Burmese God

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Hybrid – 50% Sativa /50% Indica

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Burmese God Information

Here’s another exotic offering that you’ll have trouble finding elsewhere. Burmese God is a cross between Burmese Kush and God Bud from private breeders in British Columbia. This illustrious lineage bestows Burmese God with exceptional taste and powerful effects.

It straddles the line between Sativa and Indica, providing cerebral euphoria tempered by a relaxed and calm feeling. It boasts a respectable THC content, clocking in between 15 and 21 percent in most cases. Burmese God is a true-blue Canadian strain, hailing from the marijuana mecca of Vancouver.

Uses and Effects

Burmese God balances its high between Indica and Sativa brilliantly. Although its lineage has a more Indica-heavy bent, this strain doesn’t have any overwhelming sedative effects. The first thing a smoker will notice upon sparking this strain is the powerful euphoric rush that most Sativas feature.

It’s a cranial, uplifting feeling that helps boost sociability and creativity. However, while many Sativas can quickly overwhelm a smoker with their powerful effects, the tranquillity-inducing Indica effects of Burmese God helps to temper its stimulation.

After that initial rush, smokers will notice the trademark Indica body load settling into their joints. Smokers may also feel a plethora of possible health benefits. These benefits may include traits like decreased pain and inflammation, increased appetite, and improved sleep. It also helps banish feelings of stress or anxiety and boost mood to overcome symptoms associated with depression.

Strain Background

Burmese God combines the best traits of each of its potent parents. First, this Indica-dominant hybrid shares some significant similarities with its God Bud parent (AKA BC God Bud). Burmese God’s pungent, musky odour includes some sweet tones that a trained nose can link directly back to God Bud. Once it’s sparked up, smokers will notice Burmese God’s complex flavour profile featuring fruity and piney notes.

Both of Burmese God’s parents feature this taste, including Burmese Kush. Burmese God also takes after Burmese Kush physically, with its flowers featuring dark green buds spattered with hints of purple and speckled with golden-orange hairs. Its nugs are hard and dense, crumbling between a smoker’s fingers and perfect for joints and bowls alike.

1 review for Burmese God

  1. Matthew

    This medicine was heavy, heavy taste, heavy feeling on the brain, heavy body feelings, this weed was not worth the price or benefits at the time of me buying this. some people may enjoy the heavy taste and feeling, as i did not. i love all your products, but at this time this product did not do it for me ! still love all of your stuff

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