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Daily Caps THC 5mg Information

Each bottle of Daily Caps provides 30 capsules, each gelatine pill containing 5mg THC for mild mood-boosting and relaxing effects. The gelatine coating of these caps makes it easy for them to be swallowed and they get quickly absorbed.

5mg THC Daily Caps are a great choice for new users who want to get into micro-dosing to potentially soothe their subtle symptoms of anxiety, stress, and physical aches. Once you ingest these capsules, it can take anywhere between 30 minutes and 2 hours for the effects to get noticed. When consumed on an empty stomach, effects might work faster and their strength might increase.

Effects Offered In Discretion

The small and elegant packaging of Daily Caps offers comfort for its users. No matter where you are headed, whether to your workplace, on a road trip, or for a day out with friends, you can easily pack these capsules into your backpack to enjoy the benefits of THC in a discreet and easy way.

Anxiety and stress. Daily Caps THC may offer mild relief when subtle symptoms of anxiety or stress are slowing you down in your focus and motivation.

Soothing pain. Because 5mg THC is offered by one capsule, the pain-relieving effects of these pills might not be strong enough to alleviate intense levels of pain, but they may soothe mild cases of physical discomforts, such as headaches or muscle cramps.

Mood-boost. The mild euphoric high of these gelatine pills may offer you a gentle nudge of happy feelings and positivity for a potential subtle increase in creativity and productivity.

Increased appetite. The relaxing and uplifting effects of these THC-infused daily caps may increase one’s appetite.


Even with a low strength cannabis product, some manage to overdo it because they don’t know how to find the right dosing for them. If you are a beginner, the formula is simple. Never plan out your dosing amount based on someone else’s dosage. Their tolerance levels are not the same as yours, so your dosing needs to be specific to you and your needs.

Start with one capsule of 5mg THC daily cap and wait for 2 hours for the effects to fully work. If at this point you are not experiencing the needed effects, you may re-dose with one more 5mg THC daily capsule. You may increase your dose with a 5mg THC cap per day until you find the right dose for you.

Store these capsules in a place where they can not be reached by children and pets. Make sure this spot is in a cool and dry place, away from direct sunlight.

7 reviews for Daily Caps THC 5mg

  1. Derek

    This product is great for first time or occasional users!! I love how it’s a gentle/subtle high. Enough to take away stress but not so much that you feel stoned out of your mind. Mmj direct is a great company fast and discreet shipping. I highly recommend this product and this company in general!! 5 stars from me!!

  2. Christopher

    This product is great! I don’t always want a candy for my edibles, this product fills that purpose.

  3. Marc

    These capsules are great if you are not using cannabis too often and have a low tolerance. I only use cannabis once a week on average so it’s not a problem for me to have a nice feeling even with smaller doses. I like to take one capsule around 2pm when I have the day off and I know that I will be staying home. 2-3 hours later, in the late afternoon, I take another one and then 2-3 hours later, another one in the middle of the evening and one at the end of the evening, another 2-3 hours later … so I basically have a nice little buzz going on from 3pm until 1-2am on those days but nothing too intense or overwhelming as if I had taken 20-25mg at once for example … it’s a different kind of high. It’s just a nice long day relaxing and enjoying a mild but pleasurable high by taking a small dose every 2-3 hours instead of all at once. I usually have some alcohol as well but nothing excessive, makes it a more fun experience, watching movies or a couple of hockey games… Be careful when you mix alcohol and cannabis though or else it might not turn out good if you are not used to it but in my case, I know I won’t have problems with a 6-pack of beers, a couple of shots of white rum and a bit of cannabis as well over several hours of course. Just be careful and experiment to see what works out for you. I like to have that option sometimes to change things up, taking smaller doses about 4 times during one day instead of taking a higher dose only once, spreading things out over several hours to have a longer lasting effect. MMJ Direct has quality products and I should order again in the future … Thanking you for your great BC cannabis products.

  4. Bruce

    These 5mg THC Daily caps relieve my anxiety without being too high to function with daily activities.

  5. Courtney

    I’m a daily users of the 25mg caps from Daily, but decided to try the 5mg to easy work-related anxiety and stress related bad moods. So far they’re great for exactly that, just enough to mellow out without zoning out like I do with the higher doses.

    I will say that it is still noticable for me, and I’d consider myself a habitual user. As with higher doses, I find I start to feel the effects typically within the hour, and if I wait until an hour or two into an 8 hour shift, one cap is enough. Especially since I’m going to take a higher does after work anyways 😉

    As always, I recommend Daily’s – they’ve been some of the most consistent caps I’ve used over the years.

  6. Doug

    My family loves these. Great dosage for newbe’s and infrequent indulgers. Just a gentle buzz.

  7. Renee

    These give a very gentle high, if one at all if you have a high tolerance, but they give me at least a good calm for an anxiety day without making me feel overly stoned, which is what I like for a work day if needed!

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