Blue Guava

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50% Sativa / 50% Indica Hybrid

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Blue Guava Information

The Blue Guava cannabis strain comes from illustrious parentage – the Guava Kush and the Blue Dream strains. With such ancestry, it’s no wonder that this strain is a balanced hybrid with a good amount of THC. Blue Guava typically ranges around 18-22% but it can attain higher levels with ideal growing conditions.

The dark-green nugs invite the amber hairs to a dance of psychotropic effects, and the thick layer of trichomes only serves to prove the strength of this strain. The Blue Guava Canada is a very renowned cannabis strain, with many people preferring it over most other strains.

Euphoric high and relaxation state

This is a very balanced hybrid that won’t give you a heart attack just as it won’t put you to sleep for 3 days straight. Instead, it will start slowly with a state of euphoria and happiness.

Immediately after comes the relaxation, sometimes combining itself with the euphoria. Both body and mind will become mellow down to a level where all the stress will magically disappear. You might get some sleep while under the effects of the Blue Guava marijuana strain but it won’t be something forced. It’s not a couch-lock strain, after all. It does is give you physical relief and comfort, enough that it should last for a few hours.

Good for insomnia, stress, and anxiety

The calming and soothing effects will put you under a spell. Your psyche won’t reverberate as strongly when being put under duress or stressful situations. Instead, you’ll deal with them calmly, making the best decisions in those circumstances. The sweet and fruity flavor will take care of that! That’s how anxiety keeps its distance from you.

Because this Blue Guava review needs to be complete, we should mention how the strain helps insomniacs get a good night’s sleep. During this time, all your pains and aches will be greatly diminished, as if they’re just a dull reminder of the hard times. Buy Blue Guava cannabis online in Canada now. This strain may help you experience completely new sensations that bring your body to the peaks of relaxation and comfort!

9 reviews for Blue Guava

  1. Jad

    simply yum

  2. Eleni

    One of the tastiest strains I have tried. Potent and true to its description!

  3. Samra

    This is one of my absolute favourite strains! If not only smells amazing, but it tastes fantastic and hits so smooth.
    It has a sweet, fruity smell. You can definitely smell the guava.
    100% recommend!

  4. Dan

    Great looking buds, good smoke.
    Would definitely recommend.

  5. Jeff

    Really nice mid-day strain

  6. Dylan

    Excellent kind. Give a great long lasting high

  7. Kirsten

    Highly reccommend. Great taste and burns really well. High grade for sure

  8. Clement

    This will most likely become my go-to strand: perfect in every occasion!

  9. Tyrone

    This is a really nice hybrid. Has a nice smell to it, dense buds and great taste!

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