Blue Mataro

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Blue Mataro Information

Blue Mataro is a 70% Indica strain with a lot of THC at its beck and call. According to those who’ve tried it, this strain gets physical, close-up and personal. Its sedative potential is most likely off the charts, with a relaxing vibe that makes you want to keep on smoking forever. It won’t be long before you’re feeling sleepy and hungry, both at the same time. Its berry flavour will also drive you mad, probably!

What does Blue Mataro look and taste like?


It’s all about visual glamour and impressiveness when it comes to Blue Mataro. Its appearance is gorgeous based on its physical characteristics. The buds have super dense nugs that are forest-green. There are a few shades of bright-blue running down some of the nugs, creating a playful contrast with the thin, orange hairs that grow everywhere. Finally, there’s a sparkling coat of amber crystals covering everything, including the orange hairs. All of this looks extraordinary!

Yet, that’s not all that Blue Mataro has to offer. Indeed, this strain has more to offer, and it comes in the form of a super delicious flavour. Users fell in love with the berry-infused fruity flavour of this strain. There’s a sweet, herbal, and spicy aroma coming down on the exhale, alongside a strong vibe of earthiness. Though, the fruity berry taste is still predominant, no matter what. It’ll come back once you take another smoke!

How does Blue Mataro affect you?


Relaxation, euphoria, a bit of upliftment, some hunger, and lots of physical sedation – that’s what Blue Mataro has in store for you, probably. Based on user accounts, this strain is very cerebral at first, with a tingly sort-of effect that stimulate your mood and enhance your motivation. It’s very relaxing and happy, with a dose of healthy euphoria that should improve your mood instantly. That’s not all, though, since Blue Mataro is more Indica than Sativa.

We haven’t even talked about the physical effects. With 70% Indica and 22-24% THC, Blue Mataro has to have one of the most profound body highs in the world. It won’t only relax your mind and make you feel comfortable, but it should also sedate your muscles and help deal with pains. When you thought things couldn’t get any better, Blue Mataro comes and deals with various medical conditions such as:

  • Loss of appetite
  • Stress
  • Chronic pains
  • Depression
  • Insomnia
  • Migraines
  • Headaches
  • Inflammation
  • Arthritis
  • Neuropathic pains

8 reviews for Blue Mataro

  1. tanis

    5 stars! would buy again 😀

  2. bertrand

    Very good quality product. Big buds, well trimmed.
    Very potent strain with a smooth taste and a creamy feeling.
    At first it inspire you and get you focus, then you drifting toward a meditative state, where all your muscles are relaxed. If you don’t succumb to its sedativ effects, you will having munchies.
    I recommend this for home, to get sleep or appetite.

  3. Patrizia

    This has a nice buzz and tastes good but is a little on the harsh side when smoking in a joint. All in all, I really enjoyed it and it was very relaxing and helpful with pain control and sleep. Bought it again

  4. Erich

    5 stars! My favourite strain hands down! Great taste, nice and potent, beautiful to look at. You will NOT regret purchasing Blue Mataro. I’m getting another Oz as soon as possible!

  5. Daniel

    Blue Mataro is the strain you want to end your day with. You’re going to want to get some snacks, find something to watch and let your worries melt away into your couch-lock. Always high high THC content in this one, definitely a heavy hitter and makes those comedy movies just a little funnier and easier to laugh at.

    Got this strain for camping and it was great for watching the campfire, staring up at the stars and making some delicious s’mores (which btw may have tasted even better given the munchies from this one). 5/5 will definitely be ordering given the quality you get for the great price that MMJ always offers.

  6. Shannon

    Great deal when i bought it under 100$ an ounce a def buy again for that price might even buy a couple ounces next time. the bud on this website hasnt failed me yet and comparred to the numerous websites ive ordered from this is the best. nice semi sticky buds that give you just the right high you need. on top of that they are dence giving u a good grinding yield. 5/5 for price and buds

  7. Dylan

    Blue mataro is a good smooth strain. The buds are nice and large. Along with that, they are super dense. It is a very nice smoke. Overall i would get this one again!

  8. Ryan

    Big beautiful nugs. A nice mid grade. It has a gassy taste and a mild gorilla glue smell . I like it for before work or during an active outdoor activity. It is versatile tho as an indica dominant that it is still great at the end of the day.. for the price I dont know if I would purchase again. But again, the trim job is beautiful and these are large solid well grown nugs with beautiful deep orange hairs

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