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Citrique Information

This citrus carnival is a tasty treat. This rare strain bridges the gap between sour and sweet. Citrique is a balanced Indica from renowned breeder Alaskan Blooms. Boasting a powerful THC concentration in the low- to high-20s, this strain combines power with taste.

Its even-handed cannabinoid profile offers something for any smoker, encompassing both the powerful sedative effects of indicas with the boosted mood and euphoria of Sativa strains. Those effects complement a complex network of terpenes that emphasizes the sweet and tangy flavours of citrus while the earthy tones of pine, citrus, and wood, and you’ve got a strain that won’t quit.

Uses and Effects

With an equally-balanced cannabinoid profile, Citrique has something to offer any smoker. It offers a combination of sedative and stimulating effects including boosted mood, tranquil feelings, and decreased stress.

As a result, it may be able to alleviate symptoms of numerous issues like depression, anxiety, chronic pain, and inflammation. It may be an effective counter against low appetite, insomnia, and glaucoma.

Aroma and Appearance

While its powerful benefits may be an attractive trait to many smokers, Citrique’s flavour will enthral anyone left over. Its aroma is loud, leaning heavily on sweet and spicy citrus tones. The end of its flavour profile offers more earthy notes of pine and skunk.

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