Crunch Berry by Living Soil Organic

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Crunch Berry by Living Soil Organic Information

Crunch Berry by Living Soil Organic carries high THC levels that usually average around 20% with an Indica content that approximately weighs at 70% and Sativa at 30%. This marijuana bud is recommended to be used in the evening or on a lazy afternoon as it may enable you to get the feeling of stress and anxiety out of the way and find some relaxation.


This cannabis strain is known to alleviate symptoms of chronic pain while helping some of its users with their struggles with insomnia. Crunch Berry generally has a sweeter taste with notes of berries and candy harmoniously mixed with undertones of herbal and pine.


Potential Great Benefits


Crunch Berry can be a great marijuana bud for evening use because of its higher Indica content coupled with its high THC levels. Depending on the batch, variations of this may occur. Generally, this cannabis strain is used to help with some of the following medicinal needs.


Anxiety. Crunch Berry carries some euphoric effects which may be able to help you experience relief from anxiety and may allow you to feel more at ease.


Chronic Pain. Because of the anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving effects, this bud can potentially address a variety of physical pains, including headaches, migraines, arthritis, back pain, and muscle cramps.


Stress. Not everyone is affected by the stress the same way as for some the effects of this can go deeper and carry a greater burden. Crunch Berry may be able to sweep away the symptoms of stress because of its relaxing-inducing properties.


Insomnia. No one can function properly, and definitely not to the fullest of their potential, without getting enough restful sleep. This strain is known to help ease the presence of insomnia and generally enabling its user to get a good night’s sleep.


Sweet Berries


Crunch Berry by Living Soul Organic usually offers a flavour of sweet berries made rich with undertones of vanilla candy, pine, and herbal. In its aroma, depending on the phenotype of this strain, you may also notice a touch of spice.


Fiery Orange Hairs


Besides a great taste, this marijuana bud showcases some sharp features in its appearance. Small forest green buds give way to round nugs that oftentimes showcase deep purple undertones. Fiery orange pistils playfully twist their way through the leaves as amber-coloured trichomes that look like crystals rest on the plant rich in sticky resin.

5 reviews for Crunch Berry by Living Soil Organic

  1. Patrizia

    This is an awesome strain to alleviate depression and anxiety. I love to use this in a social setting as it is energizing to me. The fruity flavours combine nicely and leave a nice aftertaste. It’s an excellent strain that I like to keep on hand. Whether you’re going out or staying in, this is a great way to unwind and relax.

  2. Ryan

    Has a natural/floral taste. Not my favourite bud on here especially for the price. If you can scoop it up on sale I’d give it a try. Very clean smoke.

  3. Melissa

    This strain was just okay. I had higher expectations but it didn’t stand out or wow me. There are better strains for cheaper available. Got the job done but nothing to rave about.

  4. Ryan

    This is my first time around with Living Soil Organic. I like the best and have my strains and producers I trust and am loyal too. I was skeptical but gave it a shot and purchased some crunch berry, the frostiness gave me a reason to get excited and well the smoke was a delight with hint of lemon-citrous flavour. My depression wasn’t an issue after a couple draws. For connoisseurs this is a go get now strain. A huge shout out to Living Soil Organic for this delight of a strain.

  5. Marc-Olivier

    crunchy berry, sweet lemon and light lavender! lots of terpenes. exciting to smoke, this is the first time that when exhaling I have felt this power. this product is enormously rich in terpenes. and you will only see frost. To get it for you, for all connoisseurs. It is an excellent choice.

    if you want to treat yourself while wowing your friends. Buy, you thank yourself! Instant effect, very powerful and instantly boosts creativity;). You will be proud to have consumed this sweet beauty. very energizing, very calming. Treat my headaches by reducing swelling. Very psychoactive and visual effect. You will be able to conceive infinity by consuming a product of such quality. Who will be able to validate it? Thank you 😉

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