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Citron Information

Citron is an evenly balanced hybrid carrying about 50% Indica and 50% Sativa content. This cannabis strain is also known as Citron Kush and Citron OG that carries staggering THC levels that can reach as high as 20%-22%. The heritage of Citron is not all clear, it has been created by crossing an unknown hybrid strain with the well-known OG Kush.


The high of Citron is just as vivid and colourful as its aroma and flavour profile. This marijuana flower is an excellent fit for daytime use to ease away pains and aches in the body and to boost one’s mood and mind with euphoria, creativity, and productivity.


The Strain for the Mood Swings and Pain


Citron is an ideal strain when it comes to effectively dealing with depression, fatigue, stress, and mood swings. Shortly after the first exhale, you may expect a sense of euphoria and a rush of cerebral energy to lift your spirits, making space for motivation, creativity, and a positive outlook on your circumstances. This boost in your mood can help you feel a sense of ease and comfort in the present moment as symptoms of stress slowly fade away.


Coupled with the euphoric high, Citron also provides a soothing body high with pain-relieving properties. This sedation is potent enough to ease away chronic pain and aches in the body with the positive side of not leaving you locked to your couch. This enables you to carry out your day with productivity and enjoyment.


A Sweet Citrusy Treat


The aroma of Citron carries a significant orange and sweet citrus kick complemented by an earthy and slightly pungent undertone. As the nugs burn, the aromas can intensify in the most pleasurable way. The flavour of this cannabis strain is known to be sour-sweet with highlights of lemon, lime, and citrus notes.


One of the greatest benefits of Citron is its well-balanced effects that offer a euphoric and mood-boosting high coupled with a soothing yet energising body high. So, you can enjoy all the beneficial properties of this marijuana plant anytime throughout your day, especially if mood swings or pain usually cloud over your productivity, creativity, and motivation.

5 reviews for Citron

  1. Tina

    I liked this strain primarily for its taste. Overall a not too hard hitting weed (for me). Effects almost immediate and did not lead to crazy munchies which is always appreciated.

  2. Rob

    Pretty average bud. I find most lemony strains to be pretty mellow. This ones no different. Smoked ok though

  3. Benjamin

    sweet stuff taste lemon light ! mood-boosting high

  4. Ricky

    Nice nuggets lots of crystals great high

  5. Karanne

    Really tasty stuff, dense buds with a beautiful structure for smalls. Very fruity and reminds me of pineapple express. Thank you for this tasty flower. 😁

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