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Death Bubba (Kief) Information

Death Bubba kief can be used in a variety of ways, just be careful with dosing as it is significantly more potent than the strain. Kief is achieved by deriving the resinous, sticky, and crystal-like topping of the marijuana flower, which contains high levels of THC concentration. Death Bubba is an Indica-dominant strain that carries staggering THC levels – these usually average around 26%.


You can consume Death Bubba kief in a multitude of ways – you can even add it to your morning coffee or tea, although you might want to do this on a weekend when work is not waiting for you as the high of this strain tends to end in a deep and relaxing sleep.


Focused and Relaxed


Death Bubba Kief generally starts off its high with a surge of energy that makes room for creativity, focus, and motivation adding a spice of fun and colour to your activity. The uplifting effects of this extract can cause symptoms of chronic pain, depression, ADD, ADHD, arthritis, stress, and tension to fade into the background keeping productivity and positive energy in the front lines.


Depending on the dosage that has been consumed, the high of Death Bubba Kief can last up to a few hours. After the energising wave, the high can guide your body and mind into a soothing relaxation, switching out anxiety and worries with rest and ease. Its sedative properties can cause a couch-lock effect, so if this happens, make sure you are free of commitments as you might also fall asleep for many hours.


The Moonrock Treat


If you are a cannabis enthusiast, then you are most likely familiar with moonrocks and why they are widely loved. Moonrocks are high-quality nugs baked in oil and covered in kief. You can easily make these highly potent and delicious cannabis concentrates using Death Bubba Kief. You only need to gently heat your oil and coat the buds in it, then sprinkle kief over it while they are still warm. Once they harden, you can break them up by hand and consume them as treats. Just be mindful that they carry significantly high levels of potency leading to strong effects.


If you enjoy making things in general, then you can make hash from Death Bubba Kief as well. Or, you can easily sprinkle kief into your joint or create a twaxed joint with it to increase the potency and effects of your smoking experience.

12 reviews for Death Bubba (Kief)

  1. Line

    Was very good added to my joints, will buy again when available…

  2. Amardeep

    Whoa, let me tell you, Death Bubba Kief is like the secret weapon for seasoned smokers chasing an intense high. When it’s time to take things up a notch, this stuff does the job like no other. Mixing it with a robust indica strain, it’s like a knockout punch.

    Personally, I’ve found it to be a game-changer for shared sessions, especially when rolling up blunts with friends. It adds an extra kick that elevates the whole experience and ensures everyone’s on cloud nine.

    However, I must emphasize, this is not for the faint-hearted or beginners. It’s the ultimate sleepy-powder, so if you’re not accustomed to potent products, it might be overwhelming.

    Definitely a top recommendation from me! If you’re looking for that next-level high, finding a website offering Death Bubba Kief is a jackpot. Solid 5-star rating from this seasoned enthusiast!

  3. Karl

    Très bon rapport qualité\prix soupoudré dans vos joints pour extra geller 😛

  4. Ricky

    This keif was very decent. Great for the price.

  5. Anthony

    Decent product. Used it for bong rips and makes my weed last a little extra longer. Love picking this bad boy up during discount

  6. Jason

    Was very good added to my joints.good price,just went too fast lol.will. buy again.

  7. Rob

    A worthy find from MMjdirect. I can recommend this potent Kief when availible. Sold out.

  8. Grace

    Loved this! Great high and great price.

    Used it for edibles, as a topping and I add it to my joints when out fishing to give it an extra kick.

    Would definitely recommend. 👍🏼

  9. Adam

    great for when i want to make some small batch cookies or brownies, also give a joint an extra kick.

  10. Guillaume

    Good product, I like to put it in my joints .. it gives a good effect! good taste and burns well!

  11. TYLER

    Every weed smoker has their own “secret sauce” when it comes to getting high. Sometimes you really want to get HIGH HIGH. This is for those nights. This is my secret sauce.

    I pour a good bit of this over my pipe bowls, with a strong indica. It will knock you out.

    I find it’s good for blunts with the boys as well, it can really maximize the blunt. Everyone get’s a little bit extra high which is always fun.

    This is basically sleepy-powder. It’s not for a novice, that is for sure.

    I recommend this… I’m glad I found a website selling it.

    5 star

  12. Drake

    Purchased a couple to give Death Bubba a try. And I must say this stuff lives up to the legends. This keif isn’t dry like most, might be annoying to some but I find it very easy to break off little chunks and top your bowl with it. Very potent stuff and this is the stuff I reach for when I want to get BLASTED 🚀
    Would highly recommend.

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