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Citrique Information

This citrus carnival is a tasty treat. This rare strain bridges the gap between sour and sweet. Citrique is a balanced Indica from renowned breeder Alaskan Blooms. Boasting a powerful THC concentration in the low- to high-20s, this strain combines power with taste.

Its even-handed cannabinoid profile offers something for any smoker, encompassing both the powerful sedative effects of indicas with the boosted mood and euphoria of Sativa strains. Those effects complement a complex network of terpenes that emphasizes the sweet and tangy flavours of citrus while the earthy tones of pine, citrus, and wood, and you’ve got a strain that won’t quit.

Uses and Effects

With an equally-balanced cannabinoid profile, Citrique has something to offer any smoker. It offers a combination of sedative and stimulating effects including boosted mood, tranquil feelings, and decreased stress.

As a result, it may be able to alleviate symptoms of numerous issues like depression, anxiety, chronic pain, and inflammation. It may be an effective counter against low appetite, insomnia, and glaucoma.

Aroma and Appearance

While its powerful benefits may be an attractive trait to many smokers, Citrique’s flavour will enthral anyone left over. Its aroma is loud, leaning heavily on sweet and spicy citrus tones. The end of its flavour profile offers more earthy notes of pine and skunk.

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19 reviews for Citrique

  1. Jeremy

    This is a quality hybrid strain and what makes a good hybrid for me rests in its ability to let you shift from an energetic/creative mindset to a relaxed/unwinding mindset, depending on the mood of the day. In addition to this the taste is good, the price is right, and the THC level is adequate for an experience smoker. Easy 4/5 star rating.

  2. Pat

    This weed was great. It has a strong, heavy door. It was relaxing, and at the crest, I felt like I was flying and looking down. It made me feel positive and easy-going.

  3. Zach

    This is a classic. Burns well and comes on strong. I found this to feel a little more sativa-leaning for a hybrid.

    Citrique has decent bag appeal with tight buds and a refreshing citrus smell, not too dank. Taste-wise it is nothing to write home about – it tastes like weed.

  4. Patrizia

    I bought some on sale to give it a try and found it worked amazing for calming anxieties while still having a clear head to do my daily stuff.

    Definitely buying more and having this as a regular daily go-to strain.

    Beautiful scent and taste, not harsh, has a nice after taste. Excellent for relaxing and calming oneself while still being able to function.

  5. Tom

    Great hybrid strain! I smoke with a vape and it gives a great high. Great at revealing stress and pain. The taste and smell are very nice and not too skunky. It is usually not my first choice but if there aren’t any sales or my favourites are out, Citrique is the way to good.

  6. Kevin

    One of the best strains I’ve tried so far on this site great high it’s quite mind blowing actually

  7. Mario

    I was looking for a strain that gave me more energy during the day and something to help curb my depression. I was pleasantly surprised, as it was the perfect way to start off my day. My mood was uplifting and it let me stay active and focused for a good 6 hours. The buds are full and the taste is fruity, yet earthy and smells great. I found that it smoked clean and burned really well.
    I love this hybrid! Would definitely buy it again.

  8. Omar

    It is sativa for sure, this strain is good for daytime and when I want to do some thinking. The smoke is invisible. I paced myself with it and found the euphoria to be long lasting. will buy again

  9. Kent

    strong high great product

  10. Evan

    Nice hybrid! Smooth smoke, good taste, great for a chill night of watching movies. Not as sativa dominant as I would have liked but that’s personal preference. Worked well to calm anxiety. If you enjoy a solid hybrid, this would be a great strain to try!

  11. Jessica

    Loved this strain. Lemony and fresh smell/taste, nice cerebral buzz, and great value! Highly recommend this hybrid strain which seems to have more sativa-dominant effects.

  12. Truc

    Great afternoon smoke – not as dominant sativa properties but they did help calm anxiety and wasn’t too drowsy. Not my favourite hybrid but great for a chill day

  13. Romain

    I purchased all “Citrus” strain from that period of time from MMJ : Citrus Kush, Citrus Skunk and Citrique.
    Citrique is the more lemony of the three. Definitely an overall excellent weed, great smell, head high to a certain extent, really nice for a board game game evening session with social interactions.

    I recommend 100% !

  14. Tina

    I love this hybrid! It is a perfect way to kick off my day, mood uplifting but let’s me stay active. It doesn’t have the rabid munchies effect, and it is also a good evening remedy. You really cannot go wrong.

  15. Ryan

    Great looking buds, smooth stone and a must try!

  16. Benjamin

    Clean and pleasant high. Nice buds and crystals. Hybrid that leans more to the sativa – great for afternoon of cleaning and organizing the workshop.

  17. Tyler

    Definitely takes on its sativa traits, this strain is great day time and a true sativa hybrid. The buds are full and the taste is fruity. Smokes clean and burns well. The traits are euphoria, relaxation, helps with anxiety and facilitates creative moods. Definitely good for self medicating or just enjoying an afternoon. 10/10 quality

  18. Tim

    Great high! I strongly suggest

  19. Patrick

    Super hi off of this product !

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