Death Cookies

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6 reviews for Death Cookies

  1. Jason

    Really liked this smoke.tight buds,good smell,taste and of course the buzz was wonderful.just expensive….when I have some extra cash I will. Buy this again

  2. Romain

    Let me start by saying that Death Cookies is a cross between Death Star (Sour Diesel x Sensi Star) and Girl Scout Cookies. And everything is SensiStar in its lineage will be guaranteed to be a heavy hitter. This one does not disappoint; calling all indica lovers that are looking for something different than classic kush style.
    The color is real deep green with purple tones. The smell is earthy, sweet, pine, reminiscent of the forest. Clean ashes, not harsh, not dry. Excellent smoke. You will get stone hard after a short rush. Be aware of munchies and falling asleep if you are too tired before smoking !
    I would recommend this strain for afternoon/evening, board games or movies. Chilling session guaranteed !

  3. Melissa

    Super strong strain. Definitely helps with relaxation and sedation. Sleep comes easily with this strain. Burns a little harsh but gets the job done without having to smoke a lot.

  4. Giuliano

    Death cookies. What a wonderful strain of marijuana. This bud looks beautiful is hard and very dense. Beautiful purple colours and a lot of thc. This is the perfect bud to smoke before sleep or before a movie night with your friends or family. Death cookies is really good for its value and I would definitely recommend it to any experienced smoker.

    Good quality once again thanks Mmj!

  5. Spencer

    This stuff is great. Super dense dark purple buds. Great stone. It shuts off your mind without completely zonking you out, and offers up a gentle-but-potent high that is exactly what I’m looking for. Good medicinal strain AND recreational strain. Worth the price.

  6. Ryan

    This is a heavy hitter first thing in the morning. Smoke is plentiful and earthy. this is a must for depression as it helped me. This is a strain everyone needs to try.

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