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Cookies Information

Cookies is an Indica-dominant hybrid with THC levels that range somewhere between 20% and 25%, making it a strong strain recommended for the experienced user. This weed strain is oftentimes confused with Girl Scout Cookies, but the two are not the same.


Cookies Indica hybrid is a three-way cross between Cherry Kush, OG Kush, and Durban Poison cannabis strains. The relaxing and comforting high of Cookies weed strain is welcomed in the afternoon when the tiresome tasks of the day weigh one down.


Cookies: An Afternoon Strain For Mental Calmness


Cookies is the “pick my mood up” and “calm my rushing mind down” kind of cannabis strain. When the tiredness of the day is getting to you in the afternoon, and what you need is to calm your mind so you can release the tension in your body and relax, then this great-tasting strain is for you.


This Indica-dominant weed strain has a calming high. It may silence the worries in your mind and ease the tension in your body from the piles of responsibilities weighing on you.


Grab some snacks and put your feet up after a long day at work. Cookies cannabis strain is known to increase appetite, so you’ll be glad you thought of grabbing those snacks before you made yourself very comfortable on your couch.


The high of this Indica hybrid isn’t sedative, so you can enjoy low-key activities. But generally, users love to just cozy up on their couch with their favourite show and snacks.


Cookies, The Fruity Nutty Indica


Just in case the name didn’t make it that obvious, the scent and taste of this high-THC weed strain wrap the highlights of a delicious cookie into each inhale and exhale.


The dominant notes of Cookies are a tasty blend of fruity and nutty highlights with a complementary amount of spices. You may also detect notes of vanilla in the aroma of this bud.


The appearance of Cookies features very dense buds with deep purple hues that look spectacular against the rich green background and bright orange hairs. The generous frost-like coating of trichomes is a testimony of this plant’s potency.


5 reviews for Cookies

  1. Cassie

    quite possibly my fav weed. COOKIES! common. Super high in THC which i love. this is part of my order every time. 5/5 stars for sure! easy smoke and doesnt burn too quickly, easily the best bang for your buck. Good to smoke at any time of the day for me

  2. Maude

    This strain is AMAZING!! I have a lot of stress/anxiety and I also smoke for my PMDD. It really helps with muscle cramps/soreness. I’ve also had it help a headache. I have high blood pressure, and it lowered my blood pressure down to around 110/60. This strain completely relaxed and de-stressed me, completely. It took away any anger/frustration/irritation I had, and replaced it with a very peaceful, calm and serene feeling. I was able to relax, watch some tv, surf the net via my phone in bed, without couch locking and passing right out. I was still alert, so it didn’t give me an overly stony feeling either. The other times I smoked more, it def helped me go to sleep. I also have pretty bad insomnia. It didn’t just knock me out, but more like, let me slip into a nice relaxing sleep.

  3. Jeremy

    Another indica-leaning hybrid that will give you an early onset of energy before drifting into the indica relaxation space, which is great if that’s what you’re looking for. Tastes nutty and smokes good. Good strain.

  4. Spencer

    COOKIES! God, I love all things ‘Cookies’ when it comes to weed. It’s not GSC, but the lineage is very similar – just has the added Cherry Kush in there. It’s really nice stuff, first of all. Dense nugs, heavy crystal coverage, smells a little citrus-y and a little propane-y, the taste is definitely more propane-y though. The buzz is great, thanks to the Durban Poison lineage it’s got that stimulating, fun initial buzz, which is so versatile (great for being with friends, playing video games, being creative, doing the dishes, watching a movie, spending time alone etc). After that, it has a great, mellow, pleasant come down, thanks to the Kush lineage.

    The smoke is smoothe as hell, too. Feels super clean. As always, any weed can make you anxious, and I’ve smoked it in a not great headspace and felt that, but that’s the person, not the plant. Overall, experiences with it have been great, including right now. Getting my Gerald Broflovski Yelp! review on and have a merry old time. I’m noticing this stuff has sold out, so if it comes back and you’re reading this, don’t hesitate. One of the best hybrids around.

  5. Ryan

    I was pleasantly surprised by the quality and potency of this strain. Bought this (smalls) on a whim to bring up my basket price for free shipping and it turned out to be my favourite strain in the cart. Definitely a great value!
    The buds have a pleasant berry scent and are super frosty. They fluff up nicely in a grinder and burn perfectly in a joint. The smoke is smooth and sweet and wastes no time in bringing you to a state of total relaxation and comfort. Its sedative effects are immediate and lasting making Cookies an excellent strain for anyone suffering from chronic pain or insomnia. It puts your mind in a good place so definitely helpful for stress release.
    🍪 🍪 is a five ⭐️ strain at a great price. MMJdirect shipped it quickly and securely as well. I’ll be buying this strain again if it’s available.

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