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Black Triangle Information

Black Triangle is a cross between Triangle Kush and ’88 G13 Hashplant. This rare cannabis strain is generally 100% pure Indica, although some of its phenotypes do carry a variation with Sativa content as well. The THC levels of this marijuana bud usually range between 26% and 31%, resulting in a strong and long-lasting high.


The uplifting cerebral high of this weed strain may offer you a boost in the mood with a surge of happy feelings and creativity. The full-body high of Black Triangle can be intense and heavily sedative, making it a great strain to potentially relieve symptoms of chronic pain and even chronic stress. Because of its heavy Indica content, this cannabis flower should be used in the evening by more experienced users.


A High With A Euphoric Lift


Black Triangle can hit both the body and mind with a strength of happy feelings and deep relaxation that creates a tranquil state. The first wave of the high usually gives a euphoric boost that clears tensions and racing thoughts, leaving your mind unfocused and at ease. The body high that follows will most likely wash over you with heavy sedation that can cause a couch-lock effect and induce sleepiness.


Depression. One of the effects of this cannabis strain alleviates symptoms of depression and anxiety as it offers a euphoric lift.


Chronic pain. The pure Indica and high THC contents of Black Triangle may ease physical pains and aches, including muscle spasms, arthritis, and migraines.


Lack of appetite. The nausea-reducing effects of this marijuana bud may offer a boost in appetite.


Insomnia. With the happy high coupled with the pain-relieving effects, you may find it much easier to fall asleep and remain asleep throughout the night.


Tranquillity. The mentally and physically relaxing properties of Black Triangle usually deliver a sensation of calmness that puts both your mind and body at ease and rest.


A Sweet Vanilla Taste


Black Triangle carries a sweet vanilla note in both its aroma and flavour, followed by a citrusy pine burst as you exhale its smoke. Upon closer attention, you may notice a spicier touch in the aroma of this strain. A dank citrusy overtone may become more evident coupled with accents of vanilla and pungent earth.


Because of the intense cerebral and physical effects of this strain, Black Triangle should be a choice for more seasoned marijuana users.


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