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300mg CBD Tropical Gummies by SPINS Information

SPINS CBD Tropical Gummies offer 15 pieces of great-tasting gummies, each piece containing 20mg of CBD. The tropical flavours of these gummies range from blue raspberry and pineapple to cherry and orange. These cannabis edibles provide a discreet and easy way to ingest CBD to benefit from the pain-relieving, anti-inflammatory, and stimulating effects these may offer.

One packaging of SPINS CBD Tropical Gummies offers 300mg CBD which is usually considered to be low-strength. These CBD-infused edibles may be a great option for novice cannabis users who are looking for a daily supplement that may boost their overall immune health and potentially help with mild levels of pain, inflammation, or even stress.

Effects and Benefits

SPINS CBD Tropical Gummies may support both the mind and body in some beneficial ways. CBD has the ability to act as an adaptogenic. Meaning, these weed edibles could potentially support and strengthen your body’s capacity to adapt to different emotional and physical pressures.

Alleviating Pain. Over time, an increasing number of studies have shown CBD’s pain-relieving properties. This low-strength cannabis edible may soothe mild pains and aches in the body, such as headaches or muscle tensions.

Inflammation. SPINS CBD Tropical Gummies can potentially ease inflammation in the body after an intense sports activity.

Stress and Anxiety. Because of CBD’s relaxing effects, these edibles may ease some of the tension you are experiencing from stress and anxiety, both mentally and physically.

Recommended Use

SPINS CBD Tropical Gummies 300mg is a unique and great-tasting gummy brand made in Vancouver, BC, and because of its lower potency, it is a great cannabis edible for new users. One common question that arises among novice consumers relates to dosing. Because each gummy contains 20mg CBD, each dosing experience is precise and consistent.

When it comes to dosage, there is no one-size-fits-all approach. The best and safest way to go about it is by starting with the smallest dose possible and slowly building on it to find your tolerance levels. If this is your first time dosing, start with one gummy.

Effects can kick in anywhere between 15 to 45 minutes. Because these gummies contain CBD and no THC, you will not experience the psychoactive high of marijuana. You will most likely notice a gentle effect of calmness and relaxation and this may be your hint that the effects of these gummies are actively taking place.

50 reviews for 300mg CBD Tropical Gummies by SPINS

  1. Haley

    Love these so much, they help so much with my chronic pain and are delicious

  2. Martin

    Great find! These CBD gummies are long-lasting relaxation, especially good for sore muscles, aches and pains. They kick in within 20 minutes, so great also for bedtime or end of day chill.
    I get these Spins again and again!

  3. Min

    LOVE SPIN GUMMIES. Can’t get them enough. I primarily love that they kick in SO FAST. But it’s not only that! THE TASTE IS AMAZING. I shared this with a bunch of my friends and we all had a jolly good time. I will be buying them again.

  4. Joseph

    Great product. Excellent delivery process. Very helpful online support.

  5. Rosemary

    Always my favourite. Used to be chocolate but these are much more consistent. Just one a couple hours before bed and I sleep like a baby.

  6. Edward

    Love the product.very beneficial

  7. Joël

    These are great for pain.
    I have an old shoulder injury that has become a vein for tension to sit in and turn into a tight knot. These gummies really keep the pain and discomfort at bay.

  8. Steve

    Very tasty and I love the fruit flavors. Soft, and not hard and unchewable like some other gummies I’ve tried.

  9. Marc-André

    Helps me relax after a stressful workday. Flavors are great too!

  10. Franklynn

    These are really tasty and great value! The size is convenient and they come in a cute little tin.

  11. Robert

    I find this product an excellent source of CBD. I use the concetrated oil, but these gummies are easy to use, tasty, and effective. Sometimes it’s not convenient to use the oil, for example when travelling or driving – you can keep these in your pocket, and when you need it, you can have one or two and take it very discretely.
    With my long standing back troubles, I use to just suffer in silence, but recently found that when it’s very bad, 40 mg, or 2 of these gummies, twice daily, made a dramatic difference!
    Thank you MMJ!

  12. Mark

    My go to for pain management and so tasty! Incredible price for such a great product, you must try these if you want less pain and better overall health.Im a repeat customer!

  13. Connor

    True to what you expect! Same dose every time and not a bad taste at all!

