Daily Drops CBD 400mg:THC 800mg

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Daily Drops CBD 400mg:THC 800mg Information

Daily Drops with the ratio of 400mg CBD and 800mg THC may help reduce severe pain while offering a euphoric high with a potential touch of sedation. This THC-dominant cannabis tincture may deliver a euphoric high that will result in a happy mood boost, potentially reducing signs and symptoms of depression and stress. The pain-reducing traits of these daily drops may alleviate chronic pain and help with insomnia.

The 30ml bottle this weed tincture comes in allows for daily dosing easily and consistently with precision. You can apply the needed dose directly under your tongue. This offers fast-acting and more potent effects. You can also be creative with how you consume these Daily Drops, such as adding the right dose to coffee, smoothies, green juices, beverages, desserts, salad dressings, toppings, and much more.

Beneficial Traits Of This CBD: THC Ratio

These daily drops, containing 400mg CBD and 800mg THC per bottle, offer several recreational and therapeutic effects. The high dose of THC may deliver a euphoric high that could elevate your focus or mood, while the CBD may provide a body high that reduces chronic pain and inflammation.

Euphoria. THC is widely known and used for its euphoric and uplifting high that can leave one feeling wrapped in comforting happiness and ease.

Mood boost. The potential mood-boosting effects of this weed tincture may reduce symptoms of depression, maybe even anxiety.

Calmness. The relaxing properties of these Daily Drops may calm the mind from stress but also relax the body from aches and tensions.

Relief from pain. The higher THC and lower CBD blend of these cannabis drops may reduce chronic and severe pain, such as neuropathic pain, migraines, or even pain caused by serious medical conditions, such as cancer.

Insomnia. Depending on the specific terpene profile, the effects of these daily drops may also act as an effective sleep aid, helping individuals with insomnia or other sleep struggles.

Ways To Consume This THC-Dominant Tincture

Your options for consuming these daily drops are almost as wide as your creativity.

Sublingual. This is probably the most practical and straightforward way of using Daily Drops. This method ensures the quickest absorption rate and an increased level of potency.

Coffee, green juice, or virgin cocktails. Pick your “juice” and add your cannabis drop. You can infuse these weed drops into your beverage, tea, coffee, or even cocktails as long as you are not mixing it with alcohol.

Main course or dessert. You can add your Daily Drops to your main courses, dessert, or sweet treats, such as sauce, topping, ice cream, and much more.

Ingredients: Hemp Oil, MCT Oil, Full Spectrum CBD, THC.

4 reviews for Daily Drops CBD 400mg:THC 800mg

  1. Vanessa

    This works extremely well.
    I am used to the 600:600 but this gives me more energy. I am always disappointed when they run out of Daily Drops but that must mean a lot of people are satisfied with them.

  2. Ruba

    Awesome product and it makes you feel great 👍

  3. Jorane

    Excellent product! the order came quick and was discreet. Tried it on my day off and I was really pleased nice energetic high. I felt a lot of creativity and inspiration! Would absolutely recommend 10/10 beginner or not!

  4. Mike

    These drops deliver as promised, good value. I’m purchasing again!

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