

  3. Rebecca

    My first outdoor strain. It was a great price and worth the try! Good for bedtime

  4. Holt

    This was as described.

  5. Samuel

    I was impressed with Black Domina, it was very tasty. Definitely worth it. A great weed for the price 🙂

  6. Dany

    Actually im impressed ,it get me real stone , has a nice peppery smell,a bit dry could have been more fresh but not harsh and burn good!overall 4/5 solid outdoor

  7. Viviane

    The smell is quite strong and noticeable
    I smoked while being at my home to avoid disturbing anyone

  8. Deryk

    Gotta love this outdoor grown Black Domina strain. Its not too much yet not too little of enough of a glow. I tried it just because I enjoy trying new strains to me and my wife. This one did not disappoint either of us. Smoking this product gave my wife great relief from chronic back pain, and fibromyalgia. For me it worked wonders on my chronic back pain as well. And it also gave me a better appetite followed by a great restful sleep.
    Relaxed muscles. Eased joint pain. Put depression and anxiety levels to a nice calm feeling.
    I recommend to everyone, and will continue to do so with family and friends as well.
    Overall I give Black Domina at least a 4 out of 5⭐ rating.
    Will def reorder more of these in the future!! Thank you MMJ 🙏

  9. Aidan

    Nice strain for the money! Okay to smoke and great for baking, for 50$/o on sale you really can’t go wrong with this!

  10. Jonathan

    This stuff is fantastic! I find I get a different kind of high. Maybe it has to do with the way it’s grown in a more natural setting, but its a good companion for meditation 🧘

    I am pretty sensitive to THC, so it doesn take much for me to fligh high, and I find this stuff is surprisingly potent even compared to stuff that has a higher THC %.

    I use a dry herb vape, so I’m not sure if that might make a difference or not.

    I find it’s really good as a top up half way through the night to stay afloat. I ordered like 14 grams and I’m sure it will last me until the end of time 😂.

    It’s wonderful for a little kick to help you sleep as well!

    Definitly would reccomend 😊

  11. ADAM

    Honesty alert, I smoked a couple reefers out of this and well it’s outdoor black D. The pretty much total reason I got this stuff is for pain relief for my children’s rabbit ( which is 11 years old). Made some butter with a few grams for my brother (barely uses) and he seemed to think it was just the right potency. So in closing cheap, outdoor, as advertised mj. Probably wouldn’t go this route again as on the sale days for the change in your pocket extra, you can grab a bag worth smoking, processing, unless the rabbit lives til 20years old. HAHA!!

  12. Cameron

    Not the greatest tasting. Good for cooking but wouldnt buy to smoke again

  13. Benjamin

    vraiment un weed outdoor classique pour les budgets étudiant ca fait la job mais pour cette génétique ses bien réussie bon produit

  14. Spencer

    You can’t go wrong for the price. It’s well grown outdoor. Relaxing, a bit more potent than I expected (granted I expected very, very little). Definitely worth the 10ish dollars I paid for a 3.5. Ended up putting most of it in a brownie batch where it blended in very nicely.

  15. Dylan

    This is exactly what you would expect! Not the hardest hitting stuff, not the most complex flavour, but very enjoyable. For the price, you can’t go wrong. This stuff is great at getting the edge off of things without getting stoned!

  16. Dom

    Wasn’t expecting much for the price I bought as but I was pleasantly surprised when I i lit it up definitely recommend

  17. Aaron

    Got this to help manage asthma symptoms and it works great at suppressing my cough and opening the airways! Black Domina has high Myrcine content. MMJ says this batch has 7-12% THC which seems about right. Not that flavorful, not that strong… but the price is set accordingly. I’m buying more oz’s today!

  18. Travis

    Let me start by saying this is a solid bud. Regardless of it’s price. That being said, it’s slightly more prone to giving some cotton mouth in my opinion, but it’s really not an issue. It could be due to the leaves on the bud, but it’s actually well trimmed.

    The aroma of this stuff is that “classic bud” kind of smell. Nothing special, but sometimes that’s what makes it special, you know? Perhaps a slight “grape-like” and sweetness aroma as well. The smoke it very smooth and slightly bitter. Still pleasant. It burns slowly and is fantastic for joints.

    The high is very laid back and easy going. Definitely a creeper, but not overwhelming at all. Very euphoric and can give a pretty heavy indica stone if you smoke enough of it.

    Overall, for the price.. you absolutely cannot beat the value. 10/10 would purchase again. Balanced, cheap, smooth and easy to stock up on.

  19. Brittany

    This stuff has saved my life a few times. Budget wise it’s always on sale and I can get a good amount so I can bulk up so as not to run out! When you smoke every single day, multiple times a day, it gets pricy and I don’t live the high financial life so this stuff helps me keep my state of mind without breaking bank. 💸💰🪙💶💵🌬💨

  20. Jennifer

    I order this often, mostly because of the price. It’s a bit tame and great for daytime smoking or when you don’t want to be too fried. Smells like outside and nice to smoke.

  21. Chris

    This is a really good indica for outdoor grown. If your new to cannabis outdoor grown is a little weaker and offers a more chill high. I use this as a filler with AAAA varieties. The taste is herbal and absolutely will not burn your throat from larger hits. Highly …highly recommend black domina.