  14. Dwight

    I just love these gummys! They really work! If you have Sore mussels or aches or pains, these are the gummies for you. Take 1/2 for mild aches ands plans. Take a whole one for bothersome aches and pains. Take two for you to forget where the pain is. They are great!

  15. Tim

    really love these gummies. They help with pain in the neck and back from whiplash. Taste is great too. No THC or “high” effects at all! Highly recommend

  16. Cole

    Looove these gummies. Small sized, and perfectly dosed in a nice portable tin. I have a hard time putting these down because theyre so delicious.

    Bought these to help loosen my muscles after my workouts and they work perfectly for that. I get a nice tasty heathy treat which also relaxes my muscles, i couldnt ask for a better post workout snack. Would recommend to anyone with a sweet tooth who likes cbd

  17. Line

    super good taste, no aftertaste, decreases my pain a lot, I can go through the day!

  18. Danielle

    Love these! They taste just great however you would need a few in order to start feeling something. I always buy them . Worth it ! And relaxe

  19. Jennifer

    This is my go to sleep aid. No morning hangover feeling. Gently drift off into a pleasant sleep. They taste great too, my favorite flavor is the pineapple. It also helps with my anxiety, softens my anxiety attacks so I can carry on with my day. Absolutely not high feelings, it’s great for daytime use.

  20. Gillian

    Delishhhhious. I wish they made packs with more of them so I could buy in bulk. I pop these suckers back all damn day. I love the mix of flavours. I add them into smoking just a THC weed to get my mix of the two, as I enjoy my high more with CBD/THC in my system. I find they give me a lil sumthin when I’m not high as well though, like the edge of life is smoothed out a bit. Have helped with my general pain from my physical outdoor job. Love them instead of using oils, and after I’m done the pack I have a nicely sized reusable tin. Hell yeah

  21. Darcy

    This company has a great variety of edibles at amazing prices. I have look everywhere and I always find myself here for the best product at best price. This place is a sleep saver!

  22. Maureen

    We found these quite effective

  23. Matthew

    These are much more effective than ibuprofen, for my semi-chronic lower back pain. As far as taste goes, these are among the best I have tried.

  24. Cindi

    These cbd gummies are high quality and consistent. They have a great texture and do not have an aftertaste. I like the tin container they come in, as opposed to some that come wrapped in paper and stuck in a pouch. I use these to help me sleep and I wake up feeling refreshed.

    These are easy to take, great flavour and great consistent result. I have tried a few different companies and the packaging and quality of the Spins keep me coming back for more.

  25. Tammy

    These gummies worked fantastic and taste great as well! I used to help me sleep as my L2

  26. Tremain

    A great product with great taste and calming effect. I have back pain that causes mobility issues. I find taking this product helps mellow the pain and eases mobility.

  27. SCOTTY

    Mmmm…..SPINS CBD….these are a staple of everyday life for me. If I’m at home, I’ll generally opt for the THC version of these, but if I have to venture out into the world, I never leave home without a tin of these. I personally love a bit of a high along with the back pain relief, increased focus, and improved mood I try to get from my gummies, but if I have to drive or be completely present and conversational, these CBD gummies are definitely the ticket. They work very subtly to give me similar relief from my back pain, and they definitely help with my focus and my mood. The SPINS stuff across the board has been really good for me. Very tasty, and highly effective. MMJs crazy fast shipping doesn’t hurt either! Buy with confidence! 🙂

  28. Hyo-Eun

    Love these CBD gummies! Taste great and really helps me to relax after a long ride. I get restless legs and eating a gummy before bed has helped me sleep better and help with my restless legs.

  29. Madeleine

    These are the tastiest and best packaged little gummies I’ve had! The 20mg pieces are also so perfect for dosing, and I usually take it alongside the THC version of these guys! Also, all the flavours taste great! I bought the CBD for headaches and neck pain, and I can really feel the difference when I take them. I will definitely be buying again and would recommend to anyone!

  30. Kathryn

    Very tasty and very effective. I struggle to fall asleep and also have some leg pain that can wake me through the night. One of these gummies before bed helps me fall off to sleep and I’m pain free through the night. I love the flavors… I feel like I’m having a treat.

  31. Jhonatan

    wow 2 gummies 40 mg and no more knee pain , very fast effect and good flavor.

