Ice Cream Cake

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Ice Cream Cake is an award-winning cannabis strain with THC levels generally ranging between 20-25% offering moderate to high potency. This marijuana bud is known for its uplifting cerebral high that oftentimes creates feelings of happiness that usually offers a calming effect. With an Indica content of about 75% (Sativa 25%), this weed strain carries anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving effects that may soothe chronic pain and nausea.


Crossing Wedding Cake with Gelato #33 resulted in this great-tasting marijuana plant. With a blend of earthy vanilla sweetness and accentuated fuel undertones, the overall smoke of Ice Cream Cake usually offers a pleasant and rich experience. This cannabis bud is a great smoke in the evening because of its relaxing properties. Its potency might be best suited for more seasoned marijuana consumers.


Mentally Uplifting And Physically Relaxing High


Ice Cream Cake generally starts with a euphoric cerebral high that may guide you to a state of optimism coupled with feelings of happiness and ease. As the high continues making its effect, you may soon notice the relaxing physical and pain-soothing high. With a higher dosage, you may find yourself in a couch-lock state utterly relaxed covered in a warm blanket of bliss. The effects of this strain are generally quite potent.


Physical ailments. The sedative properties of this cannabis bud may soothe chronic pains, muscle spasms, or joint pains.


Nausea. Ice Cream Cake may ease symptoms of nausea and potentially increase appetite.


Mood disorders. Because of the euphoric, comforting, and uplifting effects of this marijuana plant, you may experience relief from depression and anxiety.


Stress. With the deeply relaxing properties of Ice Cream Cake, symptoms of stress may be replaced with a comforting sensation of calmness and ease.


Insomnia. The Indica component of this weed strain may deliver a sleepy sensation that could potentially help with sleep struggles.


A Creamy Taste


Ice Cream Cake is known for its sugary taste with hints of vanilla, creamy cheese, and nuts. With some batches, you can catch pungent notes typical of marijuana strains. Its aroma, as well as its taste, is quite complex with hints of herbs, fruits, and lavender. The creamy flavour of this bud usually offers a smooth smoke.




The densely packed nugs of Ice Cream Cake offer a visually beautiful admiration. Light and dark green nugs are accompanied by copper-orange pistils. A generous amount of white frosty trichomes cover the plant.

1 review for Ice Cream Cake

  1. Brandon

    I suppose I’m shooting myself in the foot here by giving this a great review as it will most likely not be around the next time I decide to get some. From the 8 strains I recently sampled this is by far my favorite and folks there was TWO strains from Gastown Collective in that lot.

    A wonderful balance of delicious taste and that dreamy indica daze, for me the effects are heightened by the taste / smell and in this case I get an exciting head rush when tasting it (Like Quadra from Broken Coast but not as sweet

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