Dark Chocolate Bar by Grandpa’s

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Dark Chocolate Bar by Grandpa’s Information

When you want to taste sweet and bitter perfection, then Grandpa’s Dark Chocolate Bar is your best bet. The manufacturers use cutting-edge technology to produce these edibles and perfect the flavour and aroma. The THC concentration is varied, yet it produces a soothing psychotropic effect that overwhelms your mind and body. It’s better to try this Dark Chocolate bar when you need an extra dose of energy!

Those who’ve tried it consider this dark chocolate to be one of Grandpa’s best products. It’s not excessively sweet or bitter. Instead, it’s right in the middle, with a bit of emphasis on bitterness and purity of taste. After you eat a piece, wait for about an hour for the effects to kick in!

What does this Dark Chocolate Bar look and smell like?

The aromatic intensity of Grandpa’s Dark Chocolate Bar is on par with many other smelly edibles. The cannabis inside improves on the aroma with a hint of herbal earthiness, which also carries over to the flavour. When you start chewing on a piece of chocolate, you’ll feel the earthy and herbal undertones conquer your senses. It’s an olfactive and tasty experience that most consumers love!

The chocolate itself looks unassuming and simple, and not like something with extra cannabis inside. This makes things easier when you take this Dark Chocolate Bar with you on a trip. No one will realize you’re actually getting high from a few pieces of chocolate but the changes are there for everyone to see!

What are Dark Chocolate Bar’s effects like?

This chocolate bar offers a light buzz from the head downward. As the high reaches the upper threshold, it starts descending through your body. Your muscles simmer down, the exhaustion and stress turn into bliss and tranquility, while your mind focuses inward. You’ll feel completely at ease and relaxed after taking a bite of Grandpa’s Dark Chocolate Bar.

Most people use this edible to grab a special snack with health benefits. THC can help you better control your anxiety and depression, for instance. It can also alleviate symptoms of chronic strains and pains, insomnia, appetite loss, and more. Grandpa’s Dark Chocolate Bar is a delicious cannabis edible with a potent high!

8 reviews for Dark Chocolate Bar by Grandpa’s

  1. René

    Bonjour/Hello! I like both chocolate and cannabis, obviously. This medicine one is simply excellent. Tastes good, mg effect as indicated. I am on the site to order again and been asked to review it as returning customer. I recommend.

  2. Samuel

    I love chocolate and these are very tasty. Puts me in a very good frame of mind. The dose is high, so I’m very careful and usually divide the squares into smaller pieces. This often presents a problem for me because they taste so good I want to eat a larger piece. I usually resist, lol.

    Good fun feeling and saves my liver.

  3. Jonelle

    Great quality chocolate and taste and consistent square to square. Ive had bad luck with the consistency of some other chocolate bars (not on MJ) but this one did not disappoint.

  4. Beth

    This tiny bar is super strong… and also super tasty. It’s hard not to eat too much. Good price, good flavour. I would buy again for sure.

  5. Winnie

    Definitely recommend and will buy again! I tried this and the mint chocolate flavour (both 500g) and I loved both of them! You can really taste the dark chocolate and it doesn’t taste too much like weed. Start off with one because they are quite strong. I take 1 to help me sleep and 1.5 when I’m chilling. My boyfriend who smokes everyday also loves these as they are quite potent compared to the other edibles we have tried.

  6. Ikram

    I genuinely love trying out different edibles, I am always searching for the one that will knock me off my feet with the taste and the high. This one’s is good, I’ve had way worse ones that striaght up tasted like flowers, but this one only has a bit of an after taste. I took 2 before starting a movie and I knocked out cold in the middle of it lol. would definitely recommend

  7. Sarah

    I bought this for my Dad’s Christmas present and he loved it. The name was cheeky because he is a Grandpa and he (a moderate user) told me the first time he tried a square he spent the evening “listening to the electricity” in his house. The square I tried was delicious and super potent. Will definitely buy again.

  8. Nils

    Very good dark chocolate. The high amazing, and for an edible it lasts just enough time, not too short like smoking but also not too long. Would recommend you give these a try.

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