  22. Olivia

    This strain is def worth it, amazing price for the high. I find outdoor grown not as strong but this one is amazing. Perfect for big blunts!

  23. mathieu

    Once again you guys never fail to amaze me.To be able to get at this price a quality sun grown flower like that,is just amazing.Im very happy with this purchase.Just wish I would have bought more 🙂

  24. Emily

    My fave: can’t beat a $70 ounce, especially one this pretty and approachable. Green, but with flecks of white and purple, there’s no distinct smell or taste, but this is one of those ‘get some work done in a chill mood’ type of flowers. At higher doses terrific for falling asleep!

  25. Gregory

    As I am a middle aged herb enthusiast,I’m pretty much an easy bake. I Originally bought this to top up my order for free shipping and I was really impressed with the strength considering the price
    The high is chill and very tranquil, I found myself choosing this strain for the last one of the day. The high hits you in around 15 minutes first tranquil then the munchies may kick in. I found around 45-60 minutes later it was lights out. For budget weed I recommend.

  26. William

    The stuff was good quality outdoor, good smell taste and clean smoke, would definitely order more, just like I am going to do right now. Thank you

  27. Georgia

    Great for an outdoor, great price. Given the price I did not expect the quality I received. I have purchased it before, and will do so again. Again, the price is too good to beat.

  28. Maude

    First time ordering BD Outdoor, was expecting something worse than it was. This strain is perfect for a late-night smoke-sesh, you definitely want your errands and chores done before toking on this bad-boy. I only vape and with Black Domina I got a sufficient level of pain relief and duration that was strong enough to be overpowering if I vaped a whole .2g but I would often just pack my vape and hit it about 9 – 11 times at 385° which was enough to last a nightly toke session followed by a wake and bake. It was a great entry level Indica that I would recommend as one of the cheaper options to seek if price is what matters to you. I wasn’t able to get a sufficient level Body High.

  29. Dylan

    I was defanitly expecting alot worse than it was! This is by far the best cheap weed i have ever had!

  30. Edward

    Not bad for the price, and I love me some “natural” weed!

  31. Paul

    Nice fluffy buds with decent trichome coverage. Good deal for the price. Thanks MMJDirect!

  32. Winstonite

    Absolutely fantastic for the price! This will be the second time that I will have purchased the same bud. The first time I got a mixture of a couple, but I always chose this one to start my day off with. And allow me to work outdoors and be creative, without having too much of a lag down. This is a great weed if you want to be productive during the day. Just roll yourself a couple small ones and get started to whatever you need to be doing.

  33. Ryan

    Great for the price, smokes nice and solid buzz for an outdoor

  34. Michel

    My first order of Black Domina (Outdoor Grown) was almost PERFECT, The look the smells and the taste but the weed was dry a little bit.

    I made a comment about it and they but a ‘humidity control bag’ with it,Problem solved !!
    The second order was…different,i ordered the Black Domina (Outdoor Grown) again but the look and the smells was not the same…different batch i guess but overall im satisfied every time i order something here 🙂 !

  35. Annie

    Fast Shipping! And you can’t complain about the price. You won’t be disappointed! It’s very relaxing after a long day at work.

  36. Philip

    First order and I have to give it a 5 star. Delivery amazing. Cure on point. Price on sale was crazy. Great value and an enjoyable outdoor product.

  37. Dannick

    Ok sérieusement pour le prix j’ai jamais vue du out comme celui ci un goût, le buzz est plus que raisonnable après une bonne journée a job surtout si tu as un budget limité foncé tant qu’il y en as👌👌👌👌👌👌😉😉😉

  38. Joshua

    This a train is honestly a steal!!! For the price there is no better deal. If you are looking for a great high…. Mix this outdoor grown bud with and indoor. You’ll be knocked out in 30-40 minutes. Amazing!!!! # good deal!!!

  39. Neil

    Nice flavor, obviously an outdoor, bushy and hearty plant. Thick stems. Not super potent but a nice smoke.

  40. Romain

    Going straight to the point : this is better what you expect for a $2 strain. Very much so that I initially purchased an 1/2oz followed by 1oz 2 weeks after. As per outdoor grown, obviously the trim is leafy, the green is more natural and the buds are a bit lighter. But to be honest, it does the job very well, especially if you go the mix route. What I mean by that is rolling half Black domina and half some other premium strain. It gives a real nice balance to it, to soften the hard hitting indica for an excellent all around mellow high for example, not to mention that the taste is not too pronounced. But please remove most of the leaves before you grind otherwise too much chlorophyll can be bitter and/or give headaches sometimes.
    Recommend 100%, will purchase more if it becomes available again FOR SURE.

  41. George

    Honestly for it’s price it is great. After a long day at work (11 hours in a restaurant behind the pizza oven) i enjoy the relaxation of the muscles and the decrease of anxiety this item provides.

    Perfect before bedtime as it kicks slowly and starts the process of floating your body to sleep. Very recommended stuff. Will always have this in my cabinet for after the long hours of work. Cheers

  42. Guillaume

    it’s a very good deal .. good taste and very good effect for the price! I will buy it back!

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