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Melmac Information

Melmac magic mushroom brings the psilocybin effect that leads to a mind-altering trip. The thick contorted stem of this Psilocybe Cubensis strain bruises blue quite easily. The wavy and oftentimes split cap of this shroom makes its appearance distinct.

So what can you expect from Melmac? A good psilocybin trippin’. Generally, the magic of this shroom consists of altered thinking, and enhancement of the mood (so only get trippin’ with Melmac when you are in a great mood).

The Melmac Effect

The higher you dose with Melmac shroom, the more intense your trip will be. The trip with this psilocybin can be extremely potent. And there is no one way for all.

The trip will differ from one person to the next because dosing isn’t the only factor that influences this. The setting you are in and the mood you have when you dose on Melmac will determine the specifics of your trip.

Plus, your body chemistry will also influence the potency and intensity of your trip.

If you are a newbie, start small to experience a warm, relaxing, and uplifting trip that doesn’t bring your mind into an altered state but elevates your mood.

Keep in mind that Melmac is a very potent magic mushroom, so even with a small dose, you will experience some good trippin’.

How To Dose Melmac Magic Mushroom

A microdose (between 0.01 and 0.5 grams by dry weight) generally leads to a relaxing and euphoric experience, without a psychedelic trip.

A light dose (between 0.5 and 2 grams by dry weight) usually offers a creative trip that enables you to be present in the world in a realistic and factually sound manner.

A moderate dose (between 2 and 3.5 grams by dry weight) typically leads you into a mind-altering experience that can last about 6 hours.

Any dose higher than 3.5 grams by dry weight should only be tried by experienced users as this will lead to a long-lasting intense trip.

Even if you are experienced with other magic mushrooms, Melmac is a very potent one. Start with a smaller dose and build on it to ensure a fun trip while you remain in a mind-altered state with enhanced mood and introspective thoughts.

20 reviews for Melmac

  1. Chris

    I bought Melmac because I had heard good things about the trip, and the Infor was true. The caps have a slightly strong flavour, but not terrible. I tend to take mine with a teaspoon of Peanut Butter. The trip itself comes on pretty quickly, I felt it at about the 20 minute mark, and by the 45 minute Mark I was climbing the ladder. I found this strain really amplified my mood, so probably not a strain you should go for if you’re in a negative place mentally.

  2. James

    A long time user of these. I found them to be great for helping me concentrate on my calisthenics workouts and gave me a boost of energy! Very happy with results!!!

  3. Robert

    Easily my favorite mushrooms.
    Micro / Low doses are great for getting things done around the house or social situations.
    3-4 grams gives a fairly intense experience with vivid colors and fluidity as well as fairly intense closed eye visuals.
    I can not recommend these enough.
    My only issue is that they are rarely in stock

  4. Craig

    Took these and had an absolute blast!

    Watched Oppenheimer on 2 grams. What a fantastic movie.. what a fantastic trip.. buy these eat them. no regrets.

    To Infinity And Beyond!

  5. Scottie

    These are a awesome time, will definitely be buying again before I run out of the ones I have. Nothing beats a gold old colorful campfire.

  6. Dylan

    Wonder full Strain! I usually consume penis envy and was apprehensive about trying something new. These were a great experience, nice and easy to chew (didn’t get stuck in my teeth), very potent!

    Tool approximately 2 g’s and tripped well into the wee hours of the morning. Nice powerful visuals with some good cerebral notes. Laughed and felt like boiled spaghetti. Not for the faint of heart, but if your looking for something intense I would highly recommend!

  7. Imtiaz

    Hold on to your space helmets, because I’m about to recount my otherworldly experience with Melmac magic mushrooms! 🌌🍄

    First Encounter: As if they crash-landed from another galaxy, these shrooms had an aura of extraterrestrial charm. I half expected to hear an alien greeting when I picked them up!

    Taste Journey: Forget normal fungi flavors – Melmac mushrooms were like a taste expedition to the cosmos. A delightful mix of star dust and earthy goodness!

