Bubba Kush

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100% Indica dominant

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Bubba Kush Information

The Bubba Kush strain is one of the most famous strains in the world, a 100% pure Indica strain with 15-18% THC concentration. It can go even higher, much higher, reaching all the way to 27% in some cases. This is a relaxing weed strain that’s still relatively unknown in terms of its origins. We do know that it comes from the Hindu Kush mountains, though. The couch-lock experience will leave your body and mind in a healing state!

The main flavour is that of coffee combined with herbal woodiness, while the aromas remind you of spicy kush and sweet pungency. Needless to say, countless medical patients use this strain to treat their medical symptoms, including anxiety, depression, insomnia, loss of appetite, and nausea. When you want to relax and have a taste of the true ganja state, Bubba Kush is your best friend!

What does Bubba Kush look and taste like?

First things first – Bubba Kush has bright-green buds surrounded by a sweet resin and amber hairs. There are shades of purple surrounding the buds. Last but not least, there’s a thick coat of frosty trichomes covering the resinous buds. Truth be told, this is quite a sticky and sugary strain, considering all the trichomes and resin on the buds. If you like how this sounds, then you’re in for a visual treat!

As for its flavour, Bubba Kush reeks of pungent coffee and earthy woodiness. As soon as you take a smoke, your mouth will fill with a strong odour of herbal sweetness and spicy woodiness. You’ll almost want to try another mouth, though you should fully inhale the first one to see how your body reacts. The effects may be too much to bear. After all, this strain has a higher THC concentration.

What are the effects of Bubba Kush like?

Bubba Kush is simple yet powerful in an expected way. This is a 100% Indica weed strain that fully emphasizes physical relaxation and sedation. We can even call out the couch-lock sensation that’ll place your body under stasis. You’ll barely feel a thing, including pains, aches, and other bodily discomfort. If you suffer from arthritis or other chronic pains, Bubba Kush should help you with these symptoms.

Why not increase your quality of life by taking a few smokes from this strain? It’s simple enough to smoke after you figure out your tolerance level. We recommend start low and increasing your dose as you go. Though, you should be able to manage the psychoactive experience even if it goes out of hand a bit. The effects are only going to be more intense, which is exactly what you want!

15 reviews for Bubba Kush

  1. Fadi

    so relaxing and not over whelming. the taste and bud is so beautiful too

  2. Michael

    This Bubba Kush strain is an exceptionally effective muscle relaxant. Muscle tension is easily eased with a couple of puffs of this strain, and a pleasant, heavy euphoria is quickly observed.

  3. Dannick

    Good stuff good Price i love it

  4. Neil

    Proper Bubba Kush. Sweet, powerful, very clean.

  5. Danielle

    Got this on sale in small buds but they were still really fresh and smoked really nice. I am not the best at describing smells and flavours but it was a nice earthy smell and it smoked really well. Aftertaste was good too and helped me relax in the evenings but didn’t make me want to pass out either. I smoke a lot so the high was really good too. Would definitely buy again was a great strain.

  6. Bernice

    This Indica strain worked so well in the pain cream I make for my husband
    who has MS. Worked better than anything I have tried. Matched it with a

  7. Kevin

    Pretty rough, didn’t get high that much but still did the job.

  8. Jas

    Very potent strong relaxing feeling. One of the better indicas on mmj for the price

  9. Cedrick

    Comme la description du site la si bien dit cest un tres bon indica ! Feel super relax et as bon gout je le recommande a tous ceux qui aime ce strain!

  10. Morgan

    I enjoyed this strain it was decent for the price. Even better when its on sale! Maybe a little harsh on my throat not as smooth as others. So if that’s something you don’t like keep that in mind. But good buzz for late nights.. Not for daytime

  11. Tim

    Yet another tasty strain from MMJ Direct. Great for a before bed smoke. I like it a lot I give it five out of 5 for smell 5 out of 5 for taste and 5 out of 5 for effects

  12. Ricky

    Great smoke hits hard great for bed time use

  13. Matthew

    wow. This strain alleviates insomnia, depression, stress, and/or ADD/AD. I Used it for my ADHD And wow did this help. it steams from hindu kush varitey and you can really tell. its so relaxing and not over whelming. the taste and bud is so beautiful too. id highly refer this to anyone for anything.

  14. Viviane

    Og strain
    Crowd pleaser
    perfect to share

  15. Brant

    Classic kush and potent!

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