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PUNCH! 2400mg Gummy Information

*Please note we have a s shortage of Punch bags and are waiting for delivery, if you order now you will get the same quality product but in a different packaging*

Welcome to a world where gummies pack a punch! Introducing the PUNCH! 2400mg Gummie, a gigantic, cannabis-infused treat that truly stands out with its colossal THC content. If you’re in the market for potency, this gummie sets the bar remarkably high with 2400mg of THC per gummy.

Beyond its robust potency, the PUNCH! 2400mg Gummie is a gastronomic delight. Its sweet, fruity flavour combined with the practicality of precise dosing makes this edible a winning choice for those who appreciate discretion and convenience in their cannabis consumption.

Savour the Flavour: A Sweet and Fruity Experience

This isn’t just any gummy. It’s an explosion of fruity and sweet flavours that dance on your palate. Beyond its taste, this gummie embodies discretion and convenience. Its unassuming appearance lets you enjoy your dose without drawing attention.

What’s more, its precision dosing ensures you know exactly how much you’re consuming, making it an attractive option for those seeking control and consistency.

Riding the Wave: Effects and Potency

The effects of the PUNCH! 2400mg Gummie are as impressive as its name suggests. Consumers often report feelings of euphoria, happiness, increased focus, creativity, calmness, and sociability.

However, with an exceptional 2400mg of THC per gummy, it is recommended for seasoned cannabis enthusiasts who can handle a potent experience. Best suited for daytime use, this gummy is set to turn your day into an adventure.

Navigate Your Journey: How to Consume Responsibly

Consuming the PUNCH! 2400mg Gummie can be likened to embarking on a potent journey. Given that a full gummy delivers a whopping 2400mg of THC, you’re looking at a strong high.

However, the journey is yours to design. You can easily cut up the gummy into halves or quarters and consume one section at a time. Always remember to wait for the effects to kick in before having more, helping you find the dose that delivers your desired potency and effects.

This edible amalgamation of powerful effects, extraordinary potency, and delightful taste sets the PUNCH! 2400mg Gummie apart. Its convenience and discreet nature make it a valuable addition to any cannabis connoisseur’s arsenal. Approach it with respect and curiosity, savour each bite, and allow it to guide you on a potent and flavoursome journey like no other.

36 reviews for PUNCH! 2400mg Gummy

  1. pedro

    great product! a must buy for me everytime

  2. Ian

    Definitely lives up to the hype

  3. Virginia

    I love these gummies, they are very powerful and when I used for meditation, they are giving me the best feeling. I tried many different ones, and these are one of the best.

  4. MacKenzie

    All around great product with a wide variety of options depending on how you divide it. Very easy to take the smallest dose just for good sleep or a lighter mood while higher doses are achievable as well. Great flavour is a solid bonus!

  5. Guillermo

    This is a great product. Good taste, good PUNCH!

  6. Dave

    Great product. Bought it on sale and it lasted me all year. Time to get another one on sale. Just don’t eat too much.

  7. Shan

    These are tasty and strong… cut into sixteen or more doses and be prepared to be less than fully functional

  8. Cianna

    I used to get the atomic wheelchair 1000mg gummies and have fully switched to this brand now. Great flavor and last about a month between me and my boyfriend taking a small piece almost nightly. Have and will continue to recommend to friends..especially for anyone who struggles with insomnia like I do. I have no issues whatsoever falling asleep and staying asleep after just a small piece!

  9. Pamela

    My go-to gummy. Daily user, so I appreciate the higher thc without having to eat a shit-ton of candy. Not for beginners!

  10. Michael

    these are powerful and simply the best the price is the best.

  11. Jon

    Great product. I use this recreationally and medicinally for my AS. It is a great as a sleep aid and for pain management.

  12. Lynn

    Phenomenal! Great full body haze!

  13. Craig

    Absolute banger for your money , edibles don’t normally do anything for me. I bought these because of the strength and oh boy! cut these into quarters and got to enjoy hours of a nice buzz while i gamed. 5/5 would buy again

  14. Donna

    The grapefruit is my favorite. The product does not disappoint.

  15. Kristy

    OK I love the product however I gave it a four-star instead of a five because it’s extremely difficult to cut it into 24 pieces to get 24 100mg doses

  16. PATTI

    great bang for your $$$$. I used to buy wheelchair gummies, but found this one, and let me tell you its well worth the price! I cut it into 12 pieces and that works for me be aware this is VERY potent it will take away all your aches and pains and make your feel so goooooooooood. Start small and work up to more unless you are an experienced user for me it kicks in between 30 -45 min. The taste is not bad and even though i keep them in the fridge they are very sticky. These do not gave a guide mark for cutting so you have to judge it for yourself. I definitely recommend this and will buy again and again and again 🙂

  17. Jason

    These are the best gummies anywhere. Taste good and they get you the buzz needed to fight those aches and pains.definetly buying more.

  18. Lynne

    I like the taste and also I only need a very thin slice to feel the effect!
    This is extremely strong so please be mindful to wait for the effects before taking anymore.
    I sleep very deeply and sometimes fall back asleep after waking up …so be careful if you need to get up for work or an occasion!!
    I have a lot of pain from a broken wrist an also osteoarthritis throughout my body and this allows me to relax and be pain free.
    it is a blessing for me…

  19. Jason

    Only had grapefruit flavour and watermelon choose grapefruit just because…. great taste very surprised cut mine into little pieces and enjoyed it very much. Can’t imagine eating the whole thing in one shot ( got kids to take care of) but if younger would surely gobble it up and fly away 🚀

  20. James

    A fantastic substitute to the atomic wheelchairs gummy I used to purchase,
    These gummies are strong and the best bang for buck I have found in a THC gummy.
    These are not for beginners unless you take extremely small bites.