    Lift-Off to the Cosmos: In no time, the rocket engines of my mind ignited, and I zoomed off to the farthest reaches of imagination.

    Cosmic Visuals: Say hello to the psychedelic nebula! Patterns danced, colors glowed, and I was convinced I had become one with the celestial art show.

    Galactic Insights: Prepare for mind-melding moments! I unlocked the secrets of the cosmos and had mental conversations with the wisdom of the universe itself.

    Time Dilation: Time became a mere concept, expanding and contracting like a cosmic accordion. Every second was an eternity, and eternity, a fleeting moment.

    Emotional Zero Gravity: I floated through emotions like an astronaut in space, experiencing joy, awe, and wonder without the weight of the world.

    Post-Space Trip: As I returned to Earth, I felt like an enlightened explorer, brimming with newfound cosmic wisdom and gratitude for the universe’s quirks.

    Safety Precautions: Beware, earthlings! This is not for the faint-hearted. Astronaut companions, a safe launch pad, and starting with a small dose are a must!

    In conclusion, my Melmac magic mushroom adventure was truly out of this world – a galactic escapade that left me starstruck and transformed. So, if you’re ready to embark on a cosmic journey, grab your space suit, and get ready for a mind-bending ride beyond the stars! 🚀✨

  8. Rob

    A very nice experience.


    Best place to buy mushrooms period… Excellent customer service and the quality us outstanding.
    Received the product in about 2 days, outstanding quality and the high is amazing.
    With only 0.5, I started to vibrate after 35 mn and I mix it with lion’s mane and niacin.
    Don’t need too much to get where you want to be. Reminds me of golden teacher.

  10. Jacob

    I really enjoyed the Melmac Mushrooms! I ordered half an ounce, and used them in conjunction with Virtual Reality. Chewing on them by themselves I didn’t feel too much of a trip, eating well over my share but not really getting to the hero dose that I needed.

    This all changed on my second attempt, when I grinded up five grams, and consumed them in combination with a lemon based steeped tea! Within 20 minutes I could feel myself getting to where I needed to go, and within an hour I was dancing up a storm! A solid pscilocybin experience for about 4-5 hours, where they seemed to promply fall off later into the evening. Spent the morning watching the sunrise and birds, where everything seemed a shade brighter. My pupils remained huge after the initial falloff, and I slept like a baby.

    Would definitely try picking up the Melmac Mushrooms again!!

  11. Tim

    These are Great!!! Very large but you can cut them to your desired size easily with a sharp knife. They actually taste really good, like mild canned mushrooms and have a very airy feel to them like Enigma. You can just let a piece melt in your mouth over 5 minutes. Potent. Definitely worth a try if you like exploring different types of shrooms.

  12. mathieu

    Oh my dear god almighty! I bought the monster size version and did 3g alone outside by the fire on a full moon night.I need to say it was one of the best trip I had in a long time on shrooms.Normaly I go with the blue meanies for my weekly dose.Those melmac litterally blew me away.Visuals were very intense and I laughed like crazy.Glad I bought 2 ounces :p

  13. Theresa

    My friend and I had an incredible afternoon with melmac. We are intermediate users and we had just under 4 grams each. It was wild!

    Time was an intetesting factor. We both felt like we had experienced 100 years of epiphanies and lives in a single afternoon. The joyous emotions were powerful. I had really intense sensory experiences with the sun, sky, and plant life. Colours were brilliant and the sky was indescribable.

    It was such a great trip, probably one of the best ever. But it was VERY intense so I’d recommend a much smaller dose for those not wanting to fully trip balls like we did today. I’m looking forward to trying melmac again soon, it was a real gift for me when I needed it most.

  14. Tahmid

    These were as advertised. Definitely stronger than the standard Golden Teachers. It was a sweet ride up and a sweet ride down. Would not recommend for a novice tripper unless you’re micro dosing. I didn’t end up taking a hero’s dose but it was still a strong and powerful love filled experience. 10/10 would recommend. Remember, respect the shroom to earn its respect back. Good things in moderation.

  15. Marie

    I was super apprehensive about using mushrooms to help with depression but after a few friends talked about the benefits, then hearing the same on podcasts, i decided to give it a go. Ive tried a few different strains on MMJ, but wasnt getting the right vibe from them. Melmac is wonderful for microdosing. I use 1/5th of a gram 2x a day, morning and before dinner. Uplifts my general mood, keeps me focused on my art. Truly has been amazing. Been weaning myself off anti-depressants finally. Can’t say enough.

    I’ve also tried a few grams here and there for a nice experience. I grind it and put in caps myself so i cant say about taste but I’ve never had a stomach ache so i was thrilled with that! With a couple grams I find myself super focused and time has no meaning which I love. 5 stars all the way!

  16. John

    I had a very different experience on Melmac than the descriptions I’ve read, though I am going to try again. Both times (each about 3.5 g trips) I found a) I took a long time to hit peak high (hours) and that it was more of gradual increase rather than a sudden OMG. I found the experience very intellectual, insightful in a more earthbound, day to day way. I had a lot of discussions with myself (don’t need shrooms for that!) and I found my logic was sound, my conclusions solid, with a good deal of insight and logic. What did surprise me, however, is that when I’m normally winding down (at hour 4 or 5) these guys and gals started to ramp up and I was getting visuals and more typical high experience.

    All of this being said, I’m on the atypical extreme experience side of psychedelics (ie long trips, profound insight, massive creativity, occasional deep fear and terror etc) I am going to up the dosage a bit on the next round to see if I can hit closer to the ‘out of this world’ experience I’ve read about.

  17. Christopher

    Melmacs are my go-to for a good trip. They are fairly strong, and the onset is sudden and intense. Very strong visuals and time distortion. Will be keeping these on-hand.

  18. Jonathan

    These were awesome – Super funky looking (in a good trippy way) – The vibe was similar to Penis Envy but it had slightly stronger visuals. would order these again

  19. ziviot75

    Very strong mushrooms. Took 2g and tripped for 4.5 hours.

    Visuals were extremely vivid and closed eye visuals were unreal.
    Very immersive.

    Better experience then the penis envy I had tried 3g of,
    which at the time was my most vivid and peaceful trip ever.

    Highly recommend and will try again someday. 👍

  20. Graham

    WOW!🤯🤯 My mind was literally blown on these.
    I buy a lot of shrooms but usually only eat about a gram, a couple times a week maybe, and give a lot away to friends and family. Once in a while I’ll eat a couple grams and have a nice little trip.
    There were no reviews on these so I bought an eighth and ate the whole thing expecting a decent trip but hoping for something spectacular. They FAR exceeded my expectations of any mushroom I’ve ever done. I’ve done larger doses of other strains but it was never anything like this.
    They were very strong tasting and I told my partner that I had a feeling I was going somewhere. I did. 😂 I went from 0-100 in less than 15 minutes. In 30 minutes I was full blown tripping. I put headphones on and turned on the John Hopkins Psilocybin Study playlist and it was the perfect choice. The music helped to open my emotions and my mind did the rest. I spent the majority of the 5-6 hours with my eyes closed. I could see everything. And I mean EVERYTHING. I get where it all comes from now. I don’t understand it but I get where it comes from. It’s in there somewhere in all of us. Some can just figure it out and tap into their brains in a way most of us can’t. It was the most unbelievable, unexpected and beautiful experience I have ever had in my life other than watching my children being born.
    The visuals were like nothing ever, especially closed eye. Extremely vivid and colourful.
    I laughed, I cried and I prayed and gave thanks for everything I was gifted with seeing.
    Thank you for these, I appreciate the experience. 🙏🏽

    If I could give more than 5 stars I would. 😉

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