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Daily Caps 1:1 10mg Information

Daily Caps 1:1 with 10mg THC:CBD blend offers mild potency that may alleviate symptoms of pain, stress, and depression. With 10mg THC:CBD mix per capsule, each dosing is made for precision and consistency in effects. The ingestion of these capsules is made easy and smooth with the gelatin coating. 

The effects of Daily Caps 1:1 10mg are usually long-lasting. With 30 capsules in one bottle, Daily Caps may be ideal for your daily micro-dosing needs. Thanks to the equal blending of CBD and THC within these gelatin capsules, the effects delivered are well-rounded gifting each user the entourage effects. The Entourage Effect means benefits for both the mind and body. 

The Stimulating Entourage Effect

Daily Caps 1:1 may provide stimulating and uplifting benefits for one’s mind and mood while offering some pain-alleviating properties for the body. The moderate strength of these capsules allows the users to consume them during the day to potentially help ease a variety of symptoms.

Mental effects. The THC:CBD blend in these capsules may relieve symptoms of stress and fatigue, enabling the mind to clear fogginess and grogginess and potentially gain an increase in focus. Symptoms of mild cases of ADD/ADHD may be helped as well.

Physical pain. Daily Caps 1:1 carries pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory properties that may prove efficient with headaches, migraines, muscle cramps, and more. 

Depression and anxiety. These gel capsules generally also deliver mood-boosting effects that may elevate your mood and motivation. 

Recommended Dosing

Daily Caps 1:1 contains 10mg THC:CBD mix in each capsule. These are ideal for daily micro-dosing as they offer moderate and long-lasting effects that are mentally and physically stimulating. 

It is recommended to start with one capsule. The effects can take anywhere between 30 and 90 minutes to fully work, so we encourage every user to wait at least 90 minutes before re-dosing. If effects are not strong enough for your needs, increase your dosage after waiting 90 minutes, by no more than 10mg per day. 

Store in a dry and cool place keeping the bottle out of direct sunlight. Keep away from children and pets. Until you get familiar with the effects and potency of Daily Caps 1:1, we don’t recommend ingesting these capsules just before driving or operating heavy machinery. 

3 reviews for Daily Caps 1:1 10mg

  1. Peter

    Great for sleep! Bring your mind and body to rest and makes for a solid 7 hours with no residual cobwebs in morning…

  2. Sarah

    I have tried using CBD for those days when I wake up with morning anxiety, but they didn’t have a lasting effect.

    This 1:1 THC/CBD was the perfect remedy for calming my mind when t he day starts, without making me feel the least bit drowsy or high.

    This 10mg cap really does make the day feel lighter, and much less stressful, and I would recommend it for anyone who is feeling jittery and anxious during the day.

    I can even work more effectively and focused on days when I took one of these capsules.

    100% Recommend.

  3. Michael

    These are great for novice users. I’ve had the chance to explore various brands of 10mg THC capsules (Mota, Marys, Baked Edibles) and these DAILY THC caps are very cost effective and will save you a bit of money.

    Effects kick in at about 45 minutes and seamed to peak around 1.5 hours.

    Effects are neatly identical to the 10mg gummies by S.E.C. Overall I would definitely recommend these to anyone looking to start using capsules.

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