  21. Vincent

    Warning these are genuinely the strongest gummy available in Canada.
    Seriously guys this stuff is so potent, I usually take 100mg with the other punch product 400mg. So I weighed the Puck and divide x 24 gave me portions of approx 2g. = 100mg Per piece. It’s never going to be exact so i take roughly around 2-2.5g and my pain dissipates in around 40 minutes.An hour later I’m high as a kite. Helps me sleep it’s incredible 😁🤪 good bang for your buck. Taste profile is great and you will get that little tickle down your throat you can taste the potency Thanks again MMJ for another great quality product 👌

  22. Cathy

    This is a fabulous product . Not for the inexperienced. Very strong physical stone
    We take a very tiny sliver and we’re good for the night. Still on our first pack and it’s been a couple of months. Does tend to knock you out after a bit though, helps get a good nights sleep.
    I wouldn’t take it during the day.
    Highly recommend

  23. Noreen

    This is so amazing, cut up into 4 and omg I got so stoned !!! It’s a must folks ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ ⭐️

  24. Andre

    Great product! Best priced, strongest edible on the market. I use it regularly, takes 30-60 mins to kick in and lasts hours. Highly recommended

  25. Len

    High test, great taste. Great value
    Love it. Will order again

  26. Bonnie-Lee

    This product has changed my life. Cut them into tiny bites and it packs a punch for sure. Best high , takes pain away and has a nice energy added. Buying again it’s so worth the price

  27. Derrick

    WOW!!!! These are no joke! I ate just a small small piece, and it melted me for close to 8 hours. Theee are 2400mg as advertised, 100%. I highly recommend this product. The Blue Raspberry tastes really good. I will be buying these over and over. Thanks again for another solid product!

  28. keith

    very interesting gummies. definately start with a small piece as it works faster than most. not for newbies

  29. celine

    Very good…ordering again ☺️

  30. Chantal

    Phenomenal product! Potent for someone who has a high tolerance, like myself (stage 4 cancer patient, 31 year old female).

    One pack like this lasts me about a week and a half…so when this product is on sale, I make sure to stock up. You WILL enjoy this, but make sure to measure out your pieces out ESPECIALLY if you’re newer! 🙂

  31. Nancy

    Have to say these are far better than the atomic wheelchair. Absolutely love them and the options available. Again these are not for beginners. Take it in doses and take it easy. Not sure if this is made of vegan gelatine but this does not leave that texture on your teeth or that after taste.

  32. Vanessa

    Great high dose edible. Tastes good, with a slight aftertaste of THC distillate. Easy to cut up into smaller portions for daily dosing. Immediate and long lasting effects, calms my anxiety and lifts my mood. Highly recommended.

  33. Nicolas

    This is the bomb, the real deal, dont look further.
    They are super tasty, sticky and super strong and way better then wheelchair edibles for sure!
    .. This will be my go to now until i can find better!

  34. Heather

    Ordered these 2400 and had a few drinks with my boyfriend. I took the big puck out of the package and showed it to him and he grabbed it out of my hand so fast I couldn’t stop him and he took a huge bite. I sat there speechless with all the warnings on the website about them running through my head and didn’t want to say anything to freak him out but he was high all night!

  35. Robert

    I was like others. I also couldn’t wait to try. I have a hight tolerance to edibles… I thought. I have used edibles to treat my kidney disease as well as chronic pain for the past 10 years. Let me be the second one to Warn you BE VERY ⚠️ ⚠️ ⚠️ ⚠️
    I took one little nibble (size of a peanut) and didn’t taste any weed, so I took 3 more nibbles, thinking, I will be fine. I was never so wrong in my life. It first started to kick in around 40 minutes…which was fine, but then, I continued to get higher for the next 3 hours. I was literally was puking my lungs out…That High🤮🤮🤮🤮.
    After, three hours, I finally started to come down to earth,and now,have the horrible munchies. These edibles are the absolute best and strongest I’ve ever tried. I learned, to only take a pea size, and then go from there. No not let the taste fool you. It will knock you on your ass. NEW USER’S BE WARNED..
    Don’t do what I did…..If you do, please film it, because you will never do it again….Taking the right amount, takes away all your pain, and you will forget about stress…or anything for that matter. I can’t stress enough..
    USE CAUTION ⚠️ but great product.

  36. Jo-anne

    Received them today and couldn’t wait until evening to try them.
    WOW!👀😜 !!
    No waiting 1-1and a half hours for The” PUNCH “. These hit within 40 minutes and deliver a full body smack down, in the most pleasant way of course!
    Severe pain will subside significantly. Amazing!🙏🥰 Taste is not “ weedy” , more like a non medicinal gummy.
    DO NOT BE Fooled by the lack of cannabis after taste, this will meet the needs of the most seasoned viper and more!!👍
    Legit medicinal potency, beginners beware, this is MUST be handled with respect for the extreme potency .
    I love ‘em and highly recommend for severe pain, anxiety

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