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Trinity Information

A beguiling offering on the cannabis menu, Trinity, cloaks its lineage in a mystery. This strain leans towards the Sativa side, with a 75:25 Sativa to Indica ratio. With a potent THC concentration that fluctuates between 17% and 20%, Trinity bestows an energetic and uplifting experience, whisking users into a world of euphoria and creativity.

But Trinity is more than just its mystery lineage and potent kick. Its fascinating features extend to an enchanting visual presentation, an enticing aroma, and a flavour profile that engages the palate in a vibrant dance with a blend of citrus, sweet, lemon, pine, and woody notes.

Flavour and Aroma

Bearing witness to Trinity’s captivating flavour palette is similar to walking in a botanical garden. Each puff unravels notes of citrus, lemon, pine, and sweet, woody undertones. This delightful blend offers a flavour experience that echoes the strain’s dynamic character.

Mirroring its flavour, Trinity’s aroma is an equally engaging affair. The first sniff is greeted with a harmonious medley of earthy, lemon, and pine scents, all punctuated by a robust pungency. The final touch, a skunky undertone, cements Trinity’s distinct aroma profile, leaving a memorable sensory imprint.

Triune Treat: Effects, Potency, and Ideal Users

Embracing its Sativa-dominant lineage, Trinity offers an invigorating and uplifting experience, delivered through a potent THC punch of 17-20%. The high descends into an energising wave, sweeping users into a realm of euphoria and creativity. Yet, the Indica undercurrent is ever-present, ensuring a calming relaxation that gently grounds the experience.

Trinity is a fitting companion for those seeking an energetic daytime experience or a creative burst to ignite their evening. Its potency and balanced effects make it suitable for seasoned users who appreciate an engaging and invigorating high.

The Trio: Bud Structure, Colour, and Trichomes

In its physical form, Trinity radiates its unique charm. The buds are moderately sized, boasting a dense structure reminiscent of its Indica side. Their visual allure is elevated by an appealing colour play, with shades of green punctuated by fiery orange hairs.

Like a frosting on a cake, a generous layer of crystal trichomes blankets the buds, hinting at the potent journey packed within. The shimmering trichomes, a testament to Trinity’s potency, dance under the light, transforming the strain into a truly divine sight. 

4 reviews for Trinity

  1. Steve

    Still experimenting, but after eating a trinity cap I had the best day in a long time on many levels.
    I can see the therapeutic benefits but there’s still a lot of testing to do.

  2. Amanda

    I bought these on a whim and had them stashed in my freezer for about 6 months. Decided to take them to a friend’s place for a birthday celebration.

    I made tea with 3.5 grams for the two of us – my favourite way to enjoy mushrooms now, with a little herbal tea and lemon – let it steep about 30 minutes, and then served it over ice. We were not prepared for how strong Trinity mushrooms can be, but read that about them after our trip. Within 1/2 an hour we were feeling giddy and within the hour I was swept away by my entire field of vision filled up with what I can best describe as images that looked like they came from an ancient civilization, of birds, and eyes, and flowers, and other animals.

    We were very present and the trip was therapeutic for both of us, felt very spiritual and although I spent a lot of time feeling overheated and had to sit in a cold shower for a while, we laughed a lot and had a lot of time for deep introspection and conversation.

    I would definitely buy these again although I would say an eighth would probably be best shared!

  3. Lynne

    I bought this for my first time and I have only tried the Golden teachers ,,,, I only took 2 mg. and found it to be very strong!
    I am petite and weigh 118 lb.
    I was sitting outside on a very hot day (84F) . I think between the heat and the shrooms it was too much for me.
    I forgot to mention that I was on a boat at the time so there was little relief from the heat.
    so please be careful on when you try this!!!

  4. Graham

    I’m very happy that you have these. I’ve been wanting to try them for quite some time but don’t wanna buy from anybody else. I was not disappointed and they lived up to my expectations.
    I ate 2 mushies that weighed 4.5g. I was full blown tripping in less than 30 minutes after ingesting. When I take shrooms I keep my eyes closed for the first 15 minutes or so after they start hitting, I never really know how long because time doesn’t exist. Lol. Something always tells me when it’s time to open my eyes. With these my bed turned into a boat and my room was a street that I was flying down in my bed boat. 😵‍💫🤯
    There were a lot of people around me, showing and telling me things that I’ve always wanted to know. It was absolutely amazing and beautiful and a bit scary at times but I knew I was okay.
    I’m coming up with my own ceremony and I have extremely vivid and profound experiences.
    I’m very grateful for this site and the products available. These along with all the other things I do in my life have changed me in a way I never thought possible. One can learn anything they want with these. Ego death is real and is everlasting when you can get yourself to certain point.
    I will definitely be ordering more of these very soon. I’d like to have a good supply on hand at all times. Thanks again MMJ. 😃

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