  32. Jeff

    Spins gummies are an effective way to get pain relief and reduce inflammation. The CBD ensures you don’t feel the typical dizzying effects that the THC version would have on a person.

    The gummies are in cubes and I’d recommend starting with a small dose to figure out what works best for each person. Cut the cube in half twice and start with a quarter to gauge the effect and its easy to increase by a quarter at a time.

    The gummies taste great but do have a slight bitter aftertaste at the back of your tongue. Nothing so unpleasant, though. Read up on the benefits of CBD and give these a shot, highly recommended.

  33. Michael

    This was a great taste and certainly gives the relaxation as expected.

    Good, convenient packaging, great taste and smell, work real nice at reducing soreness/pain

  34. Melinda

    Great product, I believe they have helped with pain issues, will order again, thanks!

  35. Oscar

    I love these in the morning and before bed, super tasty.

  36. Tyson

    These are so delicious, can’t go wrong. Help for my pain and i sleep like a baby. Its the best edibles for sure. Good taste, i could eat them all

  37. Jennifer

    I took a fall while roller skating (yes at my age Karen!) breaking my wrist and injuring my shoulder pretty badly too. I started on CBD gummies and CBD salve right away. Not only did it help take the sharp stabbing pain and turn it into a dull manageable ache on the daily, but I think it’s the only reason I would be able to get some sleep at night. And what a good deal!! For the same price I could only get 2-4 low dose cbd gummies at the gov store. Thank you MMJ for having reasonably priced, highly potent and delicious medicine to get me thru my physio!

  38. Frederic

    Favorite affordable CBD gummies. Easy to carry, always fresh, amazing taste. The effect is starting right after 1 hour and god, this is good for chronic pain, stress reliever and the best part, excellent against insomnia. 1 or 2 before going to bed as change my nights. I would never order at MMJ without putting some in my cart.

  39. Eric

    exquisite taste that make you want to eat the hole container in one sitting. I’m taking one 20mg potion before bed and for my personnal experience, it helps

  40. Michael

    I find these awesome for pinched nerve pain and my son and wife find them very effective for anxiety. They are very tasty as well as effective. I’m glad I tried these. They have become a family necessity!!! ❤️💜🎯

  41. Tina

    These are awesome gummies for pain and anxiety. My neck and shoulders were killing me last night so I took one and woke up in minor discomfort rather than excruciating pain. They are also good for my anxiety. I like the flavour and texture, much better than other gummies. I really like the sugar coating as well, cause I like my sweets! These are also good to take with a straight THC gummy, I find for me it tamps down the active high a bit and makes it more of a slower, lower buzz. Lovely.

  42. Henry

    Love these gummies, delicious and they hit the spot. I enjoy these later in the day for a nice relaxing evening and a great night sleep.

  43. Linda

    These CBD Tropical Gummies work really well for Arthritis and pain. The taste is very good and I take them every morning and every night. I don’t have many left and hoping you will have more in on time for me to get my next order. Hope I hear from you soon, I tried to order some last week and again at the beginning of this week but still says out of stock.
    Linda White

  44. Jacqueline

    I bought a bunch of these for Christmas and gave them out as stocking stuffers. I now have 5ppl asking me where I got them. They are great for any type of pain. I am a big fan of CBD. Plus they taste pretty good.

  45. Darla

    I love these they work really well for my fibromyalgia and osteoarthritis pain

  46. Alex

    Purchased these for my wife – they help her sleep at night and reduce anxiety. Purchasing again as they tasted good and were effective

  47. Pat

    Convenient for travel instead of CBD oil.

  48. Hing Loong Benjamin

    god damn these are the tastiest gummies i’ve ever tried.
    flavor is addictive as hell, makes it so hard to just eat one.
    got these for myself hoping for relief from fibromyalgia.
    even taking half (10mg) provides a really nice soothing to the body of aches and pains.
    hopefully can convince my mom to try it to see if it offers her any relief as an elderly.
    definitely need to order a bunch more of these!

  49. Victor

    OMG yassss! so flavourful and delicious with a wonderful and delightfully squishy texture. Super delicious and easy to dose. helps a lot with pain that nothing else seems to help with, this stuff is honestly a lifesaver! Highly highly recommend.
    cute and convenient packaging too, the tins are small and discreet can be reused for other things 🙂

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