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Daily CBD – 2500mg Information

DailyCBD Complete Drops are infused with pure, full-spectrum CBD Oil extracted from the whole plant, and nanosized for maximum absorption and benefit. This complete formula provides a foundation for overall wellness by targeting inflammation and other sources of discomfort or dysregulation in the body.

Daily Tank’s line of solvent-free infused oil tinctures offers a clean infusion, in an easy to absorb fashion. This product is Non-GMO and Vegan made up of Full Spectrum Hemp Oil Concentrate.

Their Full Spectrum Hemp Extract Oil CBD Drops are expertly crafted with all-natural ingredients and rich with phytocannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids and other beneficial plant compounds to work with your body’s natural systems and support everyday health and well-being.

Easy to take as an additive, or sublingually.

Each Tincture contains 30ml of CBD oil!

For oral consumption; consume sublingually for maximum results.

Sublingual medications are orally disintegrating or dissolving medications that are placed under the tongue. Resulting in these medications being transferred to the bloodstream from the mucous membranes in the mouth. Thus, allowing for quick absorption that avoids the loss of potency, which may come with first-pass metabolism.

Ingredients: Full Spectrum Hemp Seed Oil (CBD) and Natural Terpene Extracts.

Dietary supplement: store in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight. Do not exceed recommended dosage. Keep away from children.


14 reviews for Daily CBD – 2500mg

  1. Sandra

    I used this product for years while waiting for joint replacement surgery! It will be my go to for any future pain issues. I also noticed that my anxiety dropped on this product. Recommend 20-60 mg per day. I take mine at night but some people find CBD a bit of an up and prefer to take during the day.

  2. Bernice

    I have tried other CBD oils but they didn’t help the pain. This high level
    CBD oil has minimized my knee pain from the first time I took some.
    This amount has really helped the body inflammation

  3. Steve

    I am new to CBD oil and have only been using it a couple of weeks for fibro muscle pain and am still experimenting with dosages, but so far I am really liking this oil. It brings me to a more productive level and usually numbs the pain just enough so that I can focus on other things.

    As for the taste, it’s got a nice nutty flavor similar to walnuts perhaps. I actually enjoy the flavor!
    I like that this CBD only formula doesn’t cloud your mind, as THC can sometimes (but not always!) do.

    I’ll definitely be on the lookout for good deals on this oil in the future and plan to buy more.

  4. Glenn

    I purchased this for my mother as she was prescribed it from the doctor but didn’t know enough about where do purchase it from. We have tried a couple different providers and this one is the best.

    With 2500 mg per bottle it only takes a few drops under her tongue once a day. She was not a fan of the taste of the CBD oil but overtime has grown accustomed to it.

    My mother swears by this product. She says it makes her feel better overall, gives her more energy and helps her focus on her tasks at hand. My father definitely noticed positive changes after she had been using the oil for a while and that itself has helped their relationship.

  5. Jessica

    Love this product! I started using this product a few months ago. Its one of my go to’s when I’m having anxiety. It really lessen’s the symptoms of anxiety and depression. Highly recommend!

  6. Anthony

    Great product, helps with my knees and back, bonus is it helps me sleep deeper as well. I would recommend.

  7. peter

    Best price for strongest amount I could find. Use it 3X daily for my COPD and works a charm w/o pharmaceuticals. Dropper required amount into a gel cap so is tasteless for me tho they say ram it up your behind is better than swallowing but is good enuf for me. highly recommend

  8. Sue

    In September 2020, I was hospitalized for inability to keep food down. After 8 weeks of testing and scopes, I was diagnosed with esophageal cancer. While waiting for results in hospital, I asked for something to relieve anxiety and inability to stay asleep. I was given Ativan, and given 1 tab a day.

    When released from hospital, waiting for the cancer oncology team to start a treatment plan, I had no Ativan left for home. I experienced high anxiety and sleeplessness threw the night. I also had a feeding tube in place, my own G.P. Was not keen on long term use of Ativan. When I enquired about cbd oil? She was more positive with this. As I live in a small town, where there is no retail stores, my husband did some driving, started off with 750mg, then 1500mg, then 2500mg, which I ordered from you. I intend to use this until after my surgery, which is coming up March 25. Hopefully, once my esophagus is done, I can resume eating and drinking. For now the cbd oil is given into my j-tube. It helps me get to sleep, and to stay asleep, which is necessary for the recovery of the radiation and chemo received December and January.

  9. Tracey

    I was really impressed with the potency of this tincture. I’ve tried CBD capsules, but was disappointed with the result, so wasn’t really expecting much of a response from this product. Nicely surprised by Daily’s effect on chronic musculoskeletal pain, and improved sleep quality. I take 0.20 mls, twice a day, and enjoy the mild nutty flavour.

  10. Mathew

    Love this oil! Even better now that they have the 2500mg bottle!

    It helps me sleep and with my knee pain, don’t mind the taste either 😁

  11. Geremy

    it was for my parents. My father, who is now 62, suffers from two herniated discs and arthritis with a lot of small inflammatory problem. He wanted to know absolutely nothing of these subtleties there, he was totally closed to this idea but when my mother tried and what managed to sleep all night, my father ended up trying it! He asked me for another bottle for his friend !!

  12. Scott

    My girlfriend uses this for anxiety and I use it to help me fall asleep due to having issues with my hip and back. I take about half a drop and it makes me feel very relaxed and takes
    My mind off my body. My girlfriend also has stated whenever she is anxious that she takes a few drops and it helps ease her mind. Overall, great product for someone looking for cbd without the thc.

  13. Patricia

    This is an excellent product! I have been using it for a number of months to alleviate the inflammation in my body due to osteoarthritis. With consistent use, I have regained some mobility and flexibility in my right hip where I am bone-on-bone. I use half a dropper at bedtime and in the morning. At night, I use a high count of THC for sleep and pain. It has helped tremendously with the inflammation, along with changes to my diet. This dosage and level of CBD is perfect for me.

  14. Matthew

    WOW. I only refer people this dosage. it is potent and works within minutes. i only refer this to anyone. This medicine has helped me and so many others to get back to health i couldnt even imagine this dosage in a product. there is no thc so you dont have to worry about that. and the taste and feeling outweigh the price point. this product is so worth it, take my word for it. my life long stomach pain has stopped because of the consistency of this product.

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