Bubble Hash – Pink Kush

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90% Indica dominant strain

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Bubble Hash – Pink Kush Information

Bubble Hash Pink Kush is created from the Pink Kush cannabis strain. This strain is believed to be one of cannabis history’s most famous and most Indica potent cannabis flowers. Bubble Hash Pink Kush is a hash with an Indica focused high. This will primarily deliver a strong body effect, that is known to provide deep relaxation. Bubble Hash is the product of gathering the trichomes, or resin, from the cannabis plant.

It contains the same active cannabis compounds such as THC, CBD and other cannabinoids. The difference is that the Bubble Hash generally has higher concentrations in comparison to cannabis buds and leaves.

The Health Properties of Bubble Hash – Pink Kush

Medical uses of Bubble Hash Pink Kush include depression, stress, lack of appetite, pain and insomnia. It is a potent tool in treating mood disorders, inflammation, anxiety, migraines and other headaches. Medical effects include feeling euphoric, relaxed, happy, hungry and sleepy. The effects are generally very calming.

How to Use Bubble Hash

Generally, when users want to consume hash, they do so by smoking it. This can be done by placing a smaller piece of hash in a pipe or bong, which is the water pipe, followed by lighting it with a flame and inhaling the smoke that comes out; after which holding the smoke and exhaling it a few seconds later.

Hash is known to be stronger and more potent than the average marijuana. Different users can experience different effects and sensations, such as feeling relaxed, happy, goofy.

One can feel hungry or might get into a cloudy headspace, when thinking clearly and productively may prove to be a challenge. Others may get a very sharp mind, which results in creativity and high problem-solving productivity.

Pink Kush Strain Information

Pink Kush is an Indica dominant hybrid. It approximately has a ratio of 90% Indica and 10% Sativa, which makes it ideal for nighttime use. In some cases, it can be classified as a 100% pure Indica strain. Its THC level averages around 17.5% and can go as high as 20%.

The CBD level of this strain is known to be less than 1%. Pink Kush can be highly effective when it comes to dealing with migraines and nausea. Due to its powerful knock-out properties, the user can appreciate a highly effective body rest and relaxation. It has also proven to help in dealing with stress, depression and anxiety. It gives great comfort to its users due to the experience of relaxation and happiness it can give them.

This strain can be impressively effective in eliminating chronic pain, muscle tension, cramps, or other disturbances caused by stress and inflammation. It can help with insomnia and appetite loss. Its users typically experience a deep sense of relaxation with the bonus of joyful giggles. This cannabis strain brings pride to its name through its splendid colouring of pink blush and purple highlights.

4 reviews for Bubble Hash – Pink Kush

  1. Ryan

    This stuff is amazing great taste super chill high.

  2. Alex

    Amazing taste would recommend

  3. Lee

    Excellent taste, perfect for crumbling into a joint

  4. Tyler

    Been awhile sense I remember hash this potent and memorable what a way to treat yourself mmj perfects almost every product I tried

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