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Melmac mushrooms are a lab-created strain developed through generations of selective breeding. The result is something truly out of this world.

As the legend goes, Melmac Mushrooms are variants of the original Penis Envy strain discovered by mycologists in the 1970s. Penis envy mushrooms are famous for their distinct shape and potent effects. The Melmac mushroom strain comes with the same benefits you would expect from any quality Psilocybin mushroom!

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  1. ziviot75

    Very strong mushrooms. Took 2g and tripped for 4.5 hours.

    Visuals were extremely vivid and closed eye visuals were unreal.
    Very immersive.

    Better experience then the penis envy I had tried 3g of,
    which at the time was my most vivid and peaceful trip ever.

    Highly recommend and will try again someday. 👍

  2. Graham

    WOW!🤯🤯 My mind was literally blown on these.
    I buy a lot of shrooms but usually only eat about a gram, a couple times a week maybe, and give a lot away to friends and family. Once in a while I’ll eat a couple grams and have a nice little trip.
    There were no reviews on these so I bought an eighth and ate the whole thing expecting a decent trip but hoping for something spectacular. They FAR exceeded my expectations of any mushroom I’ve ever done. I’ve done larger doses of other strains but it was never anything like this.
    They were very strong tasting and I told my partner that I had a feeling I was going somewhere. I did. 😂 I went from 0-100 in less than 15 minutes. In 30 minutes I was full blown tripping. I put headphones on and turned on the John Hopkins Psilocybin Study playlist and it was the perfect choice. The music helped to open my emotions and my mind did the rest. I spent the majority of the 5-6 hours with my eyes closed. I could see everything. And I mean EVERYTHING. I get where it all comes from now. I don’t understand it but I get where it comes from. It’s in there somewhere in all of us. Some can just figure it out and tap into their brains in a way most of us can’t. It was the most unbelievable, unexpected and beautiful experience I have ever had in my life other than watching my children being born.
    The visuals were like nothing ever, especially closed eye. Extremely vivid and colourful.
    I laughed, I cried and I prayed and gave thanks for everything I was gifted with seeing.
    Thank you for these, I appreciate the experience. 🙏🏽

    If I could give more than 5 stars I would. 😉

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