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Island Pink offers a therapeutic experience that never gets old, supported by the Indica-dominant profile and the 15-18% THC concentration. With just one smoke, your mind and body are taken to a state of utter euphoria and relaxation. Your mood improves after a couple of minutes, with the rest of your body relaxing over the next few hours. Island Pink is very good at treating symptoms of anxiety and depression, as its effects focus on your mental state first and foremost.

What does Island Pink look and taste like?


Island Pink comes with a very colourful appearance, one steeped in contrasts. Take the pink-purple shades running down the stalk and buds of the plant. You’ll see a couple of shades here and there, sticking out against the whiteish green-white background. The small yet dense nugs are forest-green, while the coat of crystal trichomes takes on a white impression. And then there are the dark-orange hairs that further improve on the appearance. You can’t dislike this strain!

When it comes to flavour and aroma, Island Pink is like a fresh sip of a delicious cocktail. It has a very pungent yet sweet aroma that delivers a wholly therapeutic journey. Your taste buds will come to love the skunky flavour that oozes from every pore of this strain. A couple of smoke are enough to fill your mouth and throat with a super intense pungent aroma that doesn’t go away. It’ll stay there until you’re finished smoking.

What are the effects of Island Pink?


There are countless cannabis strains out there, each with its own profile and THC concentration. Island Pink goes up to 15-18% in THC concentration, sometimes reaching all the way to 20%. It’s an Indica-dominant hybrid with a powerful cerebral experience. The Sativa effects are quite potent, improving your mood and filling up your energy levels in few minutes. You’ll become more sociable and communicative, as well. That’s what true cerebral effects are!

But then again, Island Pink is, after all, an Indica strain. It should offer ample therapeutic and physical effects, and it does! After the euphoria dies down and you’re back with your feet on the ground, this strain relaxes your body entirely. It won’t put you to sleep by it may alleviate your insomnia, anxiety, and depression. Other symptoms and medical conditions it can treat include chronic pains, multiple sclerosis, lack of appetite, migraines, headaches, and mild cases of inflammation.


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