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Bubba Kush Information

The Bubba Kush strain is one of the most famous strains in the world, a 100% pure Indica strain with 15-18% THC concentration. It can go even higher, much higher, reaching all the way to 27% in some cases. This is a relaxing weed strain that’s still relatively unknown in terms of its origins. We do know that it comes from the Hindu Kush mountains, though. The couch-lock experience will leave your body and mind in a healing state!

The main flavour is that of coffee combined with herbal woodiness, while the aromas remind you of spicy kush and sweet pungency. Needless to say, countless medical patients use this strain to treat their medical symptoms, including anxiety, depression, insomnia, loss of appetite, and nausea. When you want to relax and have a taste of the true ganja state, Bubba Kush is your best friend!

What does Bubba Kush look and taste like?

First things first – Bubba Kush has bright-green buds surrounded by a sweet resin and amber hairs. There are shades of purple surrounding the buds. Last but not least, there’s a thick coat of frosty trichomes covering the resinous buds. Truth be told, this is quite a sticky and sugary strain, considering all the trichomes and resin on the buds. If you like how this sounds, then you’re in for a visual treat!

As for its flavour, Bubba Kush reeks of pungent coffee and earthy woodiness. As soon as you take a smoke, your mouth will fill with a strong odour of herbal sweetness and spicy woodiness. You’ll almost want to try another mouth, though you should fully inhale the first one to see how your body reacts. The effects may be too much to bear. After all, this strain has a higher THC concentration.

What are the effects of Bubba Kush like?

Bubba Kush is simple yet powerful in an expected way. This is a 100% Indica weed strain that fully emphasizes physical relaxation and sedation. We can even call out the couch-lock sensation that’ll place your body under stasis. You’ll barely feel a thing, including pains, aches, and other bodily discomfort. If you suffer from arthritis or other chronic pains, Bubba Kush should help you with these symptoms.

Why not increase your quality of life by taking a few smokes from this strain? It’s simple enough to smoke after you figure out your tolerance level. We recommend start low and increasing your dose as you go. Though, you should be able to manage the psychoactive experience even if it goes out of hand a bit. The effects are only going to be more intense, which is exactly what you want!

55 reviews for Bubba Kush

  1. Cassie

    awesome smoke, burns well. tastes delish and gets you nice and high:) highly recommend

  2. Jason

    Nice size buds.tight ,burns good taste and smells good the buzz is very relaxing.great for afternoon buzz.definetly would buy. Ore when available

  3. Davis

    A mellow Indica to help unwind at the end of the day.

  4. Jacob

    Picked up an ounce of Bubba Kush after trying some prerolls from the local dispensary. The taste was good and provided a nice indica buzz, but the bud felt a little bit weaker than what I was used to. Love the smell and taste of this strain, for an attractive price. The bud was a little bit wet, and I chose to let it dry out a bit more before getting at it.

    Try it out for yourself and be sure to leave a review to let others know of your experiences!

  5. Lauryn

    Perfect for the day time – still productive with a little head rush

  6. Karl

    one of my favorite strain for relaxing , nice taste to it too

  7. Shaun

    This one is great for baking and the bong, less so for rolling unless you let it air out a bit. If not, you’ll find your joint to smoke poorly due to the high water content that exudes oils and creates runs. This is a first class strain to create butter or baking, the effects are most profound via edibles for those seeking relief from chronic arthritis, nerve pain such as sciatica or if your something just hurts, including your brain from thinking too much or too hard. be wary of this one if you’ve got to be johnny on the spot mentally, this one is meant for watching the Dazed and Confused and waking up the with TV screen snowing on your.

  8. Rebecca

    A classic! Good for end of day, and very consistent. I always throw in a bit of this strain in my order

  9. Victor

    Got this for nighttime use, was drawn to it because it’s 100% indica. Was pleasantly surprised! This one is very very relaxing, and not too harsh of a smoke. Relaxes the whole body and calms the mind. Makes you feel like you’re wrapped in a warm blanket 🥰 doesn’t immediately knock me out but allows my body and mind to wind down easily to sleep. Helped with tension in my muscles and also eases nausea and headaches. This would be a good strain for anyone who’s looking for a strong indica strain with potent effects that won’t hurt your thorat too much.

  10. Benjamin

    super classic kush parfait pour l heure du dodo fort sedative belle nug

  11. Felix

    A Classic kush. I would recommend 🙂

  12. Mike

    Definitely a decent night time smoke before bed. If you need a little extra punch on what you usually have for evenings this should help. Pungent flavor, a little dry surprisingly and a bit harsher than I’ve had previously. Overall 4 stars, it’s not premo but it’s still a fairly high quality.

  13. Fernando

    Was pleasantly surprised with this! A good anytime indica, gives a nice mellow high that’s clear headed enough that you could smoke this in the morning and still go about your day without being sluggish. Still nice enough to really relax on a night smoke. Decent bud size.

  14. jennifer

    It’s good stuff, and you can’t go wrong with the price.

  15. Brett

    Great high will order again

  16. Maude

    This is a strain sure to please most everyone that tries it. It’s ridiculously euphoric and is perfect for stress, anxiety, depression, and chronic pain. Don’t expect to be doing too much after you smoke this strain, as it’s intensely indica and will leave you stuck to the couch. The mental and physical euphoria pair incredibly well and you’ll be smiling like an idiot before long, and you may find yourself caught up in major laughing fits. Bubba is also notorious for causing munchies so make sure you’ve assembled all the snacks you’ll need before getting too far into your session. The buds of this strain smell incredible. They’re very sweet and smell of chocolate and spices, and have a similar taste when smoked. The smoke is reminiscent of a fine cigar, and tends to taste of spices and chocolate, while also having a pungency that many strains lack. It’s also quite sweet and has undertones of desserts such as cinnamon rolls and cheese danishes. I’d recommend this strain to both recreational and medical users alike. A very powerful strain indeed and overwhelming in the best ways possible.

  17. Jeremy

    What more can be said about this legendary strain? It is powerful to varying degrees, potent, and priced appropriately. If you like indica then you won’t be disappointed with this one. It also tastes perfectly fine, and it looks cool to boot (if aesthetics are important to you) so I would say don’t sleep on this one. Easy 4/5 star rating.

  18. David

    The best yet! Absolutely amazing kick ass high!

  19. Jean Roch

    I usually only purchase quads but had limited funds available and needed to refill my jar. I prefer Indicas for my severe chronic insomnia and I must admit I was pleasantly surprised at the excellent bang for the buck I get from this strain, great-tasting and fresh as dislike over dried buds. I definitely recommend this strain for anyone who suffers from insomnia.

  20. Jessy


  21. Quentin

    Excellent quality smoke…its a 100% percent Indica so its great for relaxing in the evening and has a good balanced high. It hits quick (not a creeper) and has good hang time with a long slow comedown (classic Indica stone). Fantastic value and the buds were very fresh but burned great-smooth and tasty!

  22. Tyler

    This is a bonafide indica. Old school terp profile will leave you euphoric and relaxed. Great for muscle and mind relaxation, stims appetite. Great for mental health remedies, sleep and insomnia, or overall relaxation after a long day. Great smell and fresh bud. I’ve been buying this strain off the site for 4 years

  23. Cameron

    Good quality. Solid smoke. Overall great value

  24. Jonathan

    I baught a little bit to try it out, and sweet lord is it ever potent 😂😂

    Make sure you don’t have much to do that requires brain power after you use it hahaha!

    So good for letting go and just enjoying some good vibes. Especially if you got a few tunes on 🥰🥰

  25. Patrizia

    This strain is great for alleviating depression, anxiety, stress, PTSD and helps with SSD.

    Although a little harsh when smoking in a joint, it doesn’t leave a sore throat and the benefits outweigh a little coughing. Prefer smoking it with a water bong.

    Great for helping me relax before bed and get a more restful sleep.

  26. ADAM

    It’s bubba kush, has a bit of a rough taste to it, the ol perfume smothered in dirt. I purchased this on sale as I never would any other time and there again mmj is pretty much right on with bag for your buck 80 bucks a bag, the thc is all there and I manufacture most of this for a friend that has fibre myalgia so taste etc. is removed from the equation. What else can I say but on sale the economics are there for my situation. Thanks Ladies and gents

  27. Nicole

    Bubba Kush was one of the first strains I tried off the site.
    Wayyyy back in the beginning!!
    I’ve bought it almost every order since.
    It is my go to for bedtime.
    Rest and relax with this smooth flower.
    You won’t be dissapponted, especially for the price

  28. Ryan

    Nice indica bud. Not crazy potent to the point of knocking you out but it’s still a very nice, relaxing and euphoric, couch lock high. I use for morning and day time smoke for my anxiety/panic attacks and bipolar disorder. It is a strong enough indica to keep my symptoms at bay but not too heavy where you can’t function.
    Nicely grown, cultivated and trimmed buds. Most definitely worth the money. If you’re looking for a night time indica bud for sleep/pain this strain is okay but I’d suggest something a little more potent/high end. Overall great bang for buck. Would recommend to anyone looking for a nice, skunky, clean indica but not crazy stupid potent but not also not bad at all.

  29. Dom

    Amazing for the price will definitely buy again and highly recommend

  30. Alicia

    I bought this for sleep and hoo boy she does it!! Very sleepy, deep couchlock, lots of yawns. Good for undoing muscle knots and anxiety. Definitely buying this again.

  31. Rodney

    This strain is one of my go to Indica products that I like to stock up on as it is a great product to sample just before bedtime. Definitely helps with the anxiety and any issues with insomnia so you are always guaranteed to have a good restful sleep following a few evening hits.

  32. Michael

    Great Buds, nice smoking, even better price!

  33. Chris

    Bubba kush is very intoxicating. If you have troubles sleeping the burn out will knock you flat on your Keaster. You will wonder why you never accepted this in your life. I highly recommend this for those days you may be feeling low.

    If you are like myself who can get noidz from smoking too much, I would recommend you dial back a couple of hits.

  34. Olivia

    One of the best strains for sleeping and relaxing after a long day. Very potent and amazing flavor. Bubba kush will forever be in my cart.

  35. Pierre-Luc

    Nice indica, good bang for the buck! Me and my girlfriend are definitely not disapointed by this one!
    Helped a lot to go to bed, slept like a baby!

  36. Brenda

    This is an incredible bud. Very tasty flavour, pleasant relaxing high that doesn’t leave you a couch potatoes. I use it for migraines, OA, and fibromyalgia. I have been buying from an LP for the last 5 years. Bubba Kush was not as dry as the stuff I use getting and therefore I don’t cough as much. Very smooth. Will definitely buy again. 5 stars thats for sure.

  37. Georgia

    Great bud, potent, burns well, tastes good, great price. Always a classic

  38. Adam

    my go to for insomnia, lovely sweet scent, potent couch lock, and an all time favorite strain if not one of the best indica strains.

  39. Drake

    This is my First time trying Bubba Kush, I had previously avoided it because I was concerned it would just put me to sleep,  however I’m happy to say the bubba kush has exceeded my expectations.  Both in the high and the quality of the bud.

    First off, this bud is quite frosty, better than expected quite sticky and lots a beautiful little hairs and the almost spotting of dark purple leaves is very nice on the eyes.

    Second,  the buds are similar to the picture,  however I was pleasantly surprised to find a nice variety of long and skinny nugs as well as some chunkier nugs. All the nugs are light and fluffy making them a breeze to bust up.

    Overall: Great bud for a great price, perfect for night time or relaxation time.

  40. Guillaume

    wow, what a deal.. the smoke is soft, potent and tasty! i like it for relaxing!

  41. Fadi

    so relaxing and not over whelming. the taste and bud is so beautiful too

  42. Michael

    This Bubba Kush strain is an exceptionally effective muscle relaxant. Muscle tension is easily eased with a couple of puffs of this strain, and a pleasant, heavy euphoria is quickly observed.

  43. Dannick

    Good stuff good Price i love it

  44. Neil

    Proper Bubba Kush. Sweet, powerful, very clean.

  45. Danielle

    Got this on sale in small buds but they were still really fresh and smoked really nice. I am not the best at describing smells and flavours but it was a nice earthy smell and it smoked really well. Aftertaste was good too and helped me relax in the evenings but didn’t make me want to pass out either. I smoke a lot so the high was really good too. Would definitely buy again was a great strain.

  46. Bernice

    This Indica strain worked so well in the pain cream I make for my husband
    who has MS. Worked better than anything I have tried. Matched it with a

  47. Kevin

    Pretty rough, didn’t get high that much but still did the job.

  48. Jas

    Very potent strong relaxing feeling. One of the better indicas on mmj for the price

  49. Cedrick

    Comme la description du site la si bien dit cest un tres bon indica ! Feel super relax et as bon gout je le recommande a tous ceux qui aime ce strain!

  50. Morgan

    I enjoyed this strain it was decent for the price. Even better when its on sale! Maybe a little harsh on my throat not as smooth as others. So if that’s something you don’t like keep that in mind. But good buzz for late nights.. Not for daytime

  51. Tim

    Yet another tasty strain from MMJ Direct. Great for a before bed smoke. I like it a lot I give it five out of 5 for smell 5 out of 5 for taste and 5 out of 5 for effects

  52. Ricky

    Great smoke hits hard great for bed time use

  53. Matthew

    wow. This strain alleviates insomnia, depression, stress, and/or ADD/AD. I Used it for my ADHD And wow did this help. it steams from hindu kush varitey and you can really tell. its so relaxing and not over whelming. the taste and bud is so beautiful too. id highly refer this to anyone for anything.

  54. Viviane

    Og strain
    Crowd pleaser
    perfect to share

  55. Brant

    Classic kush and potent